Selenium can promote skin metabolism and anti-aging


Selenium can promote skin metabolism and anti-aging

Mushroom woman’s trump card.

hzh {display: none; }  蘑菇里含有女人的“驻颜王牌”:硒。Selenium can promote skin metabolism and anti-aging, and its effects in preventing wrinkles are even more anticipated.

  Automatic skin rejuvenation based on skin pH Many products can replace melanin and exfoliation to achieve whitening, but Neutrogena’s latest skin renewing mask is an intelligent active rejuvenating enzyme extracted from natural mushrooms, which can automatically play according to the natural pH of the skinSkin rejuvenation effect, eliminating aging keratin while protecting skin horny.

  Those who like Japanese-style skin care products will not miss the ALBION cyclic milk, and with a special cotton pad, the mushroom essence will penetrate the skin after massage.
2 months.

There are also skin food mushroom extracts, combined with arbutin, the whitening effect is very popular.

  He Lin, who has won Emmy Awards for her beauty products, has mushrooms as a must-have on the table.

Especially when changing seasons, in addition to adding special care products to open a small stove for the skin, they will also eat mushrooms, fungus and other foods with good antioxidant effects.

  The oldest mushroom amber has a history of 1 billion years. Mushrooms handed down from the dinosaur era have excellent anti-aging effects, can make female estrogen secretion stronger, is a new weapon for mature women to fight against old age, but mushrooms are cool foods.Do not eat more.

  Mushroom “Spa” moisturizes the skin. Mushrooms are rich in water and nutrition. Use it to give “cald” massages to calves, parts, and other parts of the body that are easier to dry, so that the epidermal cells can fully absorb moisture and the skin is softer and whiter.