New Fund Issues Sword, New High Sets Debt-Based and Equity ETFs as Protagonists

New Fund Issues Sword, New High Sets Debt-Based and Equity ETFs as Protagonists

Source: The Financial Investment News this year has decided to open debt-based and equity ETFs to become the protagonists. 6 companies issued more than 50 billion U.S. dollars at the end of ten consecutive years.

From the perspective of the issuance market, as of December 25 this year, the scale of public offering of new products has reached 136.57 billion, which is only one 杭州夜网论坛 step away from breaking through the high point of issuance in 2015. In addition, the fund that has closed its fundraising but has not yet been announced has set a history.New highs are beyond doubt.

“Financial Investment News” reporter pays attention to the issue, the amortized cost method assessment of the debt-based and equity ETFs have become the two major protagonists in the new fund issuance market this year, integrating fund companies to integrate the two types of products “absorbing gold”, 6 companies issued more than 50 billion yuan of new products.

  Bond funds issued accounted for more than 60% of the WIND data show that as of December 25, the size of public funds has reached 13,657 this year.

3.8 billion, 13676, the highest peak in history in 2015.

9.8 billion is only 19.

600 million yuan.

However, there 武汉夜网论坛 are still only a few trading days by the end of 2019. There are 19 funds that have completed the fundraising but have not yet been announced. If these funds all reach the threshold for establishment, then this year’s issue size will exceed the level of 2015.Nail things.

  However, from the perspective of the issuance market structure, 2019 and 2015 present a completely different state.

The scale of bond fund issuance has expanded in 2019, and its fundraising scale has reached USD 860.3 billion, accounting for 62% of the total scale.

99%, and hit a record high; in 2015, the scale of bond fund issuance was only 50.3 billion, accounting for only 3% of the total issue size of the year.

68%, the issue size is also only equivalent to 6% in 2019.

  Although the stock market has made a significant money-making effect since 2019, it is still far from the 2015 bull market.

Since 2016, market risk appetite has declined, and the wealth management market has undergone huge changes. In addition to customized debt bases, public offerings such as short-term and fixed-term bonds have become the target of institutional funds, and the issuance of bond products immediately followed.step up.

Especially since the second half of this year, the fixed debt base assessed by the amortized cost method has become the mainstream of “absorbing gold”.

Of the 24 funds that have issued a scale of more than 10 billion yuan this year, 14 are only debt-based bonds estimated based on the amortized cost method, and another 6 are financial bonds based on policy banks such as NDRC and CDB.

  In addition, the issuance of ETFs has also become a highlight of the issue market this year.

According to WIND statistics, the total issue size of equity funds (including index funds) was US $ 229.4 billion, which is comparable to the issue size of equity funds in the three years from 2016 to 2018, a large part of which comes from the contribution of index funds ETFs.

The data shows that the scale of equity ETFs reached 149.3 billion US dollars, accounting for 65% of equity funds (including index funds).

  123 Fund Managers Issue New Products For fund companies, if they plan to issue the above two types of products, they will gain a lot in the issue market this year.

Companies such as Castrol, Wells Fargo, Boshi, and Guangfa are various representatives.

  According to WIND statistics, 123 fund managers have issued new products this year, and the new fund affiliated with Huitianfu Fund has raised a total of $ 76.8 billion, ranking first among fund managers; its partial debt hybrid fund HuitianfuThe first fundraising scale for steady growth reached 130.

87 trillion, Huitian Fuzhong bond 1-3 years CDB bond, Huitian Fusheng An 39 months set to open, Huitianfu dividend growth of the first fundraising scale is 83 trillion, 78 trillion and 71 trillion.

  The investment scale of Castrol Fund followed US $ 68.7 billion, and after the release of Castrol Anyuan’s pure debt in 39 months, the issue size of USD20.2 billion ranked second in this year. The issue size of Castrol CSI Central Enterprise Innovation Driven ETF also reached132.

500 million yuan.

In addition, other new funds of Harvest Fund are issued below 5 billion.

  The “harvest” of Wells Fargo Fund, Huaxia Fund, Boshi Fund, and GF Fund in the fund issuance market all exceeded US $ 50 billion, respectively 58.1 billion, 56.4 billion, 52.4 billion, and 51.8 billion.

Wells Fargo Funds have the largest three funds in total. They are Wells Fargo Huiyuan’s three-year fixed bond issue, Wells Fargo CSI State-owned Enterprises Belt and Road ETF, and Wells Fargo CSI Leading ETF.
This shows that it is also mainly based on amortized cost statutory debt base and ETF.

Huaxia Fund’s affiliated funds include Huaxia China Bond 3-5 years policy financial bonds, Huaxia Hengtai is scheduled to open bonds for 64 months, Huaxia Hengyi is scheduled to open for 18 months, Huaxia China Bonds for 1-3 years policy financial bonds.

  Some small companies have also been able to lay out fixed-debt bases and have achieved good issuance scales. For example, Zhongrong Fund and China-Canada Fund have issued more than 20 billion U.S. dollars in new funds this year, leading the small and medium-sized companies.

Zhongrong Ruixiang, affiliated to Zhongrong Fund, will open regularly for 86 months, and Zhongrong Ruijia’s 39-month development bank size will be 14.1 billion and 5 billion yuan, respectively.

The China-Canada Fund’s China-Canada Profits are scheduled to open for three years and China-Canada Profit-run’s two-year regular releases are 9.1 billion yuan and 7.2 billion yuan respectively.