Professional female aerobics

Professional female aerobics


Bounce the brain: On the side chair, press the two ears on the palms of your hands, and use your forefinger, middle finger, ring finger to bounce the brain gently. You can hear the sound of cymbals, playing 20-30 times a day.

Efficacy: It can relieve fatigue, prevent dizziness, strengthen hearing, and cure tinnitus.


Pull the ears: first left hand around the top of the head, hold the tip of the right ear with your fingers, pull up 20 times, then around the top with your right hand, hold the tip of the left ear with your fingers, pull up 20 times.

Efficacy: It can hydrolyze Qinghuozhi puzzle, relax the heart and breathe, and delay the aging of the optic nerve.


Eye training: When doing concentrated vision work, look out of the window for 3 minutes every half an hour, and then rest for a few times by blinking your eyes several times. You can also do 10-20 eye movements.

Efficacy: It can relax eye muscles and promote blood circulation in the eyes.


Open your mouth: Work gaps, and replace your mouth one by one.

Drive all the muscles of the whole body and even the scalp for rhythmic exercise.

Each contract is about 1 minute and lasts 50 times.

Efficacy: Opening the mouth can speed up the blood circulation on the face, delay the “aging” of various tissues and organs in the local area, drive away wrinkles and refresh the mind.


Turn neck: first raise your head and try to lean back, then lay your lower jaw to your chest, tighten and relax the neck and back muscles, and tilt to the left and right sides 10-15 times, then put your lower back against the back of the chair with your hands on the neckHold back for a moment.

Efficacy: This method can almost prevent cervical spondylosis, and it can also bring you mental doubling.


Stretching your waist: If you sit too long before the case, you will definitely feel back pain, so stretch yourself comfortably and stretch a few lazy waists, stretch over your lazy waists and you will find that agile thinking is back.

Efficacy: It can accelerate blood circulation, stretch the muscles of the whole body, eliminate excessive tension of the lumbar muscles, correct excessive forward bending of the spine, and maintain a healthy body shape.


Rub the abdomen: Use your right hand to rub the abdomen around the umbilicus clockwise 36 times, and then rub the abdomen 36 times in the opposite direction.

Efficacy: It has better effect on preventing constipation and indigestion.


Anal Lift: Lift the anus up and then relax; then lift it up again and relax again and again.

This action stands, sits, and takes place during the trip. Do anal levitation exercises again about 50 times, lasting 5-10 minutes.


Balance: Slightly bend your knees, separate your feet, and make them as wide as your arms.

Inhale and slowly raise the height to the top.

In essence, move the center of gravity forward and keep your toes balanced.

Then put your arms back and exhale as you allow the center of gravity to sink to the heel.

Repeat 10-20 exercises 3 times a week.

Efficacy: It can exercise the response of the lower body to contraction and recovery, and at the same time can exercise your abdomen, prevent the production of excess meat, and maintain a beautiful posture.


Twisting back: Bend down to the left and right, twist the back of the shoulder, and tap the back waist with hollow punches about 20 times each.

Efficacy: It can relieve complications such as cercariae and lumbar muscle strain.

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