8 minutes a day, slim waist aerobics

8 minutes a day, slim waist aerobics

Women want to have a slim waist and a thin waist, so that they are exquisite, and they reflect the beauty of the gift of heaven.

  Just do some gymnastics that makes your waist and abdomen contract.

This set of gymnastics to control the waist, only 8 minutes, the effect is good, if you can insist on doing it once a day, the results will be better.


hzh {display: none; }  ①躺在地上,背要贴地,弯曲双膝,双手放在脑后,紧握,使双肘指向侧面。Then, stretch your left knee toward your cheekbones, step on as far as possible from the ground, and when your body touches your left knee, twist it to the right elbow and relax back to its original position.

Then change the knee left elbow to heavy summer action, a total of 10 times back and forth.

It takes two minutes to complete the action.

  2 standing straight, feet apart, the distance is a breech position, the two arms naturally hang down.

Then, press your right hand on the right side of the waist, tilt your body to the left, and bend it, but don’t stretch your muscles.

  Remember, when doing the action, keep it in the backward direction, return to the original position, and then change the other direction and direction. Repeat the action 10 times on each side for a total of 2O times, which takes two minutes.

  3, the feet are opened as 2, the forward longitudinal dimension, bent by the elbow, twisting the body from above the waist, first and then right, keep forward and backward, twist left and right 10 times, two minutes to do 20Times.
  4 lie down and bend your knees.

The body is straightened on both sides of the body, then lift the head, the shoulders are correctly removed from the ground, but can not be tightened, so keep the shaping action for a few seconds, relax, and repeat 10 times.

It lasted for two minutes.