Beach skin tanning safety rules

Beach skin “tanning” safety rules

Although whitening and sun protection have always been enthusiastic for oriental women, many Chinese girls are also eager to try on the beach in the face of the “browning and healthier” style of “blackening”.
However, “tanning” is principled. Listen to the advice given by COSMO: Faced with the temptation of bronze skin, people will frantically try every means to darken themselves, but often ignore the incorrect blackening.Terrible consequences.
Although everyone knows that if we bathe in the sun, a little carelessness will hurt the skin, but our restraint is so weak when faced with the temptation of beauty.
  In this issue of COSMO, we interviewed several women who had paid a terrible price for incorrect tanning, and listened to their experiences, so that those people who are eager to tan may take less detours and avoid some painful experiences.
  If you find that you have made the same mistake, then listen to the suggestions of experts, how to get the ideal tan without damaging the skin.
  1 Wang Min: “One time, my good friend and I were going to the beach to participate in a fanatical sexy party. With only 2 days left, we were anxious to tan and show our sexy skin at the party.
So we first covered the whole body with baby oil, then put the air cushion in the swimming pool, and then covered the air cushion with tin foil, and lay on it all day.
As a result, we are simply burnt!
The degree of scorch was probably a second degree burn-a lot of blisters on the skin, and finally, let alone a party.
Expert opinion: Obviously, they violate several sun protection principles.
  First, dermatologists recommend that we avoid sunlight from 10 am to 2 pm, because the sun is the strongest at this time.
  Second, skin care products with an SPF of at least 15 should be used at all times.
Also, you should be able to observe the change in the color of your skin during the whole day of sun exposure. You should not wait until the blisters finally appear before stopping the sun exposure, because it is too late at that time.
When the skin becomes a little pink, your skin has been exposed to excessive sun exposure.
  Third, the move of tin foil around the air cushion is even more wrong. You should be aware that even if you just lie on the water surface, you should be alert: the water surface can reflect sunlight 100%, and like white surfaces around air cushions and swimming poolsIn order to reflect 80% of the daylight, so laying tin foil around the air cushion is an extra act.
  2 Lin Xinxin: “When we arrived at the beach, everyone was applying sunscreen for themselves. I would save this step and expose to the sun for an hour.
Then, I applied SPF30 sunscreen to make up for the loss of skin that I did not protect before.
This method can successfully tan, and I have not been sunburned.
Expert opinion: too dangerous!
An hour of sun exposure can cause severe skin burns.
Of course, you may be lucky. The skin was not sunburned at the time, but the potential problems caused by it were very terrible: skin texture, color change and skin diseases.
So, if you don’t want your skin to be rough, spotty, or even cancerous in the future, be sure to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF at least 15 half an hour before going out (because some sunscreens take half an hour to work).
  3 Xiaosi: “As soon as I got to the beach, I immediately applied a lot of sunscreen to my body-in fact, I hope my friends can see how responsible I am.
However, when we drank beer for a while and took a swim, I stopped applying sunscreen.
I’m too lazy to do it, I prefer to take a nap in the sun.
Expert opinion: Use sunscreen well in the beginning.
However, your second habit is not to be complimented-even if you use waterproof sunscreen, you should apply sunscreen again after swimming and after a lot of water, or after sweating a lot.
If you are not swimming or sweating, you should apply sunscreen every 2 hours.
  4 Effie: “When I was on vacation in Malaysia, I really wanted to make myself black, black and black!
I decided that the stupid bird would fly first-using only 8 SPF sunscreen.
Because I was lying on my side and fell asleep again. When I woke up, I found that one side of my body was burnt, and the other side was still so white.
After that, instead of stopping the sun, I continued to lie in the sun and turned my body back and forth in order to make my skin completely tanned. I wanted to make the skin’s color more even.
Later, I was exposed to blisters.
Expert opinion: It’s a big mistake to turn your body around like a pancake on a wok.
First, and most important, whenever you are sunburned, you must stay away from the sun until the sunburned area heals, otherwise the sun-damaged skin will be damaged twice.
  5 Mei Meifen: “I have a terrible herpes mark on my back. I am most afraid of wearing bikinis in public places.
However, when I found out that the sun made these nasty things look less obvious, and even made them dry, I would no longer apply sunscreen on my back, and my herpes-covered back could enjoy the extra benefits of sunlight.”Expert opinion: Ah, this is a typical example-satisfactory results and neglecting long-term harm.

Indeed, sunlight can reduce the further development of herpes and cause the skin on the surface of the herpes to fall off.

Absorption of ultraviolet light can cause rapid transfer of cells in capillary pores, and a small amount of ultraviolet radiation can also have anti-inflammatory effects.

However, its long-term harm to the skin, such as rough, multi-spot, and cancerous problems, is far greater than its short-term complications.

  6 Lili: “Last August, I was sunburned-I peeled a big piece of skin from my belly.

First of all, when I saw the floating quick-replacing skin, I felt it was particularly serious, and I couldn’t help but want to chop it down.

“Expert opinion: No one likes to suspend the skin half replaced on the skin-even, the desire to hurry it down becomes strong, and we have to live with it, because it is very dangerous.

Exposure to uncured skin can cause infections and scarring.

If you have scooped it down (but your skin doesn’t feel strange yet), you can apply an over-the-counter antibiotic ointment to the affected area.

However, if the affected area feels tingling or pus is seeping out, you can go to the hospital immediately.