I want to live two days a day with two polenta

I want to live two days a day with two polenta

There is a folk song in Rugao City, Jiangsu Province, which is “not as good as I don’t know if I am young”.

As of the end of 2007, the population of millions of people in Jiangsu Rugao, there are 705 elderly people over the age of 95, including 102 centenarians.

The research team led by Prof. Jin Li found that the diet of long-lived elderly people has an obvious characteristic: drink porridge in the morning and evening, and eat at noon.

  Chinese medicine has the saying that “the year is over half and the yin is half”. It means that there are different problems of kidney deficiency in the elderly. Drinking porridge often can supplement the kidney essence and prolong life.

  In Rugao, the general family is mainly a hot pot of rice porridge or corn porridge in the morning and evening, plus buns and other staple foods.

  The main ingredients of corn porridge are cornmeal, barley bran and yuanmai.

Among them, Yuanmai is a variant of barley, such as glutinous porridge, like to use rice to make a base, that is, use 1/3 of the rice and 2/3 糁.

  If the monks eat something fresh, it is called “fresh water”.

For example, if the meat is to be slaughtered on the same day, the vegetables should be pulled in the morning, the fruits should be picked at the time, and the tofu should be made on the same day.

  For example, there are very few vegetables stored in the refrigerator of the monks, which are basically bought in the morning market.

  In fact, a large amount of data indicates that the extracts of fresh radish, green vegetables and bean sprouts have obvious antiviral infection effects, but after two days of storage, the antiviral and anticancer substances contained in these vegetables will be lost.Few.