Peace and Reason

Peace and Reason

When you are not calm when you are in the workplace, Xiao Zhao is a senior employee of a planning company. He has a strong working ability and a cheerful personality. His colleagues in the company like him very much.

However, his frankness and undisguised appearance in his work also caused him a big loss.

  One year ago, the company leader was surprised by the promotion of a female colleague whose work performance was not outstanding by many colleagues.

Because of his qualifications, working ability, and performance, Xiao Zhao is a good candidate for promotion. This time, it’s Xiao Zhao’s turn.

This made Xiao Zhao, angry and angry, very angry.

Therefore, he rightly ran to the leader’s office to ask responsibility, stacked his advantages one by one, and compared it with the promoted colleague.

Xiao Zhao’s aggressive posture embarrassed the leader for a while, but the leader also said that there were some sound reasons for him to refute, and Xiao Zhao had to return to the office after a scene.

  Since then, Xiao Zhao’s work mood has been greatly affected, and he has become listless and has been criticized by leaders several times.

Other colleagues did not dare to talk to him when he saw that his mood was low.

This makes Xiao Zhao even more uncomfortable. He has been unable to figure out why he has done so much work and the leader just can’t see it?

Look again at the female colleague, who usually does not have any outstanding results, but people who are not in a hurry are always good things.

  Afterwards, Xiao Zhao took some time to reflect.

After analysis, he thinks there are many reasons, but the most important one is that he is too emotional in his usual work. He thinks that he is right, and he can’t help but negate the ideas of others. This is a big offense in the workplace.avoid.

He has always believed that as long as he does a good job, he can have good performance, and he does not pay attention to skills with leaders or colleagues, so he often struggles to please.

This time I went to the leaders to make trouble, but I was not calm, too emotional, and left a bad impression on the leaders.

If a euphemistic approach was taken at the time, it might not cause such a consequence.

  People who are emotional when they are in trouble should not be anxious about any issues or problems in the past. Think calmly and calm down before making a decision.

At the same time, we must learn to control anger. Once something breaks out, it cannot be repaired afterwards.

In addition, do not demand anything in your work, learn to reduce and release stress, adjust your mentality, and do things with peace of mind.

  Li Yun is a very good girl who is both clever and beautiful, and performs very well at work.

These various advantages make Li Yun unconsciously show superiority at both ends.

In the words of a colleague, “her eyes always look so contemptuous.”

  It is said that good people are susceptible to jealousy, and it is easier for people like Li Yun to write pride in their arms, and colleagues around are not willing to approach her.

Therefore, there are few friends around Li Yun.

In the unit, although her colleagues greeted her with a smile on the surface, they were actually staying away.

Because her aura is too dazzling, others always feel an invisible pressure and uncomfortable when they are with her.

And Li Yun’s sense of superiority from her heart caused her to have a domineering look when talking, which made others more reluctant to approach her.

  Once, Li Yun’s boyfriend asked her why she didn’t go shopping with her friends on weekends. This question made her unable to answer.

Because she didn’t tell her boyfriend well, she didn’t have any good friends at all.

But raising this question made Li Yun acknowledge her loneliness. Except for her boyfriend, how many friends would she find willing to spend time with her?

Therefore, she is distressed, but the arrogant personality developed over the years makes it difficult for her to change, and every time she puts down the shelf and gets along with others, she feels unnatural.

  Recently, the unit planned to select several young reserve cadres. The leader also reported her name in consideration of Li Yun’s good work performance.

But later, she was not selected because she did not have a good mass foundation. When the above people came down to investigate, according to the feedback from colleagues around her, she was not always a reserve cadre.

  For this kind of person who likes to show his superiority everywhere, if he wants to get along well with the people around him, especially his colleagues, and to gain their trust, he must first learn to communicate with others, and understand the truth that everyone isIt is equal, even if you are excellent, that cannot be a reason to despise others.

At the same time, in order to cultivate your temperament, in addition to being born in nature, the cultivation of the day after tomorrow is also very important. You must have a good personality and no one is willing to associate with you.

In addition, to learn more and read more, communication and getting along requires skills. Only by mastering more knowledge can we use different methods and methods to communicate with different people.