Effective prevention of 4 points for cold massage

A cold is a respiratory disease caused by a variety of viruses, and self-massage of specific acupuncture points can stimulate immune function in the body and reduce the occurrence of colds.

Under the current season of cold and flu, if you regularly massage the following 4 points, you can effectively prevent it.

  Preliminary point of the hurricane pool massage technique: the wind pool is located at the lower edge of the posterior occipital bone, a recess about two fingers wide from the back of the ear.

Hold the thumb of the wind in both hands and use your fingers to force the tens of times.

  Function: It can make the effect of clearing heat and calming the wind, especially suitable for wind and cold.

  The second step is to massage the Dazhui acupoint: the hole is in the middle of the back of the neck, and the lower edge of the extended bone is the lower edge of the spinous process of the seventh cervical vertebra.

With one hand of food, the two fingers forced through the Dazhui point, shaking 100?
200 times.

  Function: It can prevent the prevention and treatment of colds, especially suitable for treating high fever after a cold.

  The third step is to take the shoulder hole massage technique: the shoulder hole is in the middle of the neck to the shoulder, and the muscle is rich.

Both hands, the food, the middle three fingers take the opposite side of the well hole.

The thumb is in front, the food, the middle finger is in the back, and it can be taken 10 times.

  Function: It can make the effect of evacuating the wind and dispelling cold, especially suitable for cold and cold.

  The fourth step is to massage the Sanli point massage technique: the bone on the outer side of the lower leg has a bone called the humeral head. The front and lower sides of the bone are about three fingers wide.

With one hand of food, the two fingers force the same side of the Zusanli point, slowly twitching dozens of times.

Then use the other hand to click on the other side of the Zusanli.

  Function: Zusanli is a “strong acupoint”. It has the function of evacuating and dispelling cold, and strengthening the body’s immunity. It can regulate the body’s immunity and prevent colds.

  It can be done once a day than the self-massage method. When the cold is popular or when you have a cold, you can do it again. You can achieve the purpose of sensing the cold.