Teach you the nine detox methods


Teach you the nine detox methods

We all know that the term detoxification has always been a very important part of our traditional beauty and skin care field.

For various reasons, some toxins are accumulated in the body. If these toxins stay in the body for a long time, they will have a very adverse effect on health and skin care.

To keep yourself healthy and beautiful, detox, you have to do it.

Now I will teach you nine detox methods to make your body non-toxic.

  Into the world of Chinese medicine, foods that perish too slowly in the body will rot, become food for harmful bacteria, and then produce biogas, causing toxins to stimulate the internal organs.

If the food moves in the digestive tract too fast, nutrients cannot be fully absorbed, but Chinese medicine diet can transform the body’s toxins into the body, thereby conditioning the body.

  One quarter of the nutrition in the kelp is alginic acid, which can stimulate the peristalsis of the colon, promote bowel movements, and prevent rectal cancer. If combined with mung bean soup, it can reduce the chance of acne.

  Renmi is rich in dietary fiber, calcium, iron and protein.

Just boil the coix seed rice for about an hour and drink one cup a day to help regulate the stomach and strengthen the spleen and stomach.

  Habitat, Ophiopogon japonicus, Radix Ginseng, Radix Ginseng, Yuzhu, Fig, Paeonia lactiflora and other medicinal materials can nourish yin and clear heat, and solve the problems of restless sleep and dry mouth.

  After the heat is cleared and the liver is cleared, you can use tonics such as angelica, scutellaria baicalensis, codonopsis, nanzao and other tonics to increase the amount and entrainment of hemoglobin, and use Shouwu, Cassia cassia, peach kernel, almond, cistanche, etc.Preliminary elasticity and defecation.

  Carrot, horseshoe, corn, and dendrobium (one person is divided into about five dollars) soup solution, which can be used daily, helps to clear liver heat twice a week.

In addition, you can also use boiled water with golden chrysanthemum flowers, peony, nepeta, and cork to wash the whole body, which can help inhibit the growth of bacteria.

  Lymphatic massage The lymphatic circulation is an important channel for removing toxins from the body, breaking down and removing aging cells, promoting metabolism, and improving the immune system.

The therapist uses grapefruit, sandalwood, and other aroma oils with gentle gestures to gently spread toward the heart in the lymph nodes, such as under the arms, hips, and back and neck, to promote lymph flow.Unblocked for smooth metabolism of toxins, waste and moisture.

  The method of colonic detoxification is changing with each passing day, and the method of colonic detoxification that can directly detoxify and degrease is controversial!

Bowel washing is very popular in foreign countries, but whether everyone is suitable is different.

According to professionals, two months before bowel lavage, natural tonic or food therapy should be used to remove toxins.

Properly performing bowel washing exercises can clean the body’s long-term accumulation of dirt, feces and toxins to restore normal function of the body, effectively improve constipation, and make the skin brighter and brighter.

First, the center ‘s professional therapist explained the entire process of bowel washing. After changing the clothes in the center, the guest placed the “half-length young tube in the anus position to conduct water into the bowel and clean it”.

The therapist also massages guests with aromatherapy oils to speed up bowel movements and wake up bowel movements.

Basically, the course of treatment does not make you feel uncomfortable or painful, but the level of acceptance varies with different health conditions.

Of course, finding a qualified and professional clinic is the most important thing; remember that patients with hemorrhoids or pregnant women should not receive this treatment.

  Keeping the body peaceful and many people do n’t know that every time when there is a lowering of emotions, such as fear, anger, jealousy, or correction, all parts of the body will secrete highly toxic chemicals that will damage your body and reduce the operation of the digestive system.Efficiency, these are also the terrible “poisons” that need to be addressed.

Therefore, we should maintain physical peace and insist on getting enough sleep for eight hours a day.

  Safety of cooking utensils Food cooked in an aluminum pan will produce a kind of chlorine, which will neutralize the digestive juices, cause acidification of the gastrointestinal wall and form ulcers, and even deposit in the brain and nervous system tissues, and willKeep accumulating in the body.

If you ignore the safety of cooking utensils, and only care about the health of the food, the entire detoxification process will only become futile.

  Drinking water About 70% of the human body is water. Almost all functions in the body include digestion, absorption, circulation, excretion and so on.

Water is also the main transporter of nutrients to all parts of the body and is essential for all constructive functions.

If we drink less than eight glasses of water a day, we will reduce the normal functioning of the body and prevent waste from being discharged from the body.

Remember that our bodies can not eat for about five weeks, but not for more than five days.

  Nutrition diet fruits such as papaya, grapefruit, kiwi, bananas, and drinks such as flower tea, Sydney tea, horseshoe cane water, etc., can clear heat and detoxify.

Because this kind of food is rich in antioxidants, it helps to expel excessive free radicals in the body, and at the same time helps to expand blood vessels and increase blood circulation for the benefit of beauty.

  In addition, it does not hinder the intake of nutrients that can decompose toxins in the body, such as vitamins B2, B3, B6, B12, and vitamins A, C, E and carotene with antioxidant effects.

  Aloe, which can be taken orally or externally, is also a master of toxin dissolution. It contains amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and various minerals. It has antibacterial, detoxifying, anti-acne and blood circulation promoting effects.

When taken orally, a layer of “yellow film” inside the aloe leaf skin must be completely shaved off, leaving only mesophyll and juice. The yellow film contains aloe vera, which can cause severe diarrhea, and the aloe skin tastes extremely bitter, which can be mixed with honeyEat sugar.

  Women’s physiological period affects the skin and body before and after. Experts recommend that women make good use of the regular cycle of the physiological period and regularly self-detoxify the body.

Eisenhas, a nutritionist who opened a self-detoxification course in London, suggested that women should drink more fresh juice, light food and herbal plant supplements a week before menstruation, and alternate menstrual periods, and their body functions are also adjusted.  Herbal tea Herbal tea has a variety of body conditioning effects. Taking a cup of herbal tea every day can neutralize toxins in the body and eliminate impurities that have accumulated in the body for a long time.

  Yak burdock is known for purifying uric acid and expelling toxins from the kidneys and kidneys.

  Green tea can inhibit the elimination of bacteria that cause acute gastrointestinal diseases. Its antioxidant effect is 100 times higher than that of Weiwei hit C, which can delay aging.

  Acorus dandelion root has excellent liver cleansing and enhancing effects, and it nourishes the liver and gallbladder while improving blood.

  Psyllium plantain has lubricating and mucus effects, can absorb toxins, and has a cleaning effect. It is called a “colon scavenger”.

  Internal and external protection In addition to a number of oral medications, bowel lavage and massage treatments, ladies do not forget to apply skin care products with antioxidant and detoxifying functions, protecting both internally and externally, exerting 24-hour purification and detoxifying functions.