How to practice the skill to lose weight work –

How to practice the skill to lose weight?

Using the chemical power to lose weight, many people have experimented and reduced one each, but from the perspective of exercise, as long as it can increase the energy consumption, you can try it.

  Practice: 1 head, back, buttocks, legs close to the door or opening, the two heels are about two punches away from the wall.

The legs squat slowly, the upper body sticks slowly against the wall, and the hips are in contact with the heels. At the same time, while exhaling, the throat sounds “嗨”.

  2 Then the back is off the wall, while the heel is lifted up, and the whole body weight falls on the toes, so that the feet, back, and hips can be suspended, and the hindbrain continues to be supported in the air, and the whole body still needs to relax.

At this time, the chest, waist, and abdomen are all quite up, and the stomach just happens to get exercise.

At the same time, the caries inhale, the tongue sounds “嘶”.

  3 Slowly flatten the heel, return to the original squat, and exhale with a throat sound “晦”.

  4 Do not stand up, repeat the above 2, 2 intervention actions, the number of times is flexible.

When you receive the work, you can stand up slowly.

  Efficacy: Improve the elimination of excess feces in the lumbar spine, and prevent constipation, abdominal distension, especially fatigue and cold resistance.