6 kinds of spring fruits strengthen resistance


6 kinds of spring fruits strengthen resistance

Eating fruits not only supplements the body’s necessary vitamins and moisture, but some fruits can also enhance the body’s resistance.

Spring is a disease-ridden season. Eating more of the following six fruits can help you strengthen your immunity and improve your body’s immunity. Let’s take a look at which spring fruits you can eat to enhance your immunity.


Bananas Eating bananas can help people who are weak and sentimental dispel pessimism, irritability, and maintain a peaceful and happy mood.

  This is mainly because it can increase the content of pleasing serotonin in the brain.

Studies have found that depression patients have less serotonin in their brains than normal people.


Lili is an invigorating and vibrant fruit.

Its water content, absorption of vitamins a, b, c, d, e and trace element iodine, can maintain the healthy state of cell tissues, help organs detoxify, purify, and soften blood vessels, and promote blood to transport more calcium to theskeleton.

But when eating pears, you must chew them slowly to better absorb them.


Strawberries eat strawberries can cultivate patience, because it belongs to a low-grass stalk plant, which is susceptible to pollution during growth. Therefore, it must be patiently washed before eating: first remove the leaves, rinse them under running water, and then soak them in brine for 5?
10 minutes, and finally soak with cold water for 1?
2 minutes.

After that, you can eat this nutritious “live vitamin pill”.


Tangerine is often emotional and increases the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke.

Experts at Harvard Medical School recommend that people eat oranges often to reduce these diseases.

But be careful not to eat more than 4 a day, otherwise Chinese medicine may be called “lit” performance, such as aphthous ulcers.


Grapes Grapes are especially suitable for “lazy” people, because the healthiest way to eat is “no peeling, no spitting of seeds.”

Grape skin and grape seeds are more nutritious than grape flesh.

Red wine has better health effects than white wine because it is made with skin.

Researchers from the University of Bordeaux, France also found that grape seeds are rich in immunity, which delays the aging substance opc. After entering the body, 85% are absorbed and used.


Cherries Cherry has a high iron content and is a fruit especially suitable for women. It has the effect of nourishing and nourishing blood.

US researchers have also found that eating cherries can significantly reduce pain.

Dry in winter, prone to odor in the mouth, squeeze out cherry juice, add water to replace the mouth, you can eliminate this trouble.

What to pay attention to when blowing air conditioners in summer

What to pay attention to when blowing air conditioners in summer

In the summer, the temperature is high, and the sun is very hot. When you go out for a while, it looks like you are in an oven. In the face of such temperatures, many people choose to be in an air-conditioned room.

If you stay in an air-conditioned room for a long time, you will have air-conditioning disease, so what should you pay attention to when you blow air-conditioning in summer?

Let ‘s follow Xiaobian together!

  What to pay attention to when blowing air conditioners in summer1, make the skin dry and dry, and do a good job of moisturizing. The air conditioner will bring us comfort and dry the indoor air. Do you feel that your skin will become a little bit cold after blowing cold air?Tight?

That’s because cold wind accelerates the evaporation of moisture on the skin surface, which makes the skin feel drier.

Prepare a bottle of moisturizing spray at any time to keep your skin hydrated.

  2. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, familiar slogans, but did you do it?

Some people think that in the air-conditioned room, it is not hot and does not sweat, and the water has not reduced much, so you do n’t need to drink water, but I must tell you cruelly, even if you do n’t feel thirsty, the water in your body is still unknowingPerceived decrease.

So, if the girls want to keep the water moist, in the air-conditioned room, it is necessary to drink water, preferably warm water, so as not to cool the stomach.

Drink a glass of water before work, considerate and healthy, full of energy to start the work day.

  3. Warm summer Most people like how much to wear, but it is best not to wear too little in an air-conditioned room for a long time. Always have a thin shirt or blanket to block the blockage, avoid cold wind, and do warm work, otherwiseIt’s easy to be “thumped up” by a cold king!

Especially when you come to your aunt, pay attention to your feet and keep warm.

  Precautions for blowing air-conditioned water for babies 1. Children’s skin is tender and sweaty, and the clothing materials should be soft, absorbent, breathable, and easy to wash. Light-colored cotton or pure knitwear is suitable.

In the air-conditioned room, the baby has one more dress than the adult.

2. Every 6?
Ventilation should be performed for 8 hours, and the longest should not exceed 12 hours. 20 for each ventilation?
30 minutes.

  3. Cover the baby with a quilt at night. Don’t make it too thick. Cover the belly, chest, shoulders, joints and other sensitive parts.

  4. About every half a month, parents should wash the air filter post (filter membrane) of the air conditioner with a lot of water, so that the indoor air quality can be guaranteed.

  5. Measure your baby’s temperature at least once a day.

  The above is the summer air-conditioning knowledge prepared by Xiaobian for everyone. With these, everyone can spend this summer coolly, I hope the above content can help everyone.

Men’s dreams, slippery shots work _1

Male dream remnant, slippery effect

Nocturnal emission refers to the two symptoms of dream residue and synovial sperm.

Those who have dreams and remnants are called dream remnants; those who do not slip out due to dreaming or seeing sex are called slippery.

The etiology is mainly caused by various reasons.

More common in sexual neurasthenia, seminal vesiculitis, orchitis, and certain chronic diseases.

  [Etiology and pathogenesis](A) Heart and kidney discomfort: Excessive thoughts, or indulgence of indulgence, heart fire cannot be delivered to the kidney, kidney water cannot be fed to the heart, heart and kidney are not intersected, water is deficient and the heart fire is hyperactive, disturbingSemen room, many dreams left behind.

  (2) Loss of Kidney Deficiency: Atrioventricular insufficiency, or kidney damage due to chronic illness, loss of seals, imperfect seizures, and slippery semen.

  (3) Damp and heat betting: Damp and heat connotation, flowing down, disturbing the fine room, the fine level is not solid, resulting in nocturnal emission.

  [Symptoms and signs](1) The main symptoms of heart-kidney failure are: nocturnal emission in dreams, dizziness, palpitations, upset, backache, tinnitus, yellow urine, red tongue, and pulse count.

  Governing Law: Take the Shaoyin Meridian points with acupuncture and diarrhea; acupuncture points with Shaoyin Meridian and acupuncture.

To traffic the heart and kidneys, Gujing stop.

  Prescription: Shenmen Xinyu Taixi Zhifang Fangyi: Shenmen, Xinyu, lowering Xinhuo to communicate heart and kidney; Taixi Yishen Qi, with Zhishi Guan to Gujingguan.

  (2) The main evidence of kidney deficiency: frequent spermatorrhea, regardless of day and night, motion, and often see semen slipping out when seeing, tired and thin, pale, pale tongue, and weak pulse.

  Governing Law: Take the foot sun, foot Taiyin and Renmai Meridian as the main points.

Acupuncture is used for tonifying and moxibustion to nourish kidney and solid essence.

  Prescription: Shenshu Zhishi Mingmen Guanyuan Sanyinjiao Fangyi: Shenshu, Zhishi Bushen Yishen Guan Gujing; Guan Men Wenshen Shen Yigu Sealed; Guan Yuan Da Bu Qi, Pei Yuan Yi Gu Gu, Sanyin Jiao JianpiLiver and kidney.

  (3) The main evidence of hot and humid betting: frequent spermatorrhea, semen during urination, less upset, bitter and dry mouth, unpleasant urination, yellow greasy tongue coating, and pulse count.

  Governing Law: Take Renmai, mainly foot meridian points.

Acupuncture uses diarrhea to clear heat and dampness, and calm the palace.

  Prescription: Zhongji Yinlingquan Sanyinjiao Fangyi: Zhongji Yinlao’s bladder acupoints, which can release bladder air, so that damp heat can be discharged from the urine; Yinlingquan, Sanyin Jiao Jianpi dampness, clearing heat and diuretic; Zhongji, SanyinjiaoIt is also the acupoint of the Zusanyin Meridian Intersection. The middle pole is located on the lower abdomen. Therefore, the two points can be used to solidify Ninggong, and the various points can be used to clear heat and dampness, and prevent sperm leakage.

  [Other therapies]1.

Auricular acupuncture points: external genital endocrine Shenmen heart and kidney method: take 2-3 points each time, light stimulation, leave the needle for 15-30min, you can also use auricular points to press beans.


Acupoint injection for acupoint selection: Guan Yuanzhong’s Jizhi room method: use vitamin B1 or angelica injection, inject 0 at each point.


5ml, when the needle feels mixed with the anterior yin after the needle is inserted, slowly push in the medicine solution.

Nine beauty rumors


Nine beauty rumors

Due to the development of network technology, we can always find the information we want from the Internet.

However, this also made a lot of rumors empty.

Therefore, we must learn to distinguish between true and false and avoid going into the rumor trap.

The following are the beauty rumors collected by Xiaobian.

  Rumor 1: The kilos of lipstick you receive every year put your health at risk.

  On average, a woman consumes about four milligrams of lipstick per day, which means that even if you replace two hundred grams of lipstick, you need to use lipstick every day for hundreds of years.

Moreover, according to surveys, even if this amount of lipstick is used, there will be no harm to the body.

However, if you don’t want to make lipstick a “seasoning” of food, you must develop the habit of removing lip makeup before eating.

  Rumor 2: Combing your hair 100 times a night can keep your hair healthy and shiny. When combing your hair with a pure bristle comb, there will be natural oils to remove the bristle and transfer it to your hair. This will change your hair.It’s brighter.

But as for how much to comb, it’s entirely up to you, if you have a good comb.

  Rumor 3: Vaseline can be applied to the eyelashes to refresh them.

  The thickness and length of eyelashes are completely determined by genetic factors.

In fact, a thick paste of vaseline applied to the eyelashes will block the eye glands at the edge of the inner eyelid, and our eyes need to rely on the glands to create tears to wash away the dirt in the eyes to prevent bacterial infectionof.

  Rumor 4, drinking coffee can lose weight.

  Studies have found that caffeine has the functions of drainage and swelling. Most of the slimming products used in the application contain caffeine, so if you drink coffee directly, can you lose weight more effectively?

In fact, the caffeine in coffee not only does not help to lose weight, too much, it may even lead to acceleration, high blood pressure and insomnia. Coffee with milk and sugar is also more likely to make you fat.

  Rumor 5: Store the perfume in the refrigerator to make the fragrance last longer.

  The oil and fat components in the aroma will penetrate into all impurities-containing objects, such as paste and milk in the refrigerator, causing pollution.

In fact, the correct way is to put the fragrance in a cool, backlit place.

  Rumor 6: Forked ends can be fixed.

  It is impossible to heal the split ends of hair!

Breaking through split ends is the best way to prevent split ends from hurting the entire hair.

However, if you leave your hair too long or your hair is naturally prone to split ends, then it is recommended that you use a professional salon product containing a soothing agent to regularly make a hair mask, which can nourish the hair and strengthen the hair.

Persistent long-term use can help solve the problem of easy split ends.

  Rumor 7: Cucumber slices, cold tea bags and hemorrhoid cream can alleviate bags under the eyes.

  No one knows what actually causes eye swelling, but it is most likely due to excess light accumulation in the eyes.

To solve it completely, you can only remove excess skin and aunt through surgery.

However, some beauty products that specifically address the problems of bags under the eyes and dark circles can still play a positive role in dealing with eye problems.

  Rumor 8: Drinking salt water in the morning is good for your health.

  Drinking salt water is good for health. It is necessary to drink salt water to replenish water after sweating in the summer. In the morning, supplementing water is not only beneficial, but also harmful to health.

Physiological research believes that although people do not drip during the night’s sleep, breathing, perspiration, and urinary are all in progress. These physiological activities consume a lot of water.

When you get up in the morning, the blood has become concentrated. At this time, if you drink a certain amount of boiled water, it can quickly replace the blood, instead of the hypertonic dehydration at night.

Conversely, drinking salt and boiling water will increase hypertonic dehydration and make people dry.

What’s more, the morning is the first peak of human blood pressure. Drinking salt and boiling water will increase blood pressure and endanger health.

  Rumor 9: Toothpaste can remove acne.

  Although some toothpastes contain phenol peroxide (an ingredient that treats acne and also has a whitening effect), there is actually no scientific basis for removing acne with toothpaste. Some acne-based care products, in addition to containing benzene peroxideContains other anti-acne ingredients that are more effective than benzene peroxide!

Therefore, if you have acne, don’t think that rubbing toothpaste will destroy them.

Regular muscle fasting skin fresher skin_1

Regular muscle fasting skin fresher skin

Core tip: Do you still insist on being bright every day at work?

Do you stick to heavy makeup even in the summer?

Everyone knows that your skin is tired of such heavy burdens day after day.

Give your skin a deep breath on a regular basis and it will look more radiant.

  The skin “eating” is too good, but it is more hydrophobic. Sometimes the skin “scratches emotions” inexplicably, bursting with one or two particles, sensitive and easy to red, or waiting for skin care products to take longer and longer.

Maybe it hurts, is it because you pamper your face too much and let it “eat” too greasy?

Such disadvantages not only make the skin water and oil imbalance, but also lead to poor skin self-healing ability, weak absorption ability, and become acne invasion caused by the accumulation of oil in the T zone. It is even more terrible that it will interfere with your selfJudging the true condition of the skin, and misapplying the wrong skin care products.

  ”Muscle fasting” should be on time. Muscle fasting also needs to be time-honored. Japanese skin care experts recommend that you do it before the start of the physiological period, when changing seasons, and after travel.

Before the beginning of the women’s physiological period, hormone secretion is relatively chaotic, which is likely to cause skin problems. At this time, sufficient nutrition will increase the occurrence of acne.

When the weather changes suddenly, the skin will be difficult to adapt and often sensitive.

Sudden changes in the environment and climate after travel also easily cause skin problems.

  At this time, choosing fasting muscles can allow the skin sufficient time to adjust and adapt, and enhance its self-healing power.

  [Noun]Muscle fasting is a new skin care method invented by Japanese skin care experts.

In fact, the so-called “muscle fasting” does not really make the skin “fasting”, but more like “dieting”.

Simplify our daily complexion and time-consuming procedures such as cleansing, toning, essence, mask, eye mask, hydration, moisturizing, whitening, anti-aging, cream, etc., to make the skin breathe in simple skin care procedures.
  The muscle fasting method is clean and unforgettable, moisturizing continues.


Although “fasting” is required, certain skin care procedures are essential. Cleaning must be done well. Try to choose cleansing products that do not foam, and avoid rubbing hard.


Skin care products only use moisturizers, whitening, anti-wrinkle and other functions. It is recommended to temporarily suspend use.

Use liquid skin care products whenever possible. It is recommended to use only refreshing serums instead of other skin care products.


Do not put on makeup during fasting. You can choose to do it in multiple humid environments and avoid sun exposure.


During the fasting period, it is best to cooperate with diet, try to be light, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and drink plenty of water.


Choose the time of fasting according to the skin, and at the same time observe the real needs of the skin to determine your skin type.

  Normal skin once a month, excessive consumption of skin care products does cause skin acne, oiliness, sensitivity and other conditions.

In this case, it makes sense to let the skin “fast”, rub skin care products less, improve moisturization, and avoid sun protection.

Normal skin can also do a “fasting of muscles” once a month, giving the skin a good rest and returning it to a healthy state.

  Daren’s voice uses salad and porridge to fast food Chen Fan, editor of “Fashion COSMO” I will choose to do “muscle fasting” at home on two days at weekends, mainly using vegetable salad and porridge to fasten muscles.And do n’t let yourself be too full.

This makes the stomach and skin comfortable.

Do not wear makeup while fasting your muscles, otherwise it will be troublesome to clean your skin and hurt your skin.

TV-loving children have poor social skills

TV-loving children have poor social skills

Too many parents know that children watch too much TV. One is to damage their eyes and the other is to affect normal life and learning.

In fact, television hurts children far more than that.

  First, the babies who love to watch TV have abnormal physical development. The babies who were originally active and active will once sit in front of the TV after being hooked on the TV.
For 2 hours, it almost hurts the eyes and the body.

Babies with poor digestive function may suffer from anorexia if they are sitting continuously, which is not conducive to growth and development; while babies with strong digestive ability, sitting full after eating, will gain weight over time.

According to researchers, after 33 years of observing 33 obese children, they found that 10% of childhood obesity is caused by the disease, 10% is inherited from the family, and the remaining 80% have simple obesity.Disease, and they all have one thing in common-love to watch TV.

  Second, babies who like to watch TV do not like reading. TV has great temptation to babies. Its bright colors, changing pictures, beautiful music, constantly stimulate and excite the baby’s brain, so babies who like to watch TV are rich.Monotonous pictures, boring text books have lost interest.

However, the information transmitted by television is mainly incidental and jumping, and the baby can only get some piecemeal and unsystematic knowledge from it.

In addition, any learning process must be accompanied by a thinking process, and television cannot leave time for people to think. In the long run, the imagination and creativity of the baby will be bound, and eventually the baby will not feel comfortable reading or studying.interest.
  An education expert once said: “Thirty years of teaching experience has convinced me that good intellectual development of students stems from good reading.

“And reading interest and reading habits need to lay the foundation in early education, otherwise it will be more effective and even useless.

And the baby’s obsession with TV is also formed in the first few years of growth, so parents should try not to let infants and young children watch TV, make books as their friends as soon as possible, and let them develop good learning interests and habits.

  Third, babies who love to watch TV are monotonous. Babies are sitting in front of the TV for a long time, and it is difficult for them to be interested in outside things. Take them to learn to paint, learn to play the piano, and learn to play chess. Their interests are not high.give up halfway.

The process of learning is a difficult process, but watching TV is a process of entertainment and entertainment. Watching TV continuously is in a loose state facing the baby. Naturally, some knowledge and skills that require mental and physical strength to compete will generate competition.

  Fourth, the baby who loves watching TV has poor social communication ability. The baby spends a lot of time on watching TV, so his chance of interacting with the outside is greatly reduced.

Being alone for a long time, accompanied by television all day long, adults’ psychological development creates obstacles. They often imitate the movements and language of characters in television, they will be anxious without watching television, and hate others to disturb while watching television.

Because the baby has poor self-control ability, great personality and behavior plasticity, and the baby’s ability to imitate is strong, most of the various TV messages are devouring jujube, affecting the normal development of thinking, character and behavior, which will also affect children’s psychological developmentTo mean effect.

  Fifth, it is difficult for babies who love to watch TV. It ‘s usually “take all in one” for TV programs, and many programs are “not suitable for children.” During the growth process, babies are exposed to bad information too early.It will bring difficulties to the positive education of parents and schools, affect the principle of the baby’s life, and will seriously cause the baby to embark on the crime.

It’s healthier for children to quarrel with their parents

It’s healthier for children to quarrel with their parents

Tabitha Holmes, an assistant professor at the State University of New York and an expert on adolescents, said that conflict between parents and adolescent children would not alienate them, but would strengthen their relationship.

“The number of quarrels per day is just right, which allows you to pay close attention to the growth of adolescent children.

“The Observer has recently quoted Holmes’s report as saying that for young people, conflict can be beneficial and can teach them how to develop a healthy personality, social cognitive skills and how to reason with people.

“I was surprised during the study that teenagers basically thought that a violent argument with their parents made them closer to their parents,” Holmes said.

“However, Holmes acknowledged that noisy, but the conflict must be handled in the right way.

Parents need to really listen to their children’s perspectives; they need to be able to adjust their perspectives and positions in a timely manner; they need to respect their perspectives, and have the courage to acknowledge their perspectives correctly when arguing.

The so-called romances of men

The so-called romances of men

Lead: Love is lost, and most people will definitely feel uncomfortable. They either smoke, drink, or live a wasteful life, or lose their heart all day, giving people a sense of doomsday.

However, for men, love is more beneficial to their mental health.

  According to Queen Mary University of London’s “The Impact of Mental Health on Men and Women”, researchers in the group found in surveys that women are more likely than men to be in a cohabitation relationship when only considering the effects of gender relations on mental healthPsychological problems such as fear may arise because the woman is more likely to feel lack of money and property security, while men are more concerned about whether they will be tied up for life.

  After the two parties broke up, it was normal for the mood to decrease and decrease, but it took women longer to recover from emotional damage than men, and women’s mental health would worsen with the number of breakups.

The opposite is true of men. Men who have experienced two or more breakups have an excellent mental state and are even healthier than other men.

  Men’s emotions are more likely to be depressed when they just broke up. However, men’s emotions are different when they just broke up.

There is such a question, when the ark of love meets the iceberg, who will handle it better?

The answer is: women.

The results of several studies indicate that men are more depressed, sorrowful and worried than women after breaking up.

Men should feel very strong, but they are actually very fragile.

Many men can’t handle the cause of breakup well.

For example, the following: 1. Men cover their pain. When the boy is dumped, his first reaction is: I will not let her know how much I am suffering.

How he did it: Hang out with a few friends.

According to a survey by Men’s Health Online, 26% of men will be drunk by the dumping party after breaking up, but only a minority.

36% of men feel that they should see their new rights and thank the person who dumped him.

In fact, both reactions are masks that mask their true feelings.

It didn’t help the sadness, the anger at all.

Men have been sad for their lost feelings, even after their dumping party.

And women will cry immediately after breaking up and tell the truth.

Studies have found that women start to feel depressed when they face their failed feelings, but quickly get out of the shadows.

Many men want to suppress their emotions, but they cannot release their feelings.

  2. One of the reasons why male-owned friends and girls recover faster than males after breaking up is that women have an amazing circle of friends.

Studies show that: men resist love to achieve emotional intimacy and social support, and women like to use family and female friends as the safest sustenance.

Including mother, sister, friend beautician and driver, no matter who the other party is, the more she talks, the faster she will recover.

At the same time, men will act indifferently to breakups and not be trapped by feelings.

Six months later, when the man Ken faced his feelings frankly, all he wanted was to return to the girl.

  3. It is difficult for men to re-establish another relationship. After breaking up, the boys are very excited at first, and they can date other women.

But after three, four, or tens of days, they will have to spend a long time to feel as natural as the ex-girlfriend.

A survey by Carnegie Mellon University in the United States shows that girls are better adapted to the end of relationships because they have considered the possibility of breaking up.

However, the boys were not prepared.

Emotional safety cannot be the only reason for being together, which made him acknowledge how lucky he was to have her, and at the same time she had left him.

When he called her when he was drunk and admitted his feelings, it was too late.

  4. Men break the relationship of emotional crisis. Many relationships break down is a subconscious reaction, while men believe that stagnation.

They find repeating sexual behavior to the same restaurant and to the same person boring.

After breaking up, they will immediately find that being single does not mean champagne and half-naked beauties. Even in exciting bars, they feel that the past intimacy is easier to nostalgia.

Research shows that women are always better at social, sexual, and rational intimacy.

They often re-emphasize lasting relationships based on affection over men.

Lifting the skin crisis in the post-spring period

Lifting the skin crisis in the “post-spring” period

Spring is not as gentle and pleasant as you think. Sometimes, she is like a naughty child who likes to make fun of people.
From time to time, the sun is shining, so that everyone can shine brightly; sometimes chill strikes people, urging us to take out our jackets and put them on.
When the short spring is warm, the short spring has a different trend, and it is possible to run into the summer at any time.
In this annoying season, how can we maintain our body and mind and do our homework well?
  You have red cheeks and enlarged pores; your T-zones with normal skin start to look oily, but your cheeks are dry; your skin suddenly becomes sensitive and uncomfortable, and erythema or peeling appears;黑色的不速客……  “后春天”时期的常见病  那么可以很明确地告诉你,你――中招了!!
!As you enter the spring and summer, your skin will also have common diseases in the “post-spring” period.
Recall that after a winter’s dormantness, are you eager for the breath of spring outside, take off the heavy winter clothes for the first time, feel the spring breeze, and enjoy the spring.
But your joy may not make the skin buy it. The damage that has accumulated to the skin since the beginning of spring is now erupting one by one.
However, you are not expected to take the opportunity to enjoy spring in order to take care of the facial problems the next day, so let’s follow the beauty experts to learn about the spring skin care!
“遣送”痘痘平滑肌肤   “危肌”等级轻量级“危肌”信号皮肤出现小疙瘩,红肿,疼痛  长痘痘的情况非常复杂,有些人脸上痘痘不断,有些人只有特珠的My face was only long those days.
However, acne is indeed related to annoying spring.
In a book written by a Taiwanese dermatologist, she introduced several of the most popular cosmetic methods in Taiwan, one of which is called Blu-ray.
Unlike other lasers, the strength of blue light is anti-inflammatory, so the adjuvant treatment for acne is the best.
Blu-ray is also appealing because, in the process of treatment, there is basically no pain.
It shines on the face, just like basking in the sun on the seashore. It feels like the sun has been so long that the entire face has been hot.
If you are tired of the rash of acne on your face, try Blu-ray.
  TIPS 1. Drink plenty of water and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.
  2. Do not eat peppers and sweets. These things can irritate the skin and cause more acne.
  3. Don’t squeeze the acne by hand, so as not to cause dents on the skin, be patient and wait for it to heal itself.
  4. If you have constipation, eat more apples and bananas to help defecate.
  5. Relax and don’t let stress bother you.
白净肌肤赶走“黑客” “危肌”等级中量级“危肌”信号肤色不均,出现色斑,斑点加重 春光很美好,可是沐浴在春光里的美女们却忽视了最能让你的Beautiful discounted UV.
Beauty girls with skin care habits all know the common sense of sun protection in the summer, but seemingly mild in spring, but have the strongest ultraviolet rays, it is easy for you to give up all your whitening work before winter.
You know, the spots don’t move easily.
Conventional skin care methods do not work well on skin that has spots.
Beauty King DaS has recommended a laser skin beauty technique called “black face doll” in her book.
The freckle removal procedure is very interesting. It will first apply a layer of black toner to your face, and then use the toner as a guide for laser treatment.
After doing such a treatment, it is not difficult to restore the fairness of winter skin.
TIPS 1. In the spring, sunscreen should be used.
2, eat more foods containing more vitamin C, such as tomatoes, kiwi, apples, cherries, etc., can help whiten and lighten spots.