Four nutritional porridges for chronic gastroenteritis, make the stomach easier!

Four nutritional porridges for chronic gastroenteritis, make the stomach easier!

Chronic enteritis is a disease that has the highest prevalence among the elderly. So what to do with chronic enteritis?

What is good for chronic enteritis?

Here are some food treatments for chronic enteritis, which are very effective in conditioning the body.

  One of the four nutritional porridges for chronic gastroenteritis. Coix kernel porridge.[Materials]Coix kernel, 40 grams of rice each, the amount of sugar.

  [Methods]Wash the barley kernels and the previous rice, add water to cook porridge, add sugar to taste when the porridge is cooked.

  [Efficacy]It has the effect of strengthening the spleen and dampness, and is suitable for patients with chronic enteritis who have chronic diarrhea caused by spleen deficiency and dampness, abdomen, abdominal pain, unconcerned diet, and greasy tongue.

  Second, ginseng lotus porridge[Materials]15 grams of Codonopsis, 30 grams of lotus seeds, 40 grams of rice, 6 jujubes, brown sugar content.

  [Practice]Grind Codonopsis and lotus seeds into fine powder, remove the seeds and chop the jujube, put them in the pot with the previous rice and cook the porridge. After the porridge is finished, add brown sugar to taste and serve.

  [Efficacy]It has the effect of replenishing qi, strengthening the spleen, spleen and stopping diarrhea, and is suitable for patients with chronic enteritis with spleen and stomach qi deficiency.

  Third, mountain pea porridge[Materials]Take 60 grams of yam, Poria, Coix Seeds, Red Beans, Alisma, and Lentils.

  [Practice]Grind the above flavors into coarse powder, heat in a pot over low heat, keep turning, and fry until yellowish and slightly fragrant.

When eating, take 20 grams of powdered medicine and 50 grams of rice to cook porridge.

  [Efficacy]It has the effects of strengthening spleen and nourishing qi, soaking dampness and preventing diarrhea.

It is suitable for patients with chronic enteritis who suffer from spleen deficiency and can not be wet, and are endogenous wet, manifested as abdominal pain, bowel sounds, and chronic diarrhea.

  Fourth, ginseng porridge[Materials]Take 15 grams of fried Codonopsis, 8 red dates, barley kernels, 30 grams each of the previous rice.

  [Practice]First, join the party in the water decoction 2 times, and take the juice 20 minutes after each boil. The combined medicinal juice and the previous rice, barley kernels, and red dates are used to cook porridge.

  [Efficacy]It has the effect of nourishing the spleen and replenishing qi, and is suitable for patients with chronic enteritis who suffer from chronic diarrhea, abdominal distension and abdominal pain after eating, weak constitution, frequent colds, and low immunity.

Sub-health research moves towards precision

Sub-health research moves towards “precision”

The Institute of Sub-Health of the PLA General Hospital was recently established.
In view of the current lack of corresponding basic research and scientific laboratory evaluation systems for sub-health in China, the institute will systematically study the medical definition of sub-health, long-term management of health and early warning mechanisms, and explore systematic health protection measures.
  Sub-health refers to a group of people who are inadequate in physical, psychological and social environment and are in a critical state between health and disease.
The results of a predictive survey recently published by the World Health Organization indicate that sub-healthy people worldwide account for 75% of the total population.
In China, sub-healthy people account for about 70% of the total population.
The prevalence of sub-health population is 25 to 40 years.
  The institute has a center with 9 research laboratories, which will change the past sub-health expressions to stay in the subjective expressions, and the sub-health research will stay in the popular science education, psychological counseling, and health surveys. It will use quantum resonance and sub-health detectors.Medical equipment combined with questionnaire surveys to assess the physical condition of the patients, carry out data accumulation and mining, and establish a scientific laboratory evaluation system and intervention methods.

Experts interpret popular whitening questions


Experts interpret popular whitening questions

The supermodel dress is always so fashionable, do you want to create the unique style of the supermodel?

So let’s start looking at the appearance of supermodels now!

  Another year of whitening season, this is also M.


The fifth whitening questionnaire for readers. After reading all the whitening topics for so many years, I have tried so many whitening products. Do you feel a little tired in your heart, or your expectations are ignited?


Taking readers’ whitening questions as an opportunity, it will bring you a different whitening experience.

  When reading a book, the teacher always points us to the point, so that you can get more done with less effort. The same reasoning for whitening is not a long-form dictionary-style knowledge, nor is it a mere taste of water. Even the whitening points are broken and then connected.Has our own whitening planet.

  How exactly do you want to be “white”?

  Just like we often stop and ask ourselves, what do I want, am I satisfied now?

Whitening, in fact, also needs to listen to the voice of the skin: what kind of whitening “problems” exist on the skin, and what kind of whitening “relief”.

Only in this way can you find a gentleman that suits you.


  For different skin problems, MC offers you different formulas for whitening: Q1 I want my skin to be white without blemishes?

  A: To deal with spots, it is by no means a normal whitening cleanser, toner, etc.

Only those with high concentration of whitening essence can effectively combat it.

And the spot light essence pen with ball design, the spot light spot mask, spot concealer and other spot light spot products that are easy to spot, like the emergency army, can better control the spot.

Comprehensive sun protection prevents external causes of spots.

Appropriate medical methods, such as pulsed light, pigmented spot laser, etc. can also quickly resolve your spot spatter.

  Q2 I want to restore the 18-year-old fair and tender skin?

  A: Many times, the skin is not as bad as it looks, or because of aging cutin accumulation and lack of moisture, it masks the beautiful nature of the skin.

Therefore, instead of whitening toner, keratin purifying mask, and even whitening essence (which will also contain keratin conditioning ingredients to condition the keratin; whitening moisturizing lotion, moisturizing mask, etc., make the skin moist and smooth, all of which are helpful for the skin’s tenderness and fairness).
Of course, sun protection is definitely a part that can’t be missed. I believe there is no unnecessary description of the harm of photoaging.

  Q3 I want to look fair and have good looks?

  A: We need whitening massage products with anti-oxidation, anti-pollution products and internal conditioning. Massage is indispensable for whitening: promoting blood circulation, promoting nutrient absorption, conditioning keratin . and these are essential to restore good looks.

At the same time, skin oxidation progresses and external pollution makes the skin completely dull, so external protection products are also indispensable.

It looks so good, and finally comes out from the inside out. Of course, the internal conditioning cannot be ignored.

  Q4 I want skin health and whitening to reduce allergies?

  Answer: We recommend: soothing products + whitening moisturizing products + protective products.

For those sensitive skin, whitening was once a forbidden area.

However, the latest products allow sensitive skin to join the whitening ranks, adding anti-inflammatory soothing essence, stress relief ingredients, external pollution and sun protection, moisturizing care, these measures make whitening more safe and healthy.

  Q5 I want to whiten instantly and cope with awkward situations?

  A: Whitening itself is a slow project of the system, but it also has its quick way.

Dense essences are like cardiac needles. They have high precision, high concentration, and high activity, which makes whitening more effective. You can have a good sex in a short time. Of course, you need to be careful not to use these products for a long time to avoid skin.Inert.

The whitening makeup has a more immediate effect.

  Q6 I want to reverse the fate of the black race from an early age?

  A: To be honest, whitening has its limits. Women with dark skin from an early age cannot of course have the same skin as Snow White.However, you can still make your face’s skin whiter when you are born through system engineering from head to toe, sun protection + keratin metabolism products + whitening essence + circulation promoting massage products + proper medical methods + diet life conditioningstatus.

What you have to do is definitely not one-sided, short-term homework, or a long, leak-free whitening system project. Every whitening can involve is essential.

  Q7 Makes the skin look fair and fresh. The previous shine is completely changed?

  A: Actually, from the beginning, whitening products have always made dry skin discouraged. In recent years, whitening has comprehensively improved the moisturization of the product, but it is more effective in cleansing products, toning products, and lotions.Differentiate skin types.

For oily skin, there is no problem in choosing the whitening products that make your skin comfortable.

If the situation cannot be improved, adding a certain control oil product is absolutely enough.

  Q8 I want my skin to be as white and tight as eggs, with enlarged pores and sagging phenomena.

  A: The latest whitening has doubled the demand for single whitening function, and it has different improvements on the skin’s moisturization, elasticity and firmness, because wrinkles and aging keratin also have different degrees of skin whitening.

Therefore, many whitening essences are added to promote collagen production, prevent oxidation and other effects, and have certain effects on anti-aging.

  Are whitening products really effective?

  Frequent complaints about the uselessness of whitening products are often heard.

Are the manufacturers of whitening products really cheating us?

Or is it something else that has caused the whitening product to fail?

  Q9 How much should I expect from whitening?

  A: The melanin ratio in the skin is set innately, and it can’t be changed like DNA.

However, the increase in age, through our contact with the environment, and poor living habits, stress, etc., have caused changes in melanin secretion. On the basis of the original pigment, a lot of acquired melanin has been added.

Therefore, whitening products can also restore the ideal pigment state when we were born, instead of whitening indefinitely.

For the maximum degree of whitening you can achieve, please refer to the skin on the thigh and upper arm that has never been exposed to sunlight.

  Q10 How much is the real effect of whitening?

  A: Many people who refuse whitening products will think that since melanin has the effect of protecting the skin, why should we use whitening products?

A clear look at the true efficacy of whitening will help you lift the psychological barrier in this area.

Whitening products are actually helping us create healthy skin.

Disorders of pigment secretion, overgrowth of spots, excessive exposure to the sun, and accumulation of keratin. These dual whitening enemies can also cause accelerated skin deterioration, inflammation, and even skin cancer.

Therefore, proper whitening makes the skin healthier.

  Q11How to choose the best whitening method for me?

  A: Picking the wrong whitening product is like picking the wrong lover.

The key is to find your skin problem and then symptomatic whitening products.

If it is keratin that affects whitening, use a horny product; if it is internal emotions that cause whitening to fail, start by adjusting your emotions.

If the skin is allergic, try to avoid acid whitening . Q12 Why does whitening after sun protection fail?

  A: Look at how fair the newborn baby’s skin is, and we can understand how directly UV rays affect whites and stains.

Of course, although many people use sunscreen products, they still have whitening failure because: first, the sunscreen products used do not have UVA and UVB resistance indicators at the same time; the second is to ensure the frequency and thickness of absorption.

Absolutely most sunscreen products can only guarantee 2 hours of sun protection, and must be applied repeatedly.

  Q13Do whitening products need to be used together?

  A: It’s not advertising for brands, but if you want to achieve the best effect of whitening products, it is best to use the same brands.

At present, whitening products on the market, in order to highlight the differences between brands, are completely different in terms of product ingredients, concentrations, principles and systems that play a role.

Mixing whitening products does not cause the lack of the best combination of the original brand design, but also increases the chance of triggering sensitivity between them.

  Q14 How often is the whitening product used?

  Answer: It’s like eating Chinese medicine. The use of whitening products must be strictly in accordance with the product instructions.

Some products such as intensive essence must be used continuously and every time; exfoliating products and whitening masks cannot be used more than twice a week (except for specially designed products for daily use); sunscreen products are dailyNeither can be missed.

If you only use it casually based on your preferences, you may damage the skin by improper whitening, or you may make the whitening benefits zero at any time.   Q15 How to keep whitening ingredients fresh?

  Whitening products, due to their heterogeneity, always try their best to maintain the activity and stability of their products, such as improving unstable vitamin C into stable vitamin C derivatives.

The whitening products are more sensitive to temperature and light. Therefore, after opening the whitening products, it is best to use them within 6 months, otherwise the efficacy will be greatly reduced.

  5 new doubts about whitening Q16 Can skin cancer be prevented by suppressing skin cancer?

  A: Shiseido’s latest research proves that the number of complication cells in the spot is far more than that in the place without the spot. The spot is affected by chronic weak inflammation and constantly produces excessive melanin.

Therefore, only by inhibiting the weak and chronic inflammation of the pigmentation site can we prevent melanin hyperplasia.

  Q17 Poor mood will cause whitening failure?

  A: Lancome research shows that stress plays an important role in the process leading to excessive pigmentation and melanin.

The internal emotional stress will stimulate nerve endings to release the stress messenger CGRP, which stimulates melanocyte synthesis and production.

  Q18 Temperature is related to whitening?

  A: According to the latest research by Guerlain, changes in the external climate and environment will also indirectly affect the melanin secretion of the skin, especially instantaneous changes, such as hot, cold, dry, and away. The surrounding invasion will cause the reduction of thermal immune proteins, thereby stimulating skin production.A large amount of melanin protects itself and indirectly generates melanin production, making the skin appear dull spots, uneven skin tone and tarnishing.

  Q19 If you want to whiten, you need to be vegetarian?

  A: Many people mistakenly believe that vegetarian food can help detoxify the skin and achieve fair complexion.

But the fact is that it is difficult for vegetarians to absorb vitamin B12 and iron, which is likely to cause anemia, leading to obesity and yellowing.

  Q20 How much does whitening cost?

  A: Really effective whitening requires not only the latest technology, the most advanced raw materials, the best nutrition delivery system, and the lowest sensitivity. All of this must be based on a large amount of research. The global raw material collection, the highestTechnology such as fresh-keeping technology, so you can never expect a certain cheap and cheap product to bring excellent benefits.

Must-eat recipes for winter

Must-eat recipes for winter

Ingredients: white pepper, pork belly Method: Buy a pork belly and rinse it with water repeatedly.

Break about 15 grams of white pepper into pork belly and leave a little water.

Then tie the head and tail of the pork belly with a wire, and cook it slowly for more than an hour (to the pork belly is soft), season with salt.

In addition, the cooked pork belly is crispy and soft, cut into strips, and sprinkled with white sesame and fresh soy sauce. It is a very good cold dish.

  Function: It can be used to treat cold stomach, cold stomach pain, indigestion due to cold, spit drool, cold stomach, duodenal ulcer and so on.

In fact, this soup pot has a milk-like milky white color, and even has a thick heart-warming effect. It has an unusual dietary and medicinal effect, and it is also very delicious and can be used as a home cooking in winter.

Post-modern women’s pay and love

Post-modern women’s pay and love

The era known as “her century” has quietly arrived.

There was a lyrics “I am responsible for making money, and you are responsible for beauty and enchantment”, which was sneered by a group of self-improving and self-supporting women.

Now, when the talent market is crowded with female college students looking for food, there are more female college students involved in matchmaking than ever before.

So, what kind of considerations do postmodern women have regarding alternatives of “salary” and “love”?

  The choice between fish and bear’s paw Kerui Management Consulting Co., Ltd. recently conducted a questionnaire survey of 1,200 female professional managers between the ages of 25 and 40 with a college degree or above.Salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary,Salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary, salary increase to 51%.

As people grow older, those who value salary more than love further decline, while other scores are gradually rising; for women such as 37-40, women who believe love is more important than salaryIt rose to the highest level at one time, accounting for 53%. At the same time, although love and salary were considered as important, although it has improved, it also accounted for 41%, nearly half.

The rise and fall of numbers are the rise and replacement of the proportion of people of different ages and backgrounds in love and career.

  Facing a different case, professional women in the financial age group have different views on career and love. Mr. Bing Bin, the chief professional consultant of Kerui Management Consulting Co., Ltd., has conducted a professional analysis.After graduating from high school, she has been doing business in the transportation company, and her income is pretty good. She thinks that it is a waste for a girl to get married early: “A woman’s best youth is in her 20s to 30s.I want to work and enjoy life freely. If I have to bring my children so soon, I do n’t think it is worthwhile to deal with chai oil and salt.

Get married after 30 years.

Analysis by Mr. Bingbin Wu: The 25- to 28-year-old belong to the “Y” generation. They live in the age of television and the Internet. They are avant-garde, can easily access information resources, easily accept new things and perspectives, and have strong individualsConsciousness of development, autonomy and equality in development, easy dialogue, and greater dependence on materiality.

In terms of position, it is still just a general manager. The development of his career has higher requirements for the ability to improve.

No matter the external pressure or the manifestation of internal personality, they make them like a high-speed train, tired in the workplace.

  Financial consultant MissZhang: Ms. Zhang, 30, frankly said that she and her lawyer boyfriend have passed the sweet talk, Qingqing, my age, they have been introduced to each other for ten months, and they are very rational to start the marriage.

They didn’t have any feelings about marriage because they felt that something was missing from their relationship.

It’s as natural as when it’s time to eat.

Ms. Zhang said that both of them treat love with the same meticulous care as work.

Because they feel very similar to each other, they have common life goals, consumption ideas, and conditions that are right for others, and more importantly, they all have a certain career foundation. It is time to get married, so they believe that each other is the most suitable.The opponent’s.

  Mr. 29 Bingbin’s analysis: For women aged 29-32, long-term work brings psychological pressure on them, their lifestyles are not healthy enough, and some people lose more intense consequences after material requirements reach a certain level, subject to stability factors.And the influence of age, more people are willing to take care of family and career, and develop together.

  Manager Assistant MissZhao: The 34-year-old Miss Chao has changed five foreign companies. The salary has changed and she has become a competent employee of the department. Everything seems to be going well. The only annoying problem now is marriage.

I scored with my surrounding girlfriends, my appearance, temperament is not bad, and my ability to work and live is not bad. Why is it still solo?

Maybe Miss Chao can only have the answer if she thinks out of her own affairs.

  Mr. Bingbin’s analysis: Women in the age group of 34-37 have passed their adolescence, and the success of their careers is basically clear. The dependence on the family and the desire to return to the family have made more women meaningful for the family.warm.

When women reach the age range of 38-40 years old, regardless of the success of their careers, their worldview, outlook on life, values have been determined, the material foundation and social dimensions have been clarified, and their survival status has been very stable. Therefore, some women,And a high level of life satisfaction.

  In response to the increasing phenomenon of “love first, then talk about salary” of OLs, Mr. Wu Bingbin believes that, first of all, the increasing competitive pressure in modern society has caused women to dare not have the slightest slack, and because of the physicalThe reason is that having children will definitely bring great disruption to the continuity of career development, and starting a family before starting a business can prevent this from happening on a large scale.

Of course, under the high pressure of competition, women are increasingly considering designing future careers based on their physiological characteristics, so that there is a better combination of female and work traits .

Three lung health soups for smokers

Three lung health soups for smokers

The medicine of the motherland believes that the lungs are delicate organs that are not resistant to cold and heat.

Cigarettes are heat-toxic and dry, and long-term smoking is most likely to hurt the lungs. Dryness invades the lungs, causing lung qi to stagnate, fire poisoning to smoke, burning liquid to sputum, and eventually causing various symptoms.

In terms of treatment, according to the physiological functions of the lungs and the pathological characteristics of smoke poison, clearing heat and reducing phlegm, and nourishing yin and moistening the lungs are the methods.

Here, we introduce several methods of diet therapy, with the aim of preventing dietary diseases and reducing the harm of smoking through “diet therapy”.

  Chuanbei Sydney Pig Lung Soup: Take 120 grams of pork lungs, wash and slice them, cook in water for 5 minutes, and then wash with cold water.

Wash and break 9 grams of Fritillaria chuanxiong; wash and peel the pears, remove the stalks and pear hearts, and cut the pears into small pieces.

Add all the ingredients into the boiling water pot, cook for 2 hours on low heat, and stir with the amount after seasoning.

  Almond Sydney Yam Paste 10 grams of almonds, 1 Sydney, yam, Huaishan rice flour, sugar.

First soak the almonds in boiling water, remove the clothes, and wash; peel the Sydney, wash, and cut the meat into pieces.

Then put the almonds and syrup into the blender and stir into a mud.

With the right amount of water, mix the almond puree, pear puree, yam, Huaishan rice noodles, and sugar into a paste, pour into about 100 ml of boiling water, stir continuously, and cook.

Serve with quantity.

  Take one piece of pig pancreas with mushroom fungus and pig fungus soup, 60 grams of lean pork, 15 grams of mushroom, 9 grams of fungus.

Wash the mushrooms first; immerse and wash the fungus and pick small flowers; wash and slice the pig pancreas and lean meat.

Then put the mushrooms and snow fungus into the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil it with martial arts, cook for 20 minutes, put pig pancreas and lean pork, then boil and season.

Inject with volume.

Recommended: for different obesity type slimming tea

Recommended: for different obesity type slimming tea

12 kinds of slimming tea, for dieters, physique edema, love meat, hope to scrape oil and fat, constipation and other different weight loss situations, so that you can easily drink your aunt.


Dieters recommend drinking oolong tea because of dieting to lose weight, eat less, food residue is not enough, sometimes accumulated only a few days, it is easy to dry.

Recommended oolong tea.

  Ingredients: Oolong tea practice: simply rinse with boiling water.

  Efficacy: help digestion, go sputum, hangover food greasy poison, cellulite.


There are many reasons for edema people to drink phloem tea. If it is a simple edema caused by water retention, it is recommended to replace 薏仁茶.

  Ingredients: 10 grams of fried coix seed, 5 grams of fresh lotus leaf, 5 grams of hawthorn.

  Practice: boil in hot water, you can join.

  Efficacy: heat, dampness, treatment of edema.


Stress causes constipation to drink lotus leaf tea is low, mental stress, may lead to increased sensitivity in tandem, and constipation interference.

Recommended to add lotus leaf tea.

(Slimming tea) raw materials: 3 grams of lotus leaves, 6 grams of fried cassia, 3 roses.

  Practice: brew with boiling water.

  Efficacy: clearing the heat and dampness, curing water and edema, smooth hair.


Dieting constipation Drinking Cassia tea Intestinal peristalsis is slow, and people (especially obese dieters during dieting and weight loss) tend to accumulate in the body, causing constipation.

It is recommended to announce Cassia tea.

  Ingredients: Cassia tea practice: hot water brewing.

  Efficacy: clearing the liver and eyesight, benefiting water and laxative.


Inflated people drink barley malt tea body exhaustion, can also cause abdominal distension and bloating, recommended for barley malt tea.

  Ingredients: 5 grams of fried malt, 5 points of hawthorn.

  Practice: add sugar sugar water to brew.

  Efficacy: appetizing and spleen, and in the middle of the gas, digestion and swelling.


Cellulite and lemon tea can both eliminate fat, greasy, and whiten skin.

  Ingredients: Lemon slices.

  Practice: squeeze out the lemon juice, mix with warm water, add the right amount of honey.

  Efficacy: smile, help digestion, whiten skin, nourish the lungs.


The accumulation of food and drinking Pu’er tea in the stomach does not dissolve, not only affects the gastrointestinal function, but also a small amount, the sugar is not consumed by normal consumption and fat.

Recommended Pu’er tea.

  Ingredients: Pu’er tea, 5 dried chrysanthemums.

  Practice: hot water brewing.
  Efficacy: help digestion, eliminate grease.  8.

Protecting the stomach and drinking rose tea with multi-functional roses, you can brew tea and dip.

Drinking more can protect the stomach.

  Ingredients: 5 grams of rose.

  Practice: warm water to brew.

  Efficacy: blood stasis, treatment of liver and stomach pain.


Clear fire detox chrysanthemum tea to clear fire, the most convenient drink to lose weight.

  Ingredients: a few dried chrysanthemums.

  Practice: brew directly with hot water.

  Efficacy: clearing heat and detoxification, quenching thirst, lowering blood pressure.


Greasy drink Chenchao tea If you accidentally eat too much greasy, it doesn’t matter, soak a pot of tangerine peel tea and go to greasy.

  Ingredients: 4 grams of dried tangerine peel.

  Practice: boiling water.

  Efficacy: qi and qi, sore liver and spleen, lead stagnation and elimination.


Carnivores drink hawthorn tea Hawthorn tea is more suitable for obesity that likes to eat meat.

  Ingredients: 10 grams of hawthorn.

  Practice: decoction with water.

  Efficacy: It can eliminate oil, help to excrete waste in the body, and dissipate silt.


Diuretic lipid-lowering root tea is definitely a good weight loss drink.

Cook a cup after a meal, not only to achieve the purpose of weight loss, but also enjoy the sweet and sour taste.

  Ingredients: 10 grams of hawthorn, 10 grams of chives, 10 grams of corn, 10 grams of tea roots, sugar content.

  Practice: The above flavors are ground into coarse powder, and the soup is fried.

  Efficacy: diuretic lipid-lowering, allowing excessive and high blood pressure.

Teach you to help your husband wean

Teach you to help your husband “wean”

Shield, try to be generous.
When disagreeing with your parents-in-law, discuss with your husband euphemistically.
  □ Find a way to keep the husband and in-laws properly separated. For example, do n’t live with your in-laws for a long time. You can also encourage and subsidize your in-laws to go out for medical treatment, and create a “vacuum”
for your husband.
  Help her husband get rid of her dependence:[Housewife: Ding Rui Occupation: Civil Servants]Self-report: In fact, her husband is good, has a gentle personality, and is reasonable, which means that his dependence is too strong.
Now that the child is in the second grade, he still calls my unit countless times a day. He can’t find me for a while, and immediately dials my mobile phone.
Once, I went out to do business, and my mobile phone was left in the office. When I came back, my colleagues complained: “Your family is too infatuated. I came to you with five or six calls in two hours. We said you went out and hung up. Your phone rang again.It kept making us all nervous.
Can’t he live without you?
“I was ashamed and angry. When I got home, I lost my temper, but my husband said,” What’s wrong? ”
I just ca n’t live without you, because I have you in my heart!
“Looking at his aggrieved look, I really don’t know what to say.
At home, he never took the idea alone, and he had to discuss with me about small matters. My colleagues said that your husband respects you more. However, this kind of taste that makes people rely on you is really not so good.
Alas, I originally thought “birds depend on people”, but now they are “people depend on birds”.
  Husband’s psychological analysis: Because men have to bear more social pressure, they always have to maintain a strong Chinese language. Words praising masculinity abound, what are “Kong Wu powerful”, “strong and decisive” . In traditional concepts,In a family, a man seems to be the natural leader, and he has absolute leadership over his wife and children, but this is not all true. Looking at the experiences and tips of the three housewives below, it may give you some
  Help your husband and mother to “wean”:[Housewife: Yuan Jie Occupation: Accounting]Readme: They all say that her husband is the “baton” passed by her mother-in-law to her daughter-in-law.
When she got married, her husband insisted on living with his parents on the ground that he had no house. With a child, he claimed that it was easy for the elderly to take care of him and he was crowded together.
I increasingly find that my husband is only inseparable from his mother. He is accustomed to the meticulousness of his parents, asks for warmth, and is more accustomed to obedient and obedient parents.
The conflict between my in-laws and my in-laws, my husband has always been one-sided, not supporting the parents indiscriminately, which makes me sad and helpless.
The child is already in elementary school, we also bought a new house, and finally moved out to do it alone, but the husband ran to the “nanny” three times a day.Lots of meddling.
I really don’t understand. My husband is 36 years old. How can he be like an eagle hiding under the wings of an eagle?
  Husband’s psychological analysis: I have a deep-rooted patriarchal thought in China. Boys are often loved and cared for by their mothers. Therefore, the relationship with their mothers is more likely to be closer, which is often referred to as “love mother”.
Even in adulthood, they continue this mental inertia.
Oedipus men enjoy their mother’s service with peace of mind. Subconsciously, they are always worried that their wives can’t give his mother the same care.
If the mother herself is accomplished and accomplished, or she is in an authoritative position at home, her mother-in-law will be jealous and treat her with respect and obedience. In front of her mother, she is well-behaved, obedient, and never contradicts, but they also oftenTherefore, the relationship between mother-in-law and mother-in-law is not handled well.
In fact, this is a manifestation of psychological immaturity, lack of opinion and lack of self-reliance.
  Expert Tips: □ Wife must learn to straighten out his relationship with her husband and in-laws. Your husband is not your object to fight with your in-laws, and your in-laws are not your rivals, but alliances.
  □ The wife should try to avoid the social attitude of spearheading with the in-laws.
They play the role of “big husband”, so they are often strong on the surface but fragile inside. They also need comfort and support.
Someone cares about moodiness, sorrow and tension, and this may show special attachment and dependence on his wife.
There are also some males who are weak and introverted, hesitant to do things, hesitant to play chess, and are often used to borrowing family members.
Therefore, moderate dependence on family members is normal, and excessiveness may cause psychological morbidity and mental disorders, which requires caution.
  Expert tips: □ Wife should not show disgust on her husband’s dependence, but also do not always comfort and persuade him, so as not to encourage him to coquettish.
Just give him moderate consideration.
  □ Govern his body with his own way and let him taste the feeling of being infinitely dependent.
  □ Give him more opportunities to act as a “protector” and “decision maker” and evoke the feeling of “big man” in his heart.
  帮懒老公找回勤快:【主妇:安丽红 职业:教师】  自述:在家里,我当着两个“孩子” 的妈妈,我的独生子得算“小儿子”,“大儿子”就是我老公.
It’s upsetting me to mention him.
Normally at home, he always clothed his hands and opened his mouth to open his mouth. He did almost no household chores.
On the rest day, he could sleep for more than half a day, woke up and watch newspapers and televisions, play games online, and I would buy food, cook, clean, bring children, and be busy like a spinning top.Sometimes, after a busy day at the unit, I returned home to a cold pot cold stove. My husband came back earlier than me, but he did n’t know how to cook.

“My husband’s ability to take care of himself is also very poor. Sometimes he is forced to do some work. The bedding is folded like a kennel. The white shirt is washed gray.

The most annoying is that he always has a set of fallacies, what is “male outside, female inside” and “household decentralization, inconvenient interference.”

Having a child is tiring enough, plus his “big child”, I can’t help it.

  Husband’s psychological analysis: Laziness, apart from his only one, has not developed good living habits and poor self-care ability. It may also be due to his arrogance and selfishness in the heart, disdain for trivial housework, and may be due toUnsure self-confidence, worrying about not being able to be perfect and being blamed by family members, will damage their confidence and image, and reduce family and influence.

Especially when his wife is very capable, her husband would secretly embarrass himself and simply give up housework to maintain self-esteem and psychological balance.

  Expert tips: □ Avoid ordering your husband to do housework with a condescending tone. Don’t just be verbally arranged. Leave a note for him and write down what he wants him to accomplish, such as what to buy, what to pay, how to clean the room.The more specific it is easier to implement.

  □ When your husband shows enthusiasm for housework, he should be encouraged directly. Don’t be afraid to talk unkindly, this will often increase his energy.

  □ Don’t be too competent, don’t overwhelm your household chores, give more opportunities for your husband to share.

  □ Don’t expect too much of your husband’s ability to do housework. When you do it unsatisfactorily, don’t endlessly blame it. Only one point is good. I believe he will do better.

Older friends have 10 actions to pay special attention to

Older friends have 10 actions to pay special attention to

What should older friends pay attention to in their daily lives?

What is the matter?

Here’s a detailed look at the 10 actions that older friends should pay attention to every day.

  1, forced defecation to avoid.

“I have seen too many cerebral hemorrhage, acute myocardial infarction patients, are in the toilet, the predisposing factor is forced bowel movements.

Liu Dequan, director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Beijing Geriatric Hospital, said that when the elderly use force defecation, it will cause intra-abdominal pressure, increase blood pressure, and increase the risk of cerebral hemorrhage. At this time, the burden on the heart will increase, which may easily lead to myocardial infarction.

If you have constipation symptoms, you should eat more fruits and vegetables into the fiber, develop the habit of defecation on time, or use drugs to defecate, avoid excessive exertion.

Vigilant crowd: coronary heart disease, high blood pressure patients.

  2, reading newspapers should not be sedentary.

Sedentary movement will affect the digestive function, making the gastrointestinal motility slow, and it is easy to induce indigestion, constipation and even hemorrhoids.

Some old people are used to playing cards in middle school and playing chess. If the temperature is low and the sedentary is not enough, it will lead to poor blood circulation in the lower limbs, which may induce or aggravate the degenerative lesions of the knee joint.

Therefore, the elderly should play cards, read books, watch TV, and should stand up and walk for a while every four or fifty minutes to move the knees and waist and abdomen.

Be alert to the crowd: indigestion, arthritis patients.

  3, get up too much to hurt the blood vessels.

Excessive waking up of the elderly may cause high blood pressure, temporary syncope and even cerebral hemorrhage.

Bai Yulong, deputy director of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, pointed out that the elderly must get up to the principle of “slowing three points, not taking one second”. After waking up, they can stay for 3 minutes and slowly get up and sit in bed for 3 minutes.Put your feet down for 3 minutes at the bed, then get out of bed and move slowly.

Be alert to the crowd: high blood pressure, a history of cerebral hemorrhage.

  4, devour the heart and stomach.

“A lot of old people have developed a habit of eating fast when they are young. Three bowls of rice and two bowls of rice are finished.”

But when you are older, the speed of eating can be reduced.

Liu Dequan said that the digestive function and swallowing function of the elderly are not as good as those of young people. Eating too fast is not good for digestion, and it is easy to squat and cause damage to the esophagus.

Second, it is easy to put an excessive burden on the heart.

Be alert to the crowd: the digestive system, patients with high blood pressure.

  5, blood pressure followed by a trick.

“Every time the old man speaks, the sound is a stimulation to the body, and then the heart beats faster and the blood pressure rises.

If there is a dispute with another person, the blood pressure will fluctuate even more.

Liu Dequan suggested that the elderly should talk as softly as possible and seldom argue with others.

If you read a poem and sing, it doesn’t matter if you sound louder.

Be alert to people: people with high blood pressure.

  6, standing wearing pants is the most easy to fall.

The elderly have poor balance, and standing in pants is prone to accidents and fractures.

Therefore, it is best for the elderly to sit on the bed or lean against the fixed place when wearing pants.

In addition, the elderly get up, go to the toilet, take a bath, are the “high risk” that is prone to fall, be sure to hold the fixture and move slowly.

Be alert to the crowd: all the elderly.

  7, go up the stairs rather than fast.

When people are old, musculoskeletal aging is always aging and the nervous system is degraded.

Lu Yifan, a professor of sports medicine research at the Sports and Human Body Science Institute of Beijing Sport University, said that in the case of a 20-cm step, the old man’s foot may not rise as high, but the nervous system responsible for directing the movement will appear “lag”.It is easy to fall.

Lu Yifan suggested that the old man walk the stairs, it is best to lean sideways, hold the handrails, rather than slow, wait for one foot to fully land and then take another foot.Be alert to people: osteoporosis, patients with neurological diseases.

  8, bending over can not be able to.

The Mayo Clinic in the United States reminds that all excessive flexion is not suitable for the elderly.

“The elderly have poor balance ability, the joints are hard, and the muscle atrophy has less protection on the joints. A large bending is easy to cause traction and joint dislocation.

Lu Yifan said that if you bend too fast and too fast, it will lead to changes in blood pressure levels in the brain, causing cerebral hemorrhage.

“When you bend over and pick up something, you should also take preventive action, hold the chair or other fixed objects, and kneel down and kneel down.

“Warning crowd: high blood pressure, low blood pressure, cerebrovascular disease, arthritis patients.”

  9, lift the weight and do it.

The muscles and skeletal functions of the elderly are weakened, so it is easy to hurt muscles or cause fractures under weight bearing conditions.

Therefore, not only to reduce the load in life, some lifting weights, moving furniture, but also to exercise when exercising, use dumbbells, pullers, etc. to choose the right intensity.

Especially in patients with osteoporosis, carrying heavy objects or lifting heavy dumbbells can easily lead to fractures.

Vigilant crowd: patients with osteoporosis.

  10, suddenly turned back to vigilance.

The carotid artery will be narrowed and the wall will become brittle. Suddenly turning the neck will force the carotid artery, affecting the blood supply to the brain and causing fainting.

If you don’t grasp the balance when you turn your neck, it is very easy to fall.

Lu Yifan reminded that the elderly can exercise, can swing the head forward and backward in four directions, but the amplitude should not be too large.

“The old man usually avoids violently turning back. Some people are walking on the road. When someone hears someone behind them, they must slowly turn back.

Bai Yulong said.

Vigilant crowd: patients with cerebrovascular disease, poor balance ability.

Do you know 26 things men are most afraid of?

Do you know 26 things men are most afraid of?

Since ancient times, men ‘s men ‘s society has always taken on “masculine”, “strong”, “brave”, and “perseverance” words which are very scary.

In fact, through the rise of women’s social ethics and the development of society from the industrial age to today’s Internet technology era, the conditions for men born with obese women are rapidly being lost.

  The inner world of men is full of vibrant fear.

Below we list 26 issues that men are most afraid of: First, fear of powerlessness, powerlessness, and moneylessness.

  The eldest husband must not be without power for one day, and the young husband cannot be without money for one day.

Men are born with a strong desire to control, want to be leaders, want to be superiors, and be worshiped.

A man’s temperament is mostly based on his life experience, part and mind.

Just think: the emperor who lost his crown, the warrior who lost his battlefield, the athlete who lost his racket, the idol who lost his admirer, the second ancestor who lost his wealth . what else?

It can be seen that the charm of a man also accumulates like a boiled medicine, and it also depends on the materials and drug introduction. Otherwise, it is nothing more than a bowl of water.

  Second, I am afraid that I have not talked about resources, and I am not enough to think of the motherland and look at the world.

  Most of them like to read reference news, watch news webcasts, pay attention to the scale of the world and what happened on the moon and Mars.

Even the man who drives a taxi loves to talk to you about the Politburo candidate, as if he is really the owner of this country.

  Third, he was afraid that his quasi-violent complex would have no place to vent.

  If your husband is addicted to football or boxing and cannot help himself, you should be glad.

Because experts say: a kind of hormone called retinal pill in men’s limbs determines that they have accumulated more violence, competition and stimulus complex than women, they need channels to vent, you want them to become another form of violence?
  Fourth, I’m afraid you will criticize his parents.

  At every turn, “What’s wrong with your mother .”, the wife “I’m much better than your mother” makes her husband daunting. Remember, never want to behave better than his mother.

  Fear of marriage.

  He does not need the convenience provided by his family, and is not afraid of the trouble his family brings to him.

In their opinion, the requirements for love are not high, as long as two people know how to fall in love, but different marriages can be a place where both people can be injured. Therefore, only falling in love is not a good choice.The attractiveness among people has avoided a lot of trouble.

  Six, afraid of people doubting his sexual ability.

  Before men go to bed with women they like, they must show her how powerful they are in that area, like the show trailer.

Once you have experienced sexual failure, no matter how crazy a man is, he will be humble for a while.

  Seven, sentimental woman, afraid of crying and tearing.

  Most men have only two minutes of enthusiasm for this, and after a few minutes, he will think: I just want to know what to eat for dinner!

  Eight, afraid to say “You look at people”.

  Unless you are desperate to marry that “other”, you are asking for trouble.

  Nine, a woman who is afraid to ask you whether you love me or not, always discussing the emotional relationship between the two with him fifteen and ten.

  Fundamentally, men and women have different brain structures. Women’s brain centers and emotional centers are close to the language center, while men’s brain tissues that produce emotions are completely separated from their language organizations.

Therefore, contrary to women, they can often express their feelings smoothly, and like to talk and inquire, men often cannot express their love.

Expert Tip: Don’t easily confuse the amount of language communication with the intimacy between you.

  Ten, afraid to see love above all else, take love as a meal.

  To be honest, love is just an episode for most men. It is one of many things in life. Of course, there are very few men who regard love as the top priority in the world, but these people are often indifferent.Dull people, women who have infinite interest in emotions, are generally less worthy of such men.

  Eleven, I’m afraid that women think he is poor.

  To a man, this is an unforgettable shame, just like a woman can never forgive a man who says she looks ugly.

  Twelve, afraid that a woman would marry him just to have money.

  Many men become difficult to choose a spouse as if they are rich.

Too beautiful, he would not dare to marry a young girl, for he was afraid that his money was only his money, and he was half-hearted about him;  Thirteen, afraid of the woman he would easily go to bed with as soon as he asked for it.

  Maybe a man would say that he admires an open woman, but if he goes to bed with him easily, he will certainly lose respect for you in private and be wary of you.

How men develop in any age, men are worried about their wives being sexy and others’ wives are not.

  Fourteen, afraid of entrusting a woman for life once she went to bed with herself.

  Women who once said “I’m yours from now on, you have to be responsible for me”, often treat themselves as one-off consumer goods from depreciating their values. The two love each other, it must be your willingness, why?Do you think you have suffered a huge loss?

  Fifteen, afraid that once he loses, he will lose women all over the world.

  Once you have loved, the woman who confessed all of her, and treated the man as his own, may satisfy the man’s desire for control for a while, but it will be boring after a long time, and the woman’s dependence will make him very stressed and annoying.

  Sixteen, a woman who is afraid of being a cow or a horse for him.

  When a woman in the eyes of a man is a Filipino maid who does not need to spend money, his need for you is no longer love and respect, but just a convenience provided.

A man told me personally that he and his wife divorced because she was too tamed, and she would rather move upstairs twice in 50 kg of rice than ask her husband who is playing computer to help.

  Seventeen, afraid of a woman who earns more money than herself and is more famous than herself.

  In fact, men are not really afraid of women’s money, nor are they afraid of women’s ability, and they are not afraid of women’s direct arrogance and temper.

In any case, our society is still a male-dominated society, which determines that women must have some masculinity in order to occupy a place in it, and: decisive, arbitrary, self-righteous, like to strive for reason, do not talk about things,Leave no room . this is the thing that men can’t stand the most.

  Eighteen, afraid of the so-called pure, unsophisticated and opinionated woman.

  Twenty or more are naive and ignorant like a flowering season girl.

A man who is unwilling to control himself in daily life is most afraid to get along with a woman who is fussed.

The so-called purity is nothing more than two situations: one is that she has never experienced anything; and that she has experienced it is the same as she has never experienced it; if a woman reaches the age of 20 and has not experienced anything at all, she is not in vain.Yet?

If it has been the same as it has not been, is it not an idiot?

In short, men are afraid of a little girl who doesn’t understand anything, and even an old girl who doesn’t understand anything is even more afraid.

  Nineteen, afraid of being considered a decent affair without being known.

  To associate with some kind of woman is his worth and an extension of his achievements.

Some men try to chase a woman, not because of its beauty and wisdom, but also because of her identity, she added points to her, and chased her, not only conquering her, but also the men around her.

  Twenty, afraid of women pointing.

  Even if you are really clever and reliable internal helper, you can’t point and draw while he is full of ambition.

If he is heading west, you know for sure that it is a dead end, then the most reliable operation method for letting him go east is: I think you must go east!

  Twenty-one, afraid of entanglement, agitated by hysterical women.

  I remember a man crying and complaining about his troubles: his wife has been tireless in adopting the way of staring at people since marriage.

His phone rings every 5 minutes. If something is not answered, be sure to show the “Investigation Bureau” proof that he is not on site.

He said that once he was on the toilet, his wife’s phone scared him and dropped the phone into the toilet.

It is not wrong for a woman to want to control a man you love, but if there is no restraint, it will be a big mistake.

  Twenty-two, afraid of cohabitation girlfriend told him: I am pregnant.

  Nowadays, women can’t wait to start the “Fengzi Marriage” trick again. Most men’s first reaction to this news is: Are you saying that you are in a safe period?

More vicious next: can you be sure it’s mine?

  Twenty-three, both afraid of women being too clever and worried that women are too stupid.

  It’s better not to be smart enough to see through his hole card, and not stupid enough to make him feel that it is too shameful to marry you.

  Twenty-four, afraid to accompany women to shopping malls.

  The man said: I ‘m not only afraid of spending money, but I ‘m mainly afraid of walking around without any purpose. I want to touch and see what I want, and I do n’t need to cut the price for half a day. I have to try 800 times for a piece of clothing.No opinion is not enough, some opinions are too pertinent and hurt people’s self-esteem, I’m really scared!

  Twenty-five, afraid of women who are not a bit shy and intemperate.

  Since the liberation of women, many professional women, female white-collar workers, female doctors, and female professors have been created. Since the reform and opening up, a large number of beautiful women have also been created. However, this kind of female skin’s natural restraint, restraint, and coquettishness have been followed by it.Those who are so extreme and careless can’t confuse everything. Everywhere they are replaced by a flat-headed woman, so some people sigh: Women with shyness and temperance become rare animals.

  Twenty-six, both want to derail and fear of breaking the net.  Many women accuse men of being careless, irresponsible, and embarrassed. In fact, in the bones, what a home man wants is just a little derailment, a little romance, a pin on, a little surprise and surprise.

His most hopeful receipt was: before nothing happened, close it quickly, and the parties were safe.

But it’s always the woman who doesn’t let him do what he wants-often the fish dies here first, and the net is torn again.

  Do you know what men are most afraid of women?

Not tolerant enough.

Mother’s shackles, lover’s entanglement, wife’s control, daughter’s pampering, girlfriend’s misunderstanding, female colleague’s picky.

Therefore, men expect tolerance from women.

With this kind of tolerance, although men will be complacent, but it is also easy to settle down, find their place, and enjoy the so-called sense of accomplishment.