Zhengtong Electronics (002197): Winning bid for Ping An Technology’s large-scale IDC profit soon

Zhengtong Electronics (002197): Winning bid for Ping An Technology’s large-scale IDC profit soon
Event: Recently, the company received the Notice of Selection of Ping An Technology’s 2019 Computer Room Leasing and Procurement Project issued by the Procurement Management Center of Shenzhen Ping An Integrated Financial Services Co., Ltd., and identified the company as the single winner of the Ping An Technology 2019 Computer Room Project.The total projected amount is approximately RMB26.One million yuan. The successful bid for Ping An Technology highlights the core value of the company’s data center.1) The company won the bid for Ping An Technology’s 2019 computer room project. The lease period is 10 years, and the number of data center computer room racks is about 2,620. The total project amount is expected to be about RMB 26.One million yuan.This is the second consecutive year that Ping An Technology Computer Room Project has been selected after 2018, and the amount has significantly exceeded previous years.2) The big order is Ping An Technology’s recognition of the company’s IDC business capabilities, and it also highlights the value of the company’s first-tier cities’ core data centers.With the increasing demand of financial giants such as Ping An for the construction of financial information infrastructure, the company is expected to continue to win the bid in the future. The card is located in the core budget of the Greater Bay Area. In 2019, IDC business is expected to achieve large-scale profitability.1) The IDC business of the company in the two urban agglomerations (Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and Xiangjiang River-Changzhou-Zhuzhou Urban Agglomeration) has a market-leading advantage. There are five self-built IDC distributed data centers.Reached 30,000, reached Tier4 level (the highest level in internationally recognized data center standards), that is, the financial 杭州桑拿网 class A standard construction.Customers who have settled in and have signed in are Baidu, Tencent, Youku, 360, JD, China Telecom, Ping An Communication, Changsha Municipal People’s Government, and so on.2) 2016-2018 is the investment period of IDC business, and the income and profit are under pressure in a periodical manner. Since the second half of 2018, the company has continuously won large orders from high-quality customers, especially Ping An Technology has continued to increase the IDC construction.Profit at scale. The target city is worth 7.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2020, maintaining the “overweight” rating.Based on key assumptions, operating income is expected to be 14 in 2018-2020.3.8 billion, 22.7.5 billion and 34.3.8 billion; 2018-2020 net profit attributable to mothers will be 0.0.6 billion, 1.0.6 billion and 2.09 billion.With reference to the evaluation of companies in the same industry, and considering that the highest quality financial industry customers account for a relatively large proportion of the profitability of the industry, the target market value for 2020 is 7.5 billion US dollars, corresponding to PE 36x.Maintain the “overweight” rating. Risk reminders: The progress of the cabinet on-line is not up to expectations; the company’s benefits in the Greater Bay Area are less than expected; macroeconomic risks; the risk that key assumptions are inconsistent with actual conditions.

Joyson Electronics (600699): The controlling shareholder’s premium increased; showing the company’s development confidence

Joyson Electronics (600699): The controlling shareholder’s premium increased; showing the company’s development confidence

The company’s recent situation, Joyson Electronics, announced that Joyson Electronics, the controlling shareholder of Joyson Group, will block 17 through block transactions.

The price of 68 yuan was increased to 9 million shares (0% of the total equity).

69%), after winning the shareholding, the winning group and its concerted parties, Wang Jianfeng, accounted for 39% of the company’s total share capital.


  Comment on premium increase; highlight confidence in integration.

The increase in holding price is 17.

68 yuan, an earlier closing price premium of 6%, showing the controlling shareholder’s confidence in the company’s future development.

The integration of the company is actively progressing, and positive changes are reflected in all aspects.

According to the announcement on December 5, the company will introduce equity incentives in the functional parts company. We believe that if the Passive Safety and Automotive Electronics Division also introduces similar incentive measures, it will strengthen business integration and reduce costs and increase efficiency.
  Long-term optimistic about the company’s two major tracks of passive safety and automotive electronics.

We believe that the passive safety and automotive electronics sub-segments have a large value of supporting bicycles and there is a trend of product upgrades (such as more stringent collision regulations and automotive intelligence trends to promote human-machine interaction product upgrades), and the industry space is expected to further expand in the future.

From the perspective of the pattern, the two sub-sectors have high barriers to entry and the industry pattern is stable.

  At present, it is estimated that there is 成都桑拿网 sufficient upward space; the spin-off of the car-connected business may provide advance catalyst.

From the perspective of profit margins: 1) In 2018, the passive safety business (long-term caliber) revenue was 7 billion U.S. dollars. After deducting the impact of 1 billion U.S. dollars on the profitability of the benchmark Autoliv (5% net margin), we expect to winAnguimu’s net profit is expected to gradually reach 1.5 billion yuan.

2) Automotive electronics business (human-computer interaction + car audio and video entertainment system) 2018 revenue of $ 9.2 billion, strong product competitiveness, high-quality customers (BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche).

  We expect that with the North-South Volkswagen MQB platform car audio and video entertainment system orders, Volkswagen MEB platform and Beijing Benz battery thermal management system new orders put into operation, revenue and net 深圳spa会所 profit will maintain rapid growth.

3) Functional parts business, 18 years of revenue of 3.6 billion US dollars, gross profit margin of 23.

3%, we expect to maintain solid growth.

On the whole, we believe that the company’s net profit will co-exist in the upward improvement space. The subsequent spin-off of the car-connected business and the recent overall upward adjustment of the automotive electronics sector will help provide a catalyst.

  Estimates suggest that we believe the company’s downward space is controllable, and the upward space is redundant, outperforming the industry rating again.

  The company’s net profit is expected to be 9 in 2019/2020.

500 million and 11.

5 trillion, the company currently corresponds to 22 in 2019 and 2020.

8x and 18.

8x P / E.

We maintain a target price of 20 yuan, corresponding to 27 in 2019 and 2020.

4x and 22.

5x P / E, 20% upside.

  The progress of risk passive security business integration exceeded expectations.

Can the capital market have a low illegal cost? Can you try the 1 to 3 penalty model?

Can the capital market have a low illegal cost? Can you try the “1 to 3” penalty model?
The stock market advice no matter how to violate the punishment model, the purpose is to form a good foundation “can not violate the law, dare not violate the law”, and create a capital market that can effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of small and medium investors.  After more than 20 years of development and 杭州桑拿 exploration, with the continuous deepening of reform and opening up and rapid economic development, the capital market of New China has become the second largest stock market, the third largest bond market, and the largest commodity futures market in the world from small to large.But for a long time, China ‘s capital market still has the problem of too low illegal costs and insufficient penalties. It is difficult to deter illegal profiters, so that the perpetrators of crimes often show up, fraudulently issue, and manipulate the market.Illegal activities such as “warehouse” and insider trading have been repeatedly banned, which seriously disrupted the healthy operation of the capital market and greatly harmed the legitimate interests of ordinary small and medium investors.This phenomenon has aroused widespread concern among academics, industry and regulators.  The crime of fraud issuance is expected.According to Article 160 of 杭州桑拿 the current Criminal Law, the maximum penalty for fraudulent issuance is only 5 years, and the maximum fine is 5% of the illegally raised funds.According to the previous Securities Law, the maximum fine for fraudulent issuance was 600,000 yuan or 5% of the illegally raised funds.Without sharpening out, the intensity of such violations far outweighs the gains from the violations, and it is difficult to overcome the role of deterring the offenders.  Wang Jianjun, a representative of the National People’s Congress, general manager of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and deputy secretary of the party committee, pointed out that the problem of low illegal costs in the capital market is very distinctive in the transition between the two sessions this year.Wang Jianjun suggested that the cost of illegal capital crimes in the capital market should be raised, the fraudulent issuance of stocks should be severely punished, the punishment system should be changed, and the bills should be returned to investors instead of being turned over to the state treasury.The prison term was changed to indefinite period; the intermediary agencies involved in fraudulent issuances were severely punished. Packaging and listing were not tolerated. Anyone who falsified them “dare to take the jobs of these people.”This preliminary can be the key to the issue of the middle and the investors.  Regarding the punishment measures for violations of laws and regulations in the capital market, we have a lot of mature foreign experience capital.The U.S. Securities Exchange Act of 1934 stipulates that if the subject of a securities fraud crime is a natural person, it shall be sentenced to 20 years’ imprisonment or a fine not exceeding 5 million U.S. dollars, or both;Penalties for dollars.This means that in the US capital market, fraudulent issuance or financial fraud may be ruined, and it seems that it may also be accompanied by long-term prison.  At this stage, it is of longer-term practical significance to improve the relevant laws and regulations such as the “Securities Law” and crack down on capital market violations.With the gradual advancement of the establishment of a science and technology innovation board and the pilot registration system, China’s capital market is about to usher in some incremental reforms with progressive significance.In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the reform of measures, a series of supporting measures will be introduced, which should include judicial measures to avoid some violations of laws and regulations in the Main Board, GEM, and the New Third Board Market in the science and technology board, resulting in capital market reform.Success is failing.  Among these steps to increase the cost of illegal acts, the deterrent effect of the amount of punishment is the most intuitive and the market’s attention.In the process, some experts and scholars have proposed that, regarding the violations of laws and regulations in the capital market, the “1 indemnity 3” penalty model can be tried in the capital market in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Consumer Rights Protection Law.It is true that this proposal is a feasible method, but the formulation of specific punishment models falls within the scope of “meat seekers”.Investors are concerned about whether punishment can effectively deter offenders, which is the ultimate purpose of legislation.It is definitely a punishment model, the purpose is to form a good integration of “cannot violate the law, dare not violate the law”, to create a standardized, transparent, open, energetic, profitable, and can effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of small and medium investors.  □ Zhao Lichang (Finance Reviewer)

Xiamen Xiangyu (600057): Deducting non-ROE is a record high for the past ten years, with solid growth

Xiamen Xiangyu (600057): Deducting non-ROE is a record high for the past ten years, with solid growth

Event: Xiamen Xiangyu released three quarterly reports, and its operating income from January to September 2019 was 2,012.

4.2 billion, an annual increase of 17.

9%, realizing net profit attributable to mother 8.

2.7 billion, an annual increase of 7.

5%; third-quarter revenue was 757.

2.3 billion, an annual increase of 20.

9%, realizing net profit attributable to mother 2.

6.2 billion, an annual increase of 12.


  Elephant Road Logistics boosted profits.

The company merged its subsidiary Xiangdao Logistics at the end of May last year. In the first half of this year, Xiangdao Logistics achieved zero profit.

USD 9.5 billion has become the company’s new profit growth point. We expect Xiangdao Logistics to achieve a profit of about 1 in the first three quarters.

The shipping volume is estimated to exceed 500 million U.S. dollars, of which the shipping volume and arrival volume of railway containers at the Sanmenxia station and the coal delivery volume at Xianyang field station account for more than 50% of the local business volume.

  The company’s non-ROE deduction for the first three quarters was 6.

2%, an increase of 3.

52pct, high.

  The service system of the entire agricultural industry chain has been continuously improved.

The company continues to integrate railway, highway, and port transportation resources, and consolidates the logistics system of Beiliang South Transport.

By focusing on large-scale aquaculture and feed enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and other places, we expect the company to supply nearly 600 tons of raw grain in the first three quarters, an increase of about 60%; at the same time, continue 西湖阁体验网 to optimize the inventory structure, manage the state reserve grain inventory volume of about 1,000, and maintain transparencystable.

  Agricultural logistics service capacity is strong.

Relying on the grain bases in northeast grain production areas, grain storage capacity in northern and southern ports, public iron water transportation resources, and the construction of a logistics system for north grain and south transportation, the grain production area-northern port area-southern port area-grain sales area is fully connected. At present, the companyThe transit currency capacity in northern ports is 800 tons, the transit currency capacity in southern ports is 500 tons, and the annual railway capacity is over 400 tons. The grain sales area has been further expanded from Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian and other places to Shandong, Sichuan and the Yangtze River Basin.

  Investment suggestion: Through networked logistics service system covering the whole country and connecting overseas, Xiamen Xiangyu builds an integrated service provider of “supply chain + logistics” with good growth.

With the company’s non-ROE pick-up and stable operation, we estimate the company’s net profit attributable to its parent to be 10 in 19-21.



900 million, corresponding to the current budget of 8.



7 times price-earnings ratio, maintaining the “overweight” level.

  Risk reminders: 1) macroeconomic risks; 2) industry competition risks; 3) operational management risks.

It’s healthier for children to quarrel with their parents

It’s healthier for children to quarrel with their parents

Tabitha Holmes, an assistant professor at the State University of New York and an expert on adolescents, said that conflict between parents and adolescent children would not alienate them, but would strengthen their relationship.

“The number of quarrels per day is just right, which allows you to pay close attention to the growth of adolescent children.

“The Observer has recently quoted Holmes’s report as saying that for young people, conflict can be beneficial and can teach them how to develop a healthy personality, social cognitive skills and how to reason with people.

“I was surprised during the study that teenagers basically thought that a violent argument with their parents made them closer to their parents,” Holmes said.

“However, Holmes acknowledged that noisy, but the conflict must be handled in the right way.

Parents need to really listen to their children’s perspectives; they need to be able to adjust their perspectives and positions in a timely manner; they need to respect their perspectives, and have the courage to acknowledge their perspectives correctly when arguing.

Repairing imperfect chest yoga

Repairing imperfect chest yoga

Poor growth, postpartum, menopause and other factors will cause you to fracture or sag. How to solve the imperfect chest shape?

Today, I will teach you breast enhancement and breast enhancement exercises, so that you quickly have a large and quite chest shape.

  Breast enhancement breast enhancement 1.

Inhale, sit on the yoga mat naturally, tighten your abdomen, straighten your upper body, hold the elastic band apart with both hands, adjust to the appropriate width, and lift it to the top of your head 2.

Hold the elastic band with both hands, palms facing outwards, exhale, slowly stretch your hands backwards, keep your body stable during the movement, press and hold down, keep breathing, tilt your head slightly forward, stay for 10-15 breathsEffect: Breast-enhancing movements can stimulate the underarm lymphatic and mammary glands to flow, can promote metabolism, achieve the elimination of side milk, and make the buttocks fuller. Practice every day. 1-2 weeks can see the effect of breast-enhancing prayers.

Sitting cross-legged naturally on a yoga mat, the abdomen is tightened, the upper body is straight, the hands are closed with ten elbows flat and outwards, and a piece of white paper 2 is sandwiched between the two hands.

Clamp the arms of both hands inward while holding the paper with your palms. You can look at the paper with your eyes or look straight forward3.

Inhale, keep the palms clamped and the elbows clamped, lift the arms of both hands upwards, and at the same time, the head and body will slightly lift up with the movement of the hands.To take into account, this action can help to firm up your upper chest muscles, so that the meat on your upper buttocks can be concentrated upward to achieve the purpose of beautifying the breast shape.

  Practice every day, 1-2 weeks can see the effect of praying to reverse sagging 1.

Naturally sit cross-legged on a yoga mat, with the abdomen tightened, the upper body straight, hands folded ten elbows outwards, and a blank sheet of paper sandwiched between the two hands, ready for inhalation2.

Exhale and tighten your abdomen to keep your hips straight and turn your body parallel to the right 3.

Inhale, then slowly return the body to the same position with the same action, then exhale and turn to the left. You can also do this. If there is a small ball in the house, you can also replace the white paper with a small ball to do the action.Powerful breast enhancement and breast enhancement effect: This action is mainly by twisting the body to tighten the muscle lines between the hips and the arms. It has the effect of preventing sagging and sagging every day. The effect can be seen in 1-2 weeks.

  Daily Tips: 1.

Keep your head up at any time 2.

Wear the right underwear 3.

Eat less western medicine to maintain gastrointestinal function4.

Do not eat cold and cold foods during physiological periods5.

Eat more gelatine, nuts, papaya, milk, soy milk, breast milk plus points: walnut soy milk 240cc freshly squeezed soy milk + 200g papaya + walnuts, put them in the juice machine immediately, soy milk and banana can strengthen the body’s proteinAbsorption, in addition, walnuts can promote the secretion of female hormones, one cup of breakfast a day, bodybuilding can help slightly develop again.

Masters teach you 8 ways to keep your eyes from growing old_1

Experts teach you 8 ways to keep your eyes from growing old

Do you feel that the eyes around the summer look rougher and drier, and look older?

Because the weak eye area bans the test of the hot sun, let the stars, beauty experts, authoritative stylist give you the most effective summer eye protection program.

  Li Dongtian’s authoritative stylist must use the eye mask after sun exposure. Before using the eye mask, make sure that the skin around the eyes is completely clean, so that the maintenance ingredients are more easily absorbed.

After applying eye mask, be sure to apply eye cream, so that the eye skin can be fully moisturized.

In addition, if there is any remaining essence in the bag after taking out the sheet eye mask, it can be soaked with a small cut cotton pad and applied to the lines between the eyebrows, head lines or law lines. The effect is extraordinary.

  ”Pick” the small fine lines around the small fine lines around the eyes like thin strings. The most effective way to remove them is to use fine eye cream to “slowly move” and “touch” like plucking a lute.


Use your forefinger and middle finger to support the outer edge of the eye socket, and press the eye cream on the fine lines with the other hand, so that it can penetrate more fully.


Carefully flick back and forth with the ring finger in the direction of vertical wrinkles, as if to remove the fine lines.


When flicking to the end of the eye, end with a gentle push and lift.

  Zhao Ziqi’s popular female star eye sunscreen is more important than the face. I never use sunscreen on the body or face. The skin around the eye should choose an eye cream with sunscreen effect. Easy absorption will not cause a burden and reduce the burden.Sensitive possible.

In addition, black sunglasses covering half of the face are necessary for going out in the sun. It is best to add a sun hat and sun umbrella.

  Eat “ice cream” to dry your eyes. Drying your eyes for a day can cause terrible dry lines!

If I shoot a day in the sun, I will put the soothing eye mask into the refrigerator in advance to make it cold, and the cold feeling is especially comfortable to apply!

It will also soothe tired eyes and let dry lines spread out.

  25-year-old eye serum must be used for 25-year-old skin that has severely aged, it is best to use eye serum before eye cream, many brands now launch similar serums, and then use eye cream, it is considered to be the eyeThe best skin care.

  Zang Fenyuan International Licensed Aromatherapy Beauty Therapist Ring Finger Massage Makes Eye Cream More Effective When using eye cream, only the proper massage can achieve the effect of caring for the eye area.

The easiest way is to fully massage with the ring of your ring finger and pull up slightly.

The ring finger is the lightest of all the fingers. Applying eye cream with the index or middle finger is too heavy, and it is easy to cause wrinkles around the eyes.

  Eye muscles also need to “exercise” skin care products that cannot improve muscles. It is also important to exercise eye muscles to keep them from getting old.

Place your index fingers under your eyebrows and support your face with your thumbs.

→ Raise your eyebrows with your index finger resting on your brow bone.

→ Keep this position and close your eyes gently, feeling the tension between the upper eyelid and eyelashes.

→ Keep this position and tighten your upper eyelids and count to 5.

→ Open your eyes.

Relax and take a deep breath.

→ Repeat 3 times.

  Keep your head down when you smile. Gravity when you head down will make your muscles go down and your smile will lift up.

In addition, often opening your big eyes and looking at these small movements in the distance can keep bright eyes young.

  ”GOOD” recommended 1.

Han Shuqing Youth Restore Happy Eye Cream 198 yuan happy catalytic molecules make eyes younger2.

Fuxiu elastic gel eye cream 835 yuan instant effect is comparable to filling injection3.

SUPREME AUPRES Eye Concentrate Revitalizer 420 yuan worth eye cream 4

Qing Fei Bing Hai Jing Live Time Eye Cream 180 yuan lifts the eye skin and reduces fine lines 5.

Benefit Bright Eye Tightening Eye Honey 210 Yuan Instant Eye Lift Surgery

Must-eat recipes for winter

Must-eat recipes for winter

Ingredients: white pepper, pork belly Method: Buy a pork belly and rinse it with water repeatedly.

Break about 15 grams of white pepper into pork belly and leave a little water.

Then tie the head and tail of the pork belly with a wire, and cook it slowly for more than an hour (to the pork belly is soft), season with salt.

In addition, the cooked pork belly is crispy and soft, cut into strips, and sprinkled with white sesame and fresh soy sauce. It is a very good cold dish.

  Function: It can be used to treat cold stomach, cold stomach pain, indigestion due to cold, spit drool, cold stomach, duodenal ulcer and so on.

In fact, this soup pot has a milk-like milky white color, and even has a thick heart-warming effect. It has an unusual dietary and medicinal effect, and it is also very delicious and can be used as a home cooking in winter.

Will gain weight after taking birth control pills

Will gain weight after taking birth control pills

Why do some women experience weight gain after taking birth control pills?

  The main components of contraceptive drugs currently in clinical use are mostly synthetic estrogens and progestins.

According to the different functions of the function, it can be easily divided into three types: decomposition ovulation type, anti-implant type and uterine function type.

According to the main ingredients, the dosage form, the usage and the expected route, it can be divided into different types such as compound contraceptives and sequential contraceptives.

  A small number of women (2%-5%) may experience weight gain after taking birth control pills, which is related to the estrogen contained in the contraceptives used previously, the amount of progesterone is slightly higher, and the physical condition of women.

For example, progesterone contained in contraceptives can affect the body’s anabolic process and increase weight.

And estrogen can cause water and sodium retention in the body, which can also increase weight.

Maybe you will ask, why is this happen only to a few people?

This is related to personal physique.

The third-generation contraceptives currently used, such as Norgestes (NAM), Gestodene (GSD), have significantly reduced the amount of estrogen and progesterone. It can be said that the use of certain contraceptives is almost non-Metabolism in the body of glucose metabolism, lipid metabolism and hematology have any adverse effects, users of complications will not cause weight gain metabolism, but for very few women who are sensitive to such drugs, there may still be suchtrouble.

Fortunately, in this case, the use of birth control pills will soon disappear.

If a female friend has weight gain after using the birth control pill, it does not hinder the consultation with your doctor. It is good to choose a new type of contraceptive, or try another contraceptive method.

Autumn health is expensive with and

Autumn health is expensive with “and”

In the autumn, starting from the beginning of autumn, there are six solar terms in the summer, white dew, autumn, cold, and frost. The autumn is divided into seasonal climate transitions.
“Nei Jing·Su Wen·Four temperament theory” said: “Autumn March, this is Rong Ping, the weather is urgent, the atmosphere is clear.
“Autumn climate is in the transitional stage of “yang elimination and yin”, the autumn is at the end of the summer, the autumn sun is raging, the temperature is high, and when it is rainy, the humidity is heavier, the weather is characterized by damp heat and heavy, so there is “autumn tigerSaid.
After the “Bailu”, the rain gradually decreased, the weather was dry, the weather was hot and cold, the climate was hot and cold, and it was slightly inadvertent. It was easy to catch a cold and many old diseases were easy to relapse. It was called “the autumn of many things.”
As the physiological activities of the human body adapt to changes in the natural environment, both the yin and yang in the body also change.
Therefore, autumn health should focus on a “and” when adjusting for mental emotions, eating and drinking, and sports guidance.
  Reconciling the emotions away from the sad autumn After entering the autumn, from the “correspondence of the heavens and the humans”, the lungs are gold, corresponding to the autumn gas, the lungs of the main gas department breathing, in the asylum.
People with lung qi deficiency are sensitive to changes in autumn climate, especially some middle-aged and old people who witness the autumn wind and cold rain, the flowers and trees are dying, and the deep autumn conditions of all things are depressed. They often cause sad autumn, desolate, coveted feelings, and are prone to depression.
因此,秋季注重调摄精神为养生之要务【详情请看 [中医情志与养生] 】。”Su Wen · Four temperament and big talk” said: “To make peace and tranquility, to delay the autumn sentence.
Convergence and calmness.
Nothing else, make the lungs clear.
This autumn should be the way to raise.
For middle-aged and elderly people, they should develop a culture that is not happy, not sorrowful, optimistic and cheerful, tolerant and open-minded, indifferent to tranquility, calming and calming, keeping the inner peace, and slowing down the chill of autumn to the spirit.The influence can be adapted to the characteristics of the autumn level.
  Diet to reconcile the lungs and anti-drying After the “autumn”, because the rain is gradually less, the humidity in the air is small, autumn dryness has become the main climate from Mid-Autumn to late autumn.
In the autumn, when the lungs were ordered, they were slightly negligent, and they were easily damaged by the autumn dryness, causing dry mouth, sore throat, and lung heat cough.
Therefore, in the autumn, it is advisable to eat foods that are hot, nourishing and nourishing the lungs.
Such as loach, squid, white duck meat, sesame, walnut, lily, glutinous rice, honey, milk, peanuts, fresh yam, white fungus, citrus, ginkgo, pear, red dates, lotus seeds, sugar cane, etc.To nourish Yin and moisten the lungs and nourish blood.
For the middle-aged and elderly people with weak stomach, it is good to eat porridge for breakfast, which is beneficial to Zhongyiweishengjin.
Such as lily red jujube glutinous rice porridge nourishing yin and stomach, lily lotus porridge moistening lung and kidney, lily almond porridge cough, fresh raw juice porridge cool blood moist, lentils porridge and spleen, ginger porridge cold vomiting, walnut porridge run肌防燥,松仁粥润肺益肠, [菊花] 粥明目养神,茶粥化痰消食,燕窝粥养肺止嗽, [山药] 粥健脾固肠,甘菊枸杞粥滋补肝肾……Each person can choose different porridge to eat according to their actual situation, so that the viscera, yin and yang can be harmonious and achieve the purpose of nourishing the body.
  There are festivals in the autumn and the use of strong body The slang of “Spring, Autumn, Autumn, and No Miscellaneous Diseases” that has been circulated since ancient times in China is in line with the autumn “thin clothes to protect the cold”.
But to have a correct understanding of “autumn frozen”, science to understand the true marrow.
Since the “Liqiu” solar terms, the temperature has been decreasing day by day, and the temperature difference between day and night has gradually increased. After the cold dew, the cold air in the north will continue to invade, and there will be “a cold autumn rain.”
From the perspective of disease prevention and health care, step by step practice “autumn freeze” and strengthen the cold exercise, can enhance the heart and lung function, improve the body’s ability to adapt to the natural climate change, and help prevent the occurrence of respiratory tract infections.
If it is late autumn, when the weather suddenly changes, the temperature drops significantly, the rain is cloudy, it is still thin pants, it is very susceptible to cold stimulation, resulting in decreased immunity, causing colds and other diseases, especially chronic bronchitis, asthmaMiddle-aged and elderly people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, etc., if you do not pay attention to the weather changes, cold and warm, once you catch a cold, it is easy to cause the old disease to recur.
因此,要顺应秋天的气候变化,适时地增减衣服, [科学进行秋冻计划] ,与气候变化相和谐,方为明智之举。