Zhongxin Tourism (002707): Q1 deducted non-performance slightly increased focus on channel expansion, industry marginal improvement

Zhongxin Tourism (002707): Q1 deducted non-performance slightly increased focus on channel expansion, industry marginal improvement

I. Overview of the event The company’s 2018 annual report published by the company achieved operating income of USD 12.2 billion in 2018 and a ten-year increase in value1.


Net profit attributable to mothers was 23.57 million yuan, a decrease of 90% year-on-year; operating income in the first quarter of 2019 was 24.

5.8 billion, down from 0 previously.

9%; realized net profit attributable to mother to RMB 64.87 million, reduced by 1 for many years.

4%; net profit after deduction is 64.49 million yuan, an increase of 6.


Second, analysis and judgment Business analysis: The development of batch-to-zero integration has accelerated. In 19 years, the company achieved rapid sales in the fourth quarter by relying on franchising and expansion stores. The company achieved revenue of 27 in the fourth quarter.

800 million, a year-on-year drop of 1%, narrower than Q3.

In terms of business, the large-scale wholesale business was significantly affected by the shipwreck in Thailand. The revenue of Zhongxin itself and Zhuyuan International Tourism Wholesale Business respectively occurred 4% / 1% over the same period of the previous year, and the net profit of Zhuyuan decreased by 22%.

The retail side benefited from the impact of supplementing 300 stores, achieving a 12% growth and increasing its proportion of revenue by 2pct to 19%.

In addition, the company’s integrated marketing business and other businesses maintained steady double-digit growth, but the performance of Zhongxin Borui increased by 48% compared with 2017.

From the perspective of regional distribution of revenue, the company benefited from the acceleration of retail store expansion. The company’s revenue in southern China and central China achieved rapid growth. However, due to the shipwreck incident in Thailand, the original revenue accounted for a relatively high performance in the region.Only a slight increase of 2% is expected to be related to the growth rate of outbound tourism in first-tier cities due to saturation saturation.

The gross profit margin was under pressure, and the opening of stores to accelerate sales expenses was affected by the shipwreck in Thailand. The company’s overall gross profit margin decreased by 0 compared with 2017.

6 points.

Among them, the gross profit margin of the wholesale business is 0.

8pct, the overall gross profit margin of the retail business decreased by 1.

1pct, but gross profit margin of direct-operated stores increased to 16.

7%, which is expected to be related to the sinking of stores and the sales structure of partner stores.

Expenses: Affected by the accelerated expansion of retail stores, the company’s sales staff compensation and rented property expenses increased by 30% / 20% in 2018, which led to an increase of 21% in sales expenses and an increase in the sales expense ratio1.


Management expenses increased slightly by 0 compared with the same period last year.

5%, mainly due to the provision of diversified equity incentive fees in 2017, which in 2018 decreased by 56%.

The company’s financial expenses increased slightly in 2018, mainly due to the increase in exchange gains due to accrued interest expenses on convertible bonds and the depreciation of the RMB in 2018.

In 2018, a large amount of impairment of goodwill caused short-term changes in performance and performance. In the fourth quarter, the company increased its asset impairment losses by approximately 1.

1.3 billion US dollars, resulting in a significant reduction in baseline net profit growth of 90%.

Including Beijing Kaiyuan Travel International Travel Agency Co., Ltd., ActiTravelGmbH (Germany Yuetiao Travel Company), Shanghai Youyi Network Technology Co., Ltd., accrued goodwill impairment of 67,3 million, and accrued bad debt loss of 29.37 million corresponding to accountsyuan.
In addition, the company also accrued 1556 million long-term equity investment impairment for Belgian Airlines, a wholly-owned subsidiary in which it operates.

The revenue growth rate in the first quarter of 19 was affected by the high base last year. The Zhuyuan consolidation led to a slight increase in net profit from non-returning mothers in 1Q18. Benefiting from the rebound in the industry’s prosperity, the company’s revenue / profit side achieved 10% / 20%.growth of.

At the same time, as the Q1 Thailand line is still recovering from the bottom this year, the base pressure of Q1’s performance this year has broken through. The slight increase in performance after deductions is expected to be mainly affected by the 30% distribution and consolidation of Zhuyuan.

In addition, the acceleration of the company ‘s zero-integration strategy led to a continued rise in gross profit margin. In 1Q19, the gross profit margin of the company increased by 1 pct to 13% compared with the same period last year.

However, during the period, due to the increase in the speed of the store and the increase in interest expenses on convertible bonds, it is expected that the company will use franchise expansion this year, and the pressure on the cost side will improve.

Third, investment suggestions The prosperity of outbound tourism in the first quarter gradually picked up. From January to April, the number of Chinese travel bookings to Europe further increased.

9% is better than 18 years. The growth rate of Japan and South Korea’s outbound tourism has also maintained a rapid growth. 合肥夜网 The growth rate of international airline transports from January to March has performed well.

In combination with the airline’s 19 summer and autumn flight schedules and the improvement of destination visa policies, we expect that the changes in the Q2-Q3 outbound tourism boom will continue to improve and gradually accelerate the trend of lower to higher levels.

As the leader of the outbound tourism industry, the company will continue to accelerate the pace of store expansion this year. The number of stores in 19 is expected to double over the 18 years. It will benefit the most from the continuous recovery of the industry in the future.

We expect the company’s EPS to be zero in 2019-2021.
31, 0.
40, 0.

49 yuan, corresponding to PE is 24, 19, 16 times. The company’s current forecast is at the bottom of history, and the institution’s position is reduced. For the first time, it is given a “recommended” rating.

Fourth, risk warning: destination risk; exchange rate fluctuation risk; store opening progress is less than expected.

Taoli Bread (603866): Short-term substitution effect of industry competition with limited cost effectively put in place to help release new capacity

Taoli Bread (603866): Short-term substitution effect of industry competition with limited cost effectively put in place to help release new capacity

Event: Taoli Bread’s third quarter performance was slightly lower than expected.

The company’s 19Q1-Q3 revenue was 41.

2.2 billion, +16 a year.

95%, net profit attributable to mother 5.

30,000 yuan, ten years +8.

71%, of which third quarter revenue +15.

18%, net profit attributable to mother for a decade -0.

24%. Expenditure caused profit performance to exceed expectations.

  The chaotic competition has a temporary reduction effect, but the long-term product is weak. Taoli is firmly on the road to regional expansion.

The short-term insurance bread industry has a high degree of prosperity, low concentration, and high supply chain barriers. Three factors have made it possible for both large traditional food companies and emerging Internet food companies to enter. Therefore, the types of short-term insurance to replace short-term insurance have gradually increased.In the short term, there is a certain substitution effect on the sales of peaches and plums. This is also the reason why the third quarter revenue growth and bread growth have intensified.

However, in the long run, the product power of competing products is limited, and cost-effective products are still a weapon for the expansion of Taoli District.

By region, the northeast area of the base camp accounts for 48.

41%, a +2 increase over 19H1.

43pct, the channel continued to sink and the effect of deep ploughing was significant. The number of dealers increased by 19, the number of dealers in the main East China region increased by 30, the number of dealers nationwide reached 646, and a net increase of 47.

Termination of the third quarter of the company’s advance receipts twice a year +121.

62%, the company continued to promote national expansion while industry competition 杭州桑拿养生会所 continued to be fierce.

  Expenditure of key expenditures will expand next year, and eventually it is expected to raise prices to release pressure.

The company’s main product structure and cost price remained stable, with little change in gross profit margin, 39.

61%. In the third quarter, the sales, management and financial expense ratios were increased, and the overall +1.

82 points.

Due to the postponement of expenses for a period of one year, the company’s expansion of personnel and logistics investment increased during the regional expansion process. The company subsidized the government in 19Q3. The decrease in investment income also dragged down its performance.

It has been nearly two years since the last price increase, and the company has successfully raised prices in mature regions.

  New production capacity will continue to be released in the next two years, and the advantages of the supply chain will help expand the window period.

The company’s 17-year increase will be mainly in the South-South and South-West markets. In 19Q3, the issuance of convertible bonds was successfully completed. Raising 10 billion US dollars will accelerate the expansion of power generation in the East China market. Wuhan, Shenyang, Shandong, Jiangsu and other production lines total 12.

The 87-level production capacity is under construction as planned, and the nationwide subsidiary channel layout is gradually improved, and expansion and sinking are synchronized.

  Because the logistics and distribution system in the short-term guarantee supply chain is difficult to develop, it will become a moat for high-quality companies in the industry in the short term. With the improvement of the company’s production capacity, it will continue to expand the service scope in various regions, reduce logistics costs, and reduce overall net profit.

89%, scale effect will effectively suppress the cost of investment, long-term profitability can be sustained.

  The company has a breakthrough advantage in the short-term guarantee supply chain. The capacity under construction will gradually land, enjoy the rapid growth of the industry dividends, and allocate costs in the short term or under competitive pressure. The profit forecast is slightly reduced. The company’s revenue is expected to be 56 in 19-21.

70, 68.

37, 83.

44 trillion, once every ten years.

32% / 20.

58% / 22.

04%, net profit 7.

10, 8.

11, 9.

3.9 billion, a 10-year growth rate of 10.

53% / 14.24% / 15.

82%, budget benefit 1.

08, 1.

23, 1.

43 yuan, giving a 45X estimate for 2020, corresponding to a target price of 55.

35 yuan, the early closing price on October 29 rose 22.

5%, maintaining the “highly recommended” rating.

  Risk warning: major changes in the market competition pattern, less-than-expected capacity expansion, and food safety issues.

5 kinds of soup drink the skin becomes white and tender

5 kinds of soup drink the skin becomes white and tender

In addition to beauty products, there are many ways for women’s beauty.

Obviously, any skin care product has chemicals, and it has certain damage to human skin. Only the beauty that is eaten can make a woman’s beauty more lasting.

Here are six beauty soups: 1.

Cordyceps old turtle soup-Cordyceps sinensis and old tortoise together with cordyceps and spleen have the effect of strengthening the spleen, soothe the nerves, and whiten the skin. It is a suitable supplement for white-collar women in all seasons.

  Who doesn’t want fair and delicate skin?

But in life, our skin is often difficult for us, either with a black and red face, or dull and pale.

How to do?

Properly changing the diet structure may greatly improve the skin.

What’s wrong with your skin?

  Women with weak spleen and stomach, strong anger, and peasant faces: Earth Poria Coconut Turtle Soup-clearing heat and detoxifying, strengthening the spleen and stomach, if you urinate red, then drink this soup.

Poria cocos has a strong flavor, so it should be covered by seasoning when cooking, which is also a good way to check the cooking skills.


Female American Ginseng Turtle Soup American Ginseng Turtle Soup-Too much ginseng, compared to ginseng, because of its gentle nature, it is suitable for more people tonic, and it is suitable for all seasons. The tonic effect of turtle is well known.
This soup is especially suitable for those white-collar women who work and are under excessive pressure. They can nourish qi and nourish yin, clear fire and relieve annoyance, and nourish the stomach.


Cordyceps pot duck soup The main function of Cordyceps pot duck soup is to nourish the lungs and kidneys, stop bleeding and reduce phlegm, but Chinese medicine pays attention to the coldness of duck meat, so it is more suitable for summer.

However, it should be noted that people with cold spleen and stomach and stomach ulcers are best not to eat it, so as not to be counterproductive.


Irregular menstruation, women with rough skin Jujube black chicken soup Jujube black chicken soup-Jujube has been a good product for nourishing blood since ancient times, and black chicken is more beneficial to qi and nourishing yin, and is especially suitable for female friends. It has a certain effect on menstrual disorders. It can be used regularly for beauty.

Tianma milk pigeon soup soup-Tianma milk pigeon soup soup-Tianma is particularly effective for headaches and dizziness, numbness of the limbs, and young pigeons are rich in nutrition and smooth in texture, so they are favored by female friends who are over-exposed.

  Drinking soup pays attention to the knowledge that women are suitable for supplementing warm soup before the holiday. Do not make excessive menstrual blood because of excessive supplementation.

These soups with dietary effects need to be drunk often to make them effective, it is advisable to 2-3 times a week.

  Precautions for soup boiling Water temperature: Meat in cold water will not immediately solidify the outer protein of the meat, the inner and outer proteins can be fully dissolved in the soup, and the soup tastes delicious.

  Cutting: The meat should be simmered first, and the blood and blood remaining in the meat are removed to ensure that the soup is cooking properly.

The whole chicken should be cooked in a pot to ensure that the chicken meat is fine and not rough after the soup is cooked.

In addition, do not put salt prematurely. The water contained in the meat will quickly run out when it is too salty, which will also accelerate the solidification of the protein and affect the umami of the soup.

  Heat: Do not overheat the fire. The heat depends on the boiling level of the soup.

After the pan is boiled, cook on low heat for about three hours.

Because the ginseng contains a kind of ginsenoside, if it is cooked for too long, it will decompose and lose its nutritional value. Therefore, the best time to cook ginseng soup is about 40 minutes.

  Meat processing in soup: No matter how long the soup is cooked, the nutrition of the meat cannot be completely dissolved in the soup, so you should eat the right amount of meat after drinking the soup.

  Six types of beauty soup can basically drink a white and tender woman, beauty is common to life.

We must pay attention to the beauty of women!

6 kinds of spring fruits strengthen resistance


6 kinds of spring fruits strengthen resistance

Eating fruits not only supplements the body’s necessary vitamins and moisture, but some fruits can also enhance the body’s resistance.

Spring is a disease-ridden season. Eating more of the following six fruits can help you strengthen your immunity and improve your body’s immunity. Let’s take a look at which spring fruits you can eat to enhance your immunity.


Bananas Eating bananas can help people who are weak and sentimental dispel pessimism, irritability, and maintain a peaceful and happy mood.

  This is mainly because it can increase the content of pleasing serotonin in the brain.

Studies have found that depression patients have less serotonin in their brains than normal people.


Lili is an invigorating and vibrant fruit.

Its water content, absorption of vitamins a, b, c, d, e and trace element iodine, can maintain the healthy state of cell tissues, help organs detoxify, purify, and soften blood vessels, and promote blood to transport more calcium to theskeleton.

But when eating pears, you must chew them slowly to better absorb them.


Strawberries eat strawberries can cultivate patience, because it belongs to a low-grass stalk plant, which is susceptible to pollution during growth. Therefore, it must be patiently washed before eating: first remove the leaves, rinse them under running water, and then soak them in brine for 5?
10 minutes, and finally soak with cold water for 1?
2 minutes.

After that, you can eat this nutritious “live vitamin pill”.


Tangerine is often emotional and increases the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke.

Experts at Harvard Medical School recommend that people eat oranges often to reduce these diseases.

But be careful not to eat more than 4 a day, otherwise Chinese medicine may be called “lit” performance, such as aphthous ulcers.


Grapes Grapes are especially suitable for “lazy” people, because the healthiest way to eat is “no peeling, no spitting of seeds.”

Grape skin and grape seeds are more nutritious than grape flesh.

Red wine has better health effects than white wine because it is made with skin.

Researchers from the University of Bordeaux, France also found that grape seeds are rich in immunity, which delays the aging substance opc. After entering the body, 85% are absorbed and used.


Cherries Cherry has a high iron content and is a fruit especially suitable for women. It has the effect of nourishing and nourishing blood.

US researchers have also found that eating cherries can significantly reduce pain.

Dry in winter, prone to odor in the mouth, squeeze out cherry juice, add water to replace the mouth, you can eliminate this trouble.

Selenium can promote skin metabolism and anti-aging


Selenium can promote skin metabolism and anti-aging

Mushroom woman’s trump card.

hzh {display: none; }  蘑菇里含有女人的“驻颜王牌”:硒。Selenium can promote skin metabolism and anti-aging, and its effects in preventing wrinkles are even more anticipated.

  Automatic skin rejuvenation based on skin pH Many products can replace melanin and exfoliation to achieve whitening, but Neutrogena’s latest skin renewing mask is an intelligent active rejuvenating enzyme extracted from natural mushrooms, which can automatically play according to the natural pH of the skinSkin rejuvenation effect, eliminating aging keratin while protecting skin horny.

  Those who like Japanese-style skin care products will not miss the ALBION cyclic milk, and with a special cotton pad, the mushroom essence will penetrate the skin after massage.
2 months.

There are also skin food mushroom extracts, combined with arbutin, the whitening effect is very popular.

  He Lin, who has won Emmy Awards for her beauty products, has mushrooms as a must-have on the table.

Especially when changing seasons, in addition to adding special care products to open a small stove for the skin, they will also eat mushrooms, fungus and other foods with good antioxidant effects.

  The oldest mushroom amber has a history of 1 billion years. Mushrooms handed down from the dinosaur era have excellent anti-aging effects, can make female estrogen secretion stronger, is a new weapon for mature women to fight against old age, but mushrooms are cool foods.Do not eat more.

  Mushroom “Spa” moisturizes the skin. Mushrooms are rich in water and nutrition. Use it to give “cald” massages to calves, parts, and other parts of the body that are easier to dry, so that the epidermal cells can fully absorb moisture and the skin is softer and whiter.

Tips for Preschool Children

Tips for Preschool Children

People with different habits, different environments, and different personalities have suggested a variety of sports choices, and have the characteristics of self-selection.

  First, choose the right sport.

Toddler sports use physical exercises (active and passive exercises) as the basic means. There are many sports options to choose from, including running, jumping, throwing, pressing and other exercises; hide and seek; dancing, slides, swinging and other games; outings, shootingBall, skipping, riding a stroller, swimming, gymnastics and other sports.

All of these sports are aimed at strengthening the body and entertaining the body.

  First, how to choose sports.

There are many sports exercises, and different sports can produce different exercise effects.

  Such as: improving speed ability instead of running, riding a bicycle, etc .; enhancing endurance ability, alternately running games, swimming, picnics, skipping and other exercises; increasing strength, alternately jumping, throwing and other exercises; improving the ability of sensitive coordination, can dance,Play swing, ball and other games; improve flexibility to replace gymnastics, stepping and other exercises.

  When choosing an exercise program, it should be based on the anatomical and physiological characteristics of young children.

It is necessary to make a choice based on the child’s quality needs. Whatever is lacking in the body, you should practice more. For children of different natures, different exercise methods are shown.

  In addition, in order to get a full body exercise, a variety of items should be used for exercise.

At the beginning, you can start with one or two items (to be consistent). When you have a fairly basic foundation, you can gradually increase the number of exercise programs from simple to complex, from easy to difficult.Pay attention to the principle of gradual progress and adapting to personal conditions.

People with different habits, different environments, and different personalities have suggested a variety of sports choices, and have the characteristics of self-selection.

  Finally, children’s sports should be scientifically instructive and the amount of exercise should be reasonable.

To formulate and replace basic sports, you must scientifically grasp the amount of exercise. If the amount of exercise is too small, it will have little effect on physical exercise. If the amount of exercise is too large and there is no rhythm, physical health will also be adversely affected.

Teach you to help your husband wean

Teach you to help your husband “wean”

Shield, try to be generous.
When disagreeing with your parents-in-law, discuss with your husband euphemistically.
  □ Find a way to keep the husband and in-laws properly separated. For example, do n’t live with your in-laws for a long time. You can also encourage and subsidize your in-laws to go out for medical treatment, and create a “vacuum”
for your husband.
  Help her husband get rid of her dependence:[Housewife: Ding Rui Occupation: Civil Servants]Self-report: In fact, her husband is good, has a gentle personality, and is reasonable, which means that his dependence is too strong.
Now that the child is in the second grade, he still calls my unit countless times a day. He can’t find me for a while, and immediately dials my mobile phone.
Once, I went out to do business, and my mobile phone was left in the office. When I came back, my colleagues complained: “Your family is too infatuated. I came to you with five or six calls in two hours. We said you went out and hung up. Your phone rang again.It kept making us all nervous.
Can’t he live without you?
“I was ashamed and angry. When I got home, I lost my temper, but my husband said,” What’s wrong? ”
I just ca n’t live without you, because I have you in my heart!
“Looking at his aggrieved look, I really don’t know what to say.
At home, he never took the idea alone, and he had to discuss with me about small matters. My colleagues said that your husband respects you more. However, this kind of taste that makes people rely on you is really not so good.
Alas, I originally thought “birds depend on people”, but now they are “people depend on birds”.
  Husband’s psychological analysis: Because men have to bear more social pressure, they always have to maintain a strong Chinese language. Words praising masculinity abound, what are “Kong Wu powerful”, “strong and decisive” . In traditional concepts,In a family, a man seems to be the natural leader, and he has absolute leadership over his wife and children, but this is not all true. Looking at the experiences and tips of the three housewives below, it may give you some life.guide.
  Help your husband and mother to “wean”:[Housewife: Yuan Jie Occupation: Accounting]Readme: They all say that her husband is the “baton” passed by her mother-in-law to her daughter-in-law.
When she got married, her husband insisted on living with his parents on the ground that he had no house. With a child, he claimed that it was easy for the elderly to take care of him and he was crowded together.
I increasingly find that my husband is only inseparable from his mother. He is accustomed to the meticulousness of his parents, asks for warmth, and is more accustomed to obedient and obedient parents.
The conflict between my in-laws and my in-laws, my husband has always been one-sided, not supporting the parents indiscriminately, which makes me sad and helpless.
The child is already in elementary school, we also bought a new house, and finally moved out to do it alone, but the husband ran to the “nanny” three times a day.Lots of meddling.
I really don’t understand. My husband is 36 years old. How can he be like an eagle hiding under the wings of an eagle?
  Husband’s psychological analysis: I have a deep-rooted patriarchal thought in China. Boys are often loved and cared for by their mothers. Therefore, the relationship with their mothers is more likely to be closer, which is often referred to as “love mother”.
Even in adulthood, they continue this mental inertia.
Oedipus men enjoy their mother’s service with peace of mind. Subconsciously, they are always worried that their wives can’t give his mother the same care.
If the mother herself is accomplished and accomplished, or she is in an authoritative position at home, her mother-in-law will be jealous and treat her with respect and obedience. In front of her mother, she is well-behaved, obedient, and never contradicts, but they also oftenTherefore, the relationship between mother-in-law and mother-in-law is not handled well.
In fact, this is a manifestation of psychological immaturity, lack of opinion and lack of self-reliance.
  Expert Tips: □ Wife must learn to straighten out his relationship with her husband and in-laws. Your husband is not your object to fight with your in-laws, and your in-laws are not your rivals, but alliances.
  □ The wife should try to avoid the social attitude of spearheading with the in-laws.
They play the role of “big husband”, so they are often strong on the surface but fragile inside. They also need comfort and support.
Someone cares about moodiness, sorrow and tension, and this may show special attachment and dependence on his wife.
There are also some males who are weak and introverted, hesitant to do things, hesitant to play chess, and are often used to borrowing family members.
Therefore, moderate dependence on family members is normal, and excessiveness may cause psychological morbidity and mental disorders, which requires caution.
  Expert tips: □ Wife should not show disgust on her husband’s dependence, but also do not always comfort and persuade him, so as not to encourage him to coquettish.
Just give him moderate consideration.
  □ Govern his body with his own way and let him taste the feeling of being infinitely dependent.
  □ Give him more opportunities to act as a “protector” and “decision maker” and evoke the feeling of “big man” in his heart.
  帮懒老公找回勤快:【主妇:安丽红 职业:教师】  自述:在家里,我当着两个“孩子” 的妈妈,我的独生子得算“小儿子”,“大儿子”就是我老公.
It’s upsetting me to mention him.
Normally at home, he always clothed his hands and opened his mouth to open his mouth. He did almost no household chores.
On the rest day, he could sleep for more than half a day, woke up and watch newspapers and televisions, play games online, and I would buy food, cook, clean, bring children, and be busy like a spinning top.Sometimes, after a busy day at the unit, I returned home to a cold pot cold stove. My husband came back earlier than me, but he did n’t know how to cook.

“My husband’s ability to take care of himself is also very poor. Sometimes he is forced to do some work. The bedding is folded like a kennel. The white shirt is washed gray.

The most annoying is that he always has a set of fallacies, what is “male outside, female inside” and “household decentralization, inconvenient interference.”

Having a child is tiring enough, plus his “big child”, I can’t help it.

  Husband’s psychological analysis: Laziness, apart from his only one, has not developed good living habits and poor self-care ability. It may also be due to his arrogance and selfishness in the heart, disdain for trivial housework, and may be due toUnsure self-confidence, worrying about not being able to be perfect and being blamed by family members, will damage their confidence and image, and reduce family and influence.

Especially when his wife is very capable, her husband would secretly embarrass himself and simply give up housework to maintain self-esteem and psychological balance.

  Expert tips: □ Avoid ordering your husband to do housework with a condescending tone. Don’t just be verbally arranged. Leave a note for him and write down what he wants him to accomplish, such as what to buy, what to pay, how to clean the room.The more specific it is easier to implement.

  □ When your husband shows enthusiasm for housework, he should be encouraged directly. Don’t be afraid to talk unkindly, this will often increase his energy.

  □ Don’t be too competent, don’t overwhelm your household chores, give more opportunities for your husband to share.

  □ Don’t expect too much of your husband’s ability to do housework. When you do it unsatisfactorily, don’t endlessly blame it. Only one point is good. I believe he will do better.

Daily life pursuit of health goals

Daily life pursuit of health goals

People are living day by day, and they all want to adopt their own civilized and healthy lifestyle through the principles of “reasonable diet, moderate exercise, smoking cessation and alcohol restriction, and psychological balance” to achieve health.

  So, is your own lifestyle a civilized health?
How do you judge the effect of a healthy and healthy lifestyle?
This is a question everyone is very concerned about.
If you only evaluate whether you are sick, late, or sick, you need to know that this is the end of the late index, and the symptoms are often regretted.
If you only evaluate the results of a health experience every year or every two or three years, you need to know that this is only an instantaneous indicator, and it is difficult to judge what will happen in the future.
Therefore, it is especially necessary to have a regular, simple, self-testing indicator, which is the most practical, and can guide and improve your own civilized and healthy lifestyle at any time.
  Here, the “2+2” health care is called “healthy weight + normal blood pressure”, plus “appropriate blood lipids, blood sugar”, which can be used as an indicator for evaluating health and lifestyle, and can pass physical examination in daily life.Or self-weighing, self-monitoring to complete, simple and practical.
  The goal of proposing this “2+2” is targeted.
Because many medical research reports at home and abroad have pointed out that overweight and obesity are a prominent risk factor for many chronic diseases; if there is hypertension at the same time, this is already an alarm for the disease state, indicating that the large blood vessels in the body are alreadyAtherosclerosis has developed.
In this way, overweight, obesity and high blood pressure are only superficial phenomena, and the deeper situation is that the metabolism of nutrients in the body is abnormal, and even the metabolic syndrome has formed.
  Metabolic syndrome is the underlying hazard of many chronic diseases.
In 2006, at the 4th Wuzhou International Cardiovascular Symposium, the largest sample of China’s Nutrition and Health Survey was reported to date, and 48 556 people were employed in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government.Height, weight, waist circumference, blood pressure, and determination of blood glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, etc., the severity of the situation can be seen from the results: the prevalence of diabetes in the metabolic syndrome patients (over 18 years old)For 6.
6%, already high; among those with abnormal glucose metabolism, 44% in men.
8%, 47% of women.
8%, already in danger.
In patients with metabolic syndrome, there is dyslipidemia, which is 86.
3%, 83% of women.
4%, indicating atherosclerosis; among those with metabolic syndrome, hypertension is 89.
2%, female is 91.
0%, almost all.
This shows that the metabolic syndrome caused by nutritional imbalance has a serious risk of many diseases.
If some people are overweight and have abdominal obesity, combined with blood sugar, triglycerides, elevated cholesterol, or high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, or elevated fibrinogen, then these people are currentlyOr the recent clinical disease consequences may be the occurrence of hypertension, coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes and certain tumors.
  Cardiovascular disease has become the first cause of death in urban and rural populations in China. The incidence of ischemic cardiovascular disease based on atherosclerosis is increasing.
The damage to human health caused by dyslipidemia is mainly in the cardiovascular system, which can lead to coronary heart disease.
Blood lipids are a general term for cholesterol, triglycerides and lipids in the blood.
In the “2+2” health care, put forward the appropriate blood lipid: total cholesterol (TC) is 3.
18 mmol / liter; low density lipoprotein cholesterol <3. 37 mmol / liter; high density lipoprotein cholesterol, male ≥ 1. 04 millimoles per liter, female is ≥1. 16 mmol / liter; triglyceride is 0. 56~1. 70 millimoles per liter.   Blood sugar refers to glucose present in the blood. The general rule is that the fasting blood glucose before meals is low, and the postprandial blood sugar is high, but they are kept within the appropriate range. In the "2+2" health care, the appropriate blood sugar is proposed: fasting blood glucose is 3. 3~6. 1 mmol / liter, postprandial blood glucose 1 hour is 10 ~ 11.1 mmol/L, 2 hours is <7. 78 millimoles per liter.   Prevention and treatment of dyslipidemia, prevention and treatment of blood glucose metabolism disorders, is the prevention of high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, diabetes front line, to achieve early prevention and treatment of "treatment without disease."   The goal of “2+2” will be a good living condition for people's health pursuit.   People's weight can be measured by the "body mass index", which is a method of measuring body weight and human body. It is more reliable and more used. The formula is: body mass index = weight (kg) and height (m 2). For example, someone weighs 72 kilograms and has a height of 1. 73 meters; 1. The square of 73 is 2. 99, substituted into the formula, that is, body mass index = 72 ÷ 2. 99, the number is 24 (kg / m 2), which is the body mass index. The body mass index is based on a body mass index below 20 for low body weight, 20 to 24 for healthy weight, 25 to 27 for overweight, and 28 for obesity.   Obesity has become a worldwide epidemic, not only harms health, but also reduces immunity and disease resistance, easily leads to diseases, and increases medical expenses and hinders national economic development. At the 2006 China Food and Nutrition High-Level Forum, experts pointed out that the current imbalance of nutritional imbalance among urban residents in China is relatively serious, and the prevalence of related diseases is also rising. Among them, only overweight and obese patients in adulthood exceed 20%, reaching 22.8%. The high incidence of obesity in many developed countries has become a major social problem. In the past 20 years, obese people in European countries have tripled, and nearly half of adults and 20% of children are overweight. Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) and 53 European and Central Asian countries have formulated “anti-obesity” conventions, and governments have pledged to take positive actions to counter the epidemic. The current obesity status of these developed countries should arouse the vigilance of our country, and early prevention and treatment of obesity should be avoided to avoid the follow-up of developed countries.   People's blood pressure, according to the new Chinese Guidelines for the Prevention and Treatment of Hypertension in 2004, blood pressure does not exceed 120/80 mm Hg is normal blood pressure, is no longer used is the ideal blood pressure; 140/90 mm HgThe column is I degree hypertension. The "grey" blood pressure phase between normal blood pressure and grade I hypertension is defined as normal high blood pressure, which warns people to pay attention to their blood pressure and to control the progression of hypertension. High blood pressure has emerged, indicating that there is a joint damage of material metabolism disorder and arterial atherosclerosis in the body. If hypertension is not effectively controlled, it will cause serious damage such as coronary heart disease or stroke or diabetes. Coronary heart disease and stroke are the first and second diseases that cause people to lose their lives. Diabetes can cause vascular damage, leading to diseases of coronary heart disease, fundus lesions, diabetic foot or stubborn ulcers of the lower extremities.   The goal of “2+2” is to maintain a constant body mass index of 20 to 24 and a blood pressure of no more than 135/85 mm Hg, plus appropriate blood lipids and blood glucose levels. If this is the case, it indicates that the dietary nutrition and exercise in people's lifestyles are reasonable and that they are in good health. In daily life, diet and exercise are two important foundations of lifestyle.   On January 15, 2008, the Ministry of Health issued the “Chinese Dietary Guidelines (2007)”, called the “New Guide”, which provides residents with the most fundamental and accurate guidance for healthy diets, so that the people can get a balanced diet and reasonable nutrition.Promote healthy benefits. In the new Guide, the focus is on dietary guidelines for the general population. There are 10 articles in total: (1) food is diverse, cereals are the mainstay, and the thickness is matched; (2) eat more vegetables, fruits and potatoes; (3) eat milk every day., soybeans and their products; (4) often eat the right amount of fish, poultry, eggs and lean meat; (5) reduce the amount of cooking oil, eat a light salt diet; (6) eat too much, exercise every day, maintain a healthy weight;(7) The distribution of three meals should be reasonable, and the snacks should be appropriate; (8) Drink plenty of water every day, and choose beverages reasonably; (9) If drinking alcohol is appropriate; (10) Eat fresh and hygienic food.   The new "Guide" draws the "Chinese residents' balanced diet pagoda." The pagoda is divided into five layers, from bottom to top, with more or less, indicating the types of foods and the amount of food consumed each day. Cereal food is on the ground floor, and each person should consume 350 grams per day; vegetables and fruits should be in the second layer. 400 grams of vegetables and 300 grams of fruit should be taken every day; animal foods such as fish, poultry, meat and eggs rank third.The layer should be ingested a total of 150 grams per day; milk and beans should be in the fourth layer, 300 grams of milk and dairy products per day, 30 grams of soy products and nuts; the top layer is cooking oil and salt, per person per day.Ingestion of oil 25 grams, 6 grams of salt.   The new Guide introduces dietary nutrition and exercise to balance it. This is aimed at the general residents, employees lack of exercise, sedentary and less action, in order to prevent excessive weight and obesity and dyslipidemia, become a reserve army for a variety of chronic diseases. The new Guide emphasizes the balance between eating and moving. “It is recommended that adults accumulate a daily physical exercise equivalent to more than 6,000 steps.” You can convert your daily life into thousands of steps, such as mopping the floor for 8 minutes, or riding a car for 7 minutes, or playing tai chi for 8 minutes, which is equivalent to walking 1,000 steps, adding up, more realistic. If your physical condition permits, it is best to exercise for 30 minutes a day.   In daily life, if you can abandon smoking, sedentary, long-term TV watching, lack of sleep time, exercise and exercise, and maintain your balance, it will greatly reduce or prevent the occurrence of many chronic diseases.Danger, often maintain your own health.

Supplementing enzymes is a new concept of human nutrition


Supplementing enzymes is a new concept of human nutrition

We know that the first digestive system is better.

Some American nutrition experts pointed out that people should supplement some enzymes while supplementing vitamins and calcium supplements. Although it is not a nutrient, enzymes contain a variety of enzymes, and nutrients need to be decomposed by the body with the help of it.Absorption and utilization.

Therefore, supplemental enzymes are a new concept of human nutrition, and are a new method to help treat diseases, which can enhance resistance and play a role in health care.

  There are thousands of enzymes in the human body, but they are all trace amounts. Among them, the digestive enzymes are the most needed and most need to be supplemented.

It is widely found in a variety of foods, such as bacterial enzymes, marine enzymes, fruit and vegetable enzymes, etc., people do not hinder eating more in their daily diet.

  Bacterial enzymes: mostly contained in yeast, taro, bread, pasta sauce, bean curd, glutinous rice, beer, yogurt, among which yeast and yogurt have the most enzymes and are most convenient to eat.

  Marine enzymes: mostly contained in kelp, seaweed, wakame, stone cauliflower, fish and shrimp and other seafood, usually eat more kelp and fish and shrimp.

  Fruit and vegetable enzymes: more in fruits and vegetables, pineapple, hawthorn, papaya, soybean sprouts, sweet potatoes, garlic and other rich content.