Big Bo Medical (002901) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review-Rapid Growth in Performance and Steady Increase in Sharing

Big Bo Medical (002901) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review-Rapid Growth in Performance 杭州桑拿 and Steady Increase in Sharing

The company continued to achieve rapid growth in the first three quarters of 2019 after overcoming the high-opening factor, in line with market expectations.

The company is a leader in high-value consumables for conventional orthopedics. It is expected to continue to benefit from the trend of imported substitutes and increased concentration in the orthopedic industry, and has a long-term development prospect.

Maintain the company’s EPS forecast for 2019-2021 to 1.



83 yuan, corresponding to PE 43/34/27 times, maintain “Buy” rating.

Rapid growth in performance, in line with market expectations.

The company’s operating income for the first three quarters of 20198.

70 ppm, an increase of 59 in ten years.

56%, net profit attributable to mother 3.

43 ppm, an 北京夜生活网 increase of 20 in ten years.

92%, deducting non-net profit 3.

15 ppm, an increase of 27 in ten years.

17%; of which, Q3 2019 single-quarter operating income3.

27 ppm, an increase of 69 in ten years.

20%, net profit attributable to mother 1.

35 ppm, a 24 year increase.

91%, deducting non-net profit1.

24 ppm, an increase of 30 in ten years.


Due to the full implementation of the two-vote system in Fujian Province, the company’s revenue side has a high-opening factor. It is expected that after excluding the high-opening factor, the revenue-side growth rate in the first three quarters will be about 28% -30%, and the performance will achieve rapid growth, in line with market expectations.

Trauma and spinal growth were good, with a steady increase in total.

In terms of products, after excluding the high-opening factor, the company’s operating income for fracture products in the first three quarters is expected to increase by about 25%, and the growth rate of spine products will increase by about 30% -35%. The company’s market share in the domestic orthopedics market has steadily increased.Although the company is currently the first domestic trauma company and the third spine company, the share of its terminal cities is still increasing, and the room for growth is obvious. It is expected that the company ‘s revenue from minimally invasive surgery products will exceed 50% -80% in the first three quarters, experiencing the previous marketWith the development and introduction of new products, the company’s minimally invasive surgery business has achieved higher growth and is expected to become a new profit growth point.

The Anhui model promotes further promotion of the concentration of the orthopedic industry.

At present, the procurement mode of high-value consumables in Anhui has been implemented. From the negotiation results, the average price reduction of orthopedic spine materials in China is 55.

9%, the average price of imported products is 40% lower.

5%, the overall average price reduction of 53.

At the same time, the number of enterprises has greatly reduced. The bargaining will replace the spine products suppliers to 6 domestic enterprises (Beijing Fuller, Dabo Medical, Shandong Weigao, Shanghai Ruizhi, Suzhou Aide, Shandong Guanlong)With 3 import companies (Medtronic, JM, Stryker), small companies have been eliminated directly, accelerating the increase of industry concentration.

At present, the company’s business development has been stable after the implementation of volume procurement in Anhui, and its market share has increased rapidly. Follow-up acquisition policies have been issued in sequence. It is expected that the logic of improving the import substitution and industry concentration of these orthopedic industries will quickly land.

R & D funding continues, and Fujian’s two-vote system has an impact on receipts and sales expenses.

In the first three quarters of 2019, the company’s R & D expenditure was zero.

68 ppm, an increase of 50 in ten years.

63%, accounting for 7.7% of operating income

77%, R & D investment continued.

Due to the implementation of the two-vote system in Fujian, the company strengthened its independent academic promotion services and terminal development efforts. At the same time, the number of sales staff and compensation also increased accordingly. The company’s sales expenses in the first three quarters of 20192.

590,000 yuan, an increase of 247 in ten years.

During the same period, due to the expansion of sales scale and some customers choosing to end the centralized payment collection, the company’s accounts receivable at the end of the third quarter increased by 216 from the beginning of the year.

In the first three quarters of 2019, the company’s net cash flow from operating activities was 2.

0.5 billion, a five-year growth of 5.

66%, overall still quite robust.

Risk factors.

Price reductions in tenders, distribution model risks, exchange rate changes, and raw material supply risks.

Investment advice and ratings.

The company continued to achieve rapid growth in the first three quarters of 2019 after offsetting the high-opening factor, which is in line with market expectations. The company is a leading company in mainstream orthopedic high-value consumables and is expected to continue to benefit from the trend of import substitution and increased concentration in the orthopedic industry, with broad long-term development prospects.
Maintain the company’s EPS forecast for 2019-2021 to 1.



83 yuan, corresponding to PE 43/34/27 times, maintain “Buy” rating.

Daya Icon (000910): Income in line with expectations

Daya Icon (000910): Income in line with expectations

Core point of view: In 2018, revenue increased by 3%, and net profit attributable to mothers increased by 10%. The company disclosed its 2018 annual report and achieved operating income of 72 in 2018.

61 ppm, a 10-year increase3.

02%, net profit attributable to mother 7.

25 ppm, an increase of 9 in ten years.


Split into quarters, the fourth quarter operating income21.

5.1 billion (YoY-3.

08%), net profit attributable to mother 2.

8.3 billion (YoY-4.


The gross profit margin increased by 0.

88pct to 36.

42%, during which the 无锡桑拿网 rate of expense rose by 0.

43pct to 23.

87%, the company plans to distribute a cash dividend of 1 to every 10 shares for all shareholders.

30 yuan (including tax).

The release of particleboard capacity has helped increase revenue, and the tooling business has adapted to the trend of hardcover. In 2018, the company’s Jiangsu Suqian, with an annual output of 500,000 cubic meters of particleboard production base, went into operation. Currently it has a total of 1.85 million cubic meters of density board and particleboard.

In 2018, the proportion of fully renovated residential buildings accounted for only 20%, and the “13th Five-Year Plan for the Development of the Construction Industry” released in May 2017 proposed that the area of newly completed fully-renovated residential buildings will start to reach 30% by 2020.Moving forward, according to the statistics of Aowei Cloud Network, the market share of hardwood flooring hardcover companies in the first half of 2018, the iconic flooring was 22.

4% ranked first, and it is expected that the company will continue to benefit from the improvement in the proportion of refined decoration.

Investment advice and profit forecast are optimistic about the company. (1) The engineering business has obvious advantages and continues to benefit from the improvement of the proportion of refined decoration; (2) The increase in cash release from Suqian can be reduced; (3) It is expected that equity consolidation will continue and management improvement will still be possiblelook forward to.
The company’s operating income is expected to be 76 in 2019-2021.


5, 82.

300 million, net profit attributable to mother is 7.

9, 8.


30,000 yuan, currently corresponding to September 2019.

1xPE, referring to the average valuation of listed companies in comparable industries, is optimistic about the company’s future development trend, and gives a reasonable estimate of 11xPE in 2019, corresponding to a reasonable value of 15.

7 yuan / share, maintain BUY rating.

Risks suggest that the tightening of real estate budget policies may lead to a downturn in the overall prosperity of the furniture industry, the project end growth rate is not up to expectations; management improvement progress is not up to expectations; raw material prices have risen more than expected.

Office workers jump off the melancholic mine in the workplace!


Office workers jump off the melancholic mine in the workplace!

The pace of life of modern people is fast, and the gains and losses have become very clear. The emotional shock often makes some office workers shake up, and the complexity of interpersonal competition, if there is a slight psychological adjustment inappropriate or inappropriateWhen support cannot cooperate, it is easy to fall into a vicious circle of emotional depression.

  The so-called “vicious circle” means that once you are depressed due to an unsuccessful event, leading to frustration, and even further reducing work efficiency, more frustrations and losses will occur after the vicious cycle.Depression is waiting for you!

  It’s no wonder that the proportion of office workers suffering from depression is getting higher and higher, affecting those who have major problems, resulting in poor integration in corporate teams, small individual quits, frequent cases of unemployment and suicide.This is why emotional management is an important issue in current corporate culture.

  What kind of occupation is more likely to suffer from depression?

Research and investigation in this area is not simple, because there are different ranks and situations in the industry. If you want to make a clear ranking of statistics, there may be a deviation in sampling.

  Experience (1) Jobs with time pressure and interpersonal competition, such as business work and regular performance reports to workers.

  (2) The work that needs to constantly mobilize the work place and content, and constantly adapt to the new environment and new colleagues will cause great life pressure.

  (3) Lack of working environment of peer partners, someone can share the pressure and burden of responsibility, once there is something, they can only bear it alone, the pressure is difficult to resolve.

  (4) Lack of social identity and poor social assessment work can easily lead to long-term lack of self-identity, sense of accomplishment, and satisfaction of psychological needs. This also includes factors such as job foresight.

  (5) Abnormal work and rest work, such as shift work, staying up late, and excessive jet lag, can easily affect the physiological clock, cause internal imbalances, and the relative risk will be much higher.

  In fact, from a broader perspective, in addition to the external source of work, the working ethnic group is the key factor for emotional disorders and depression.

  From this point of entry, we can further divide the source of stress into multiple types of different levels and orientations: (1) Personality traits: people who are easy to worry, nervous, demanding, and inflexible, are likely to cause shortage in the workplacepressure.
  (2) Support system strength: lack of work colleagues or supervisors’ compassion, family harmony and support strength, and the presence or absence of other social networks will threaten emotions and have a decisive influence.

  (3) Frequency of stress accumulation: This refers to the total stress event accumulated within a certain event. In other words, if a person is demoted within the same week, changing the work place, plus a slight slap, the wife produces, The child has a car accident at the same time, you can imagine the pressure intensity in a unit of time.

  Doing a good job of stress management in the workplace naturally has no chance to make depression a pain of its own.

  Workplace decompression principles: (1) Know your strengths and weaknesses, and correct unsuitable self traits. EQ can be strengthened through awareness and training.

  (2) Setting “reasonable” work and life goals, and demanding perfection will only fail.

  (3) Viewing the challenges in life from an open and flexible perspective, the crisis may turn into a turning point.

  (4) Establish your own sufficient physiological reserve capacity for emergency needs.

  (5) Speak stress, sing it, and write it down. This is decompression therapy, psychological pour, singing decompression, and writing therapy are all popular and effective psychotherapy.

  In the 21st century, depression is one of the most interesting diseases, but don’t be afraid!

Although the stress in the workplace is as big as the battlefield, if you can do good emotional and stress management, you can definitely stay away from depression!

Therapeutic Recipes Make Your Stomach Healthy

Therapeutic Recipes Make Your Stomach Healthy

Ingredients for papaya catfish soup: 1 papaya, 100 g catfish tail.

  Method: Peel the papaya and cut into pieces. Stir-fry the fishtail into the oil and fry for a while, add the papaya and ginger slices, put in an appropriate amount of water, and cook for about 1 hour.

  Function: nourish, digestion.

Does not reduce the food product, chest and abdomen fullness have auxiliary effects.

  Food efficacy: Papaya’s papain helps digestion and absorption of food, and is effective in treating indigestion, pus, stomach pain, stomach and duodenal ulcers.

Papaya enzymes can break down fat into fatty acids, which is good for digestion and absorption of fat in food.

Papain can also promote and regulate the secretion of pancreatic juice, and has a therapeutic effect on indigestion caused by pancreatic insufficiency.

  Anchovy, sweet and warm.

Function warm stomach and middle, digestion and stagnation.

  Ingredients for stewed chicken with Shenqi monkey head: 100 grams of Hericium erinaceus, 1 hen (about 750 grams), 10 grams each of astragalus, codonopsis, jujube, ginger slices, shallot knot, Shao wine, clear soup, starch.

  Method: Wash the cephalic fungus and remove the pedicle. After the swelling, squeeze the residual water in the fungus to remove the bitter taste, then cut into 2 mm thick pieces for use.

Remove the head and feet of the hen, chop the cubes, and put it in the stew pot. Add ginger slices, shallots, wine, clear soup, put the Hericium edodes tablets and soft-washed astragalus, codonopsis, jujube.Slowly cook until the meat is cooked and seasoned.

  Function: qi and spleen and stomach.

  Food effect: Hericium erinaceus, also known as Hericium erinaceus, can help digestion and benefit the five internal organs.

Applicable to indigestion, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, gastritis, stomach pain, and bloating.

  Hens nourish qi and nourish blood, strengthen the spleen and stomach, treat deficiencies, and supplement the internal organs.

  Astragalus can replenish qi and solid surface, astringent sore muscles, promote hematopoietic, anti-ulcer, anti-inflammatory and so on.

  The party participation supplements Qi and promotes blood circulation.

  Jujube can nourish the stomach and nourish the blood.

  Amomum villosum pork belly ingredients: 6 grams of Amomum villosum, 20 grams of Astragalus membranaceus, 1 pork belly.

  Method: Wash the pork belly, mix Amomum vulgaris and Astragalus into pork belly, add water to simmer, season and eat.

  Function: Yiqi Jianpi, Xiaoshi appetizer.

Applicable to weak spleen and stomach, loose stools, stomach pain.

Can be used for patients with chronic gastritis.

  Food effect: Amomum villosum can refresh the qi and stomach, refresh the spleen, and be used for stagnation of stomach and food.

Taking an appropriate amount of Amomum villosum clinically can promote the secretion of digestive juice and enhance the peristalsis in the body.

  Pork belly can strengthen the spleen and stomach and tonic.

  Astragalus inner golden porridge ingredients: 12 grams of raw astragalus, raw barley, 10 grams each of red beans, 7 grams of gold powder in chicken, 1 kumquat cake, 80 grams of glutinous rice.

  Method: Boil raw astragalus for 20 minutes, take the juice, add indica rice, red beans, glutinous rice to cook porridge, add chicken powder.

  Function: digestion and stomach.

For spleen deficiency, dampness, and stasis due to diarrhea due to abdominal distension, loss of appetite, sleepy stools and so on.

  Food effect: Astragalus can replenish qi and solid surface and astringent sore muscles.

Jianmi Jianpi soaks, removes diarrhea.

Chixiaodou can dampen yellow, clear heat and detoxify.

Chicken Neijin digestion and spleen can increase gastric secretion and acidity, increase gastric motility, and accelerate emptying.

Glutinous rice can replenish Zhongqi.

  Huaishan Honey Fried Ingredients: Huaishan 30g, chicken inner gold 9g, honey 15g.

  Method: Huaishan, decoction of golden water in chicken, add honey, stir well.Take 1 dose daily and take it in two warm doses.

  Function: Jianpi Xiaoshi.

It is used for spleen and stomach weakness, unhealthy food, and loss of appetite.

  Food effect: Huaishan can strengthen the spleen and lungs, and strengthen the kidney and improve the essence.

For indigestion, the digestive enzymes contained in Huaishan can promote the breakdown of protein and starch, so it has the effect of increasing appetite.

Honey can replenish qi and nourish intestines, purify the bowels, have astringent effects on wounds, nourish and promote healing.

Beauty yoga shapes your beauty into

Beauty yoga shapes your beauty into

The knee joint is the key to our actions, but it is very easy to be injured in daily and exercise.

Yoga posture is very safe and effective for strengthening the flexibility of the knee joint and protecting the health of the knee joint.

  Knee joint function: flexible knee joint, strengthen the leg strength.

Heat the surrounding muscles before and after to maintain the strength and flexibility of the ligaments.

Action: Sitting, straight hips.

Stretch your legs forward.

Raise your right leg to a 45-degree angle, hold your hands behind the upper right, inhale, and stretch; exhale, bend your knees and pull to the sides.

Cooperate with breathing extension and flexion 8 times.

Relax and repeat your legs.

  Knee-holding effect: Balance the strength of the knee and thigh muscles, reducing contraction injuries.

Action: Standing position.

Center of gravity moves to the left leg.

Inhale, raise your right knee with both hands; exhale, pull your right knee toward the abdomen and squeeze.

Inspiratory pressurization, exhalation squeezing is repeated 6 times, and the seventh time stays 3 when pulled toward the abdomen?
6 breaths.


Repeat with your left leg.

  Phantom chair effect: Promote blood circulation around the knee joint, and help stretch the muscles of the thighs and calves.

Action: Standing position.
Legs close together.

Inhale your hands together on the top of your head, keep the top of your head, exhale, bend your knees and squat, feel like sitting on a chair, keep your balance, and breathe evenly 3?
6 times.

Inhale, lift your body up, exhale and lower your hands.

Repeat 3 times

Time is always low for maintenance prescriptions_1

Time is not enough for maintenance prescriptions

Petty bourgeois girls must maintain a relaxed and elegant posture at all times, and keep a spiritual territory of their own in the busy life.
Petty women also have their own troubles. I feel that time is always insufficient, and I want to quickly and effectively achieve the effect of skin care products; while some people advocate the principle of slow work and careful work, and advocate slow maintenance.
Petty ladies, the maintenance prescriptions you want, here are listed for you one by one, you only need to click on the map to realize your maintenance dreams.
  Time is always not enough. @ Maintenance prescription For those who are always thinking that time is not enough, or are too lazy to maintain, this prescription list will realize the universal maintenance dream of “one bottle is more than one bottle”.
Combining a variety of women’s maintenance needs, such as moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, whitening, and firming effects into one, it can provide fast maintenance effects with only one action, which is definitely a gospel for busy women.
  使用技巧1:一定要做好肌肤清洁  就算再没时间,肌肤的清洁工作也绝不能省,因为想要一次吸收各种保养精华,肌肤的底子一定要打好,脸上的残污、老废The keratin must not stay, so as not to damage the absorption of skin care products.
Completely remove the makeup on the face, clean again with a mild facial cleanser, and exfoliate 1-2 times a week to keep the skin fresh and clean, so as to effectively absorb the maintenance essence and exert the maintenance effect.
  Usage Tip 2: Watch the skin condition carefully. A bottle of skin care products with various functions such as moisturizing, anti-aging, whitening, firming, etc. When is the best effect? The answer is when the skin is the healthiest.
Skin has different needs in different conditions, and intensive maintenance based on the needs can maintain skin balance.
Although there are everything in a bottle of multi-bottle skin care products, everything is basic. In order to solve the special needs of the skin, it is necessary to observe the skin condition carefully and adjust it at any time.
  Maintenance is to have the effect of @care prescription medical beauty-grade skin care products, although the price on the open shelf is high, but has always been a loyal user, the biggest reason is, of course, fast and effective.
Those who receive this maintenance prescription are basically efficiency-oriented. Since they have done maintenance, they must see the type of effect. Professional maintenance ingredients have high maintenance concentration, and there are medical beauty care products that doctors affirm.Two choices.
  Use Tip 1: Study ingredients to make beauty more efficient. Knowledge will make women more beautiful, and it is also applicable to skin care.
Rather than hearsay, others say you can use it, it is better to build your maintenance knowledge base, understand the functions and benefits of various ingredients, and help you choose the most suitable skin care product.
Facing the effect of professional medical beauty care products, plus your professional choice, the maintenance effect is one level higher.
  Usage Tip 2: The paradise of special maintenance needs of medical care products is popular, in addition to the professional medical staff affirmation, every principle of product development, skin health as the demand.
  Usually choose skin care products to be very careful on sensitive skin and problem skin, almost all of them can be found in medical beauty care products.
High-efficiency, low-sensitivity maintenance effect is the biggest reason for medical beauty to quickly occupy your dressing table.
  Recommended products: 1.
FOR BELOVED ONE Brightening Purifying Bio-Fiber Mask, contains two patented formulas for whitening skin tone and ion-introducing function to make the essence penetrate more efficiently, 3 tablets, NT $ 1,170.

Dermagor long-lasting marine collagen moisturizing cream, containing deep-sea fish collagen, provides 19 amino acids required for skin, and provides moisturizing power of up to 8 hours, 40ml, NT $ 980.


WU Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Essence, containing high concentration of hyaluronic acid and marine collagen, can effectively lock and moisturize and firm skin, 15ml, NT $ 800.

NEO-TEC High-efficiency L-C Cyan Yanjing Extract, High Concentration Vitamin C and Compound Win?
, Can provide firming skin, whitening and brightening skin effect, 25ml, NT $ 1,600.

VICHY Elastic Lifting and Firming Essence, supplemented with collagen and reconstructed elastic fibers, can instantly tighten the facial lines and repair skin imperfections, 30ml, NT $ 1,600.
TRI-AKTILINE Instant Anti-Wrinkle Cream, triple anti-wrinkle function, instantly diminish fine lines, smooth and fine skin, 30ml, NT $ 1,800.
  Slow work and fine work. My favorite @Maintenance Some people like fast and effective maintenance methods, others will like natural and comfortable maintenance methods.
If you receive this slow-working maintenance prescription, in terms of maintenance attitude, you follow the route of natural beauty, the ingredients should be natural, the atmosphere should be comfortable, and the mood should be relaxed.
This maintenance attitude takes care not only of your face, but also of your heart.
  Use Tip 1: Make a good mood together with your skin care. Herbal skin care products with natural plants as the main ingredient may not be the first one, but the fragrance emitted by natural plants can help your body and mind to add points.
Every day, I take good mood to do maintenance. When I use it, I can smell the fresh aroma synchronously. With a slow and gentle massage, the mood during maintenance is like a new ritual. When the body and mind can be synchronized, the beauty effect will be multiplied.
  使用技巧2:从头到脚都要照顾到  对走天然保养路线的你来说,脸部肌肤不是惟一要照顾的地方,你还得留意到身体肌肤、头发状态、手足粗干的问题,当身体2. Complete facial maintenance, your maintenance skills will be revealed from the inside out, exuding natural beauty from head to toe.  Recommended products: 1.
Za Time Rejuvenating Revitalizing Toner provides deep-water moisturization and enhances skin’s defense power with flower and wood fragrance healing method, 125ml, NT $ 360.
  2. Nature ‘s Gate Tea Tree Shampoo gently cleanses accumulated oil and reduces dandruff. Suitable for sensitive skin, 500ml, NT $ 370
  3. NEUTROGENA Soothing Moisturizing Lotion, containing soothing essences such as natural lavender, can release skin pressure, quickly moisturize and dry skin, provide 24-hour moisturization, 450ml, NT $ 359.
  4. Nature & Co Pure Brightening C Essence, containing seven natural plant extracts, can deeply moisturize the skin, improve roughness and dullness, reveal a bright white gloss, pleasant herbal fragrance, 30ml, NT $ 560.
  5. DR.BRONNER ‘S Organic Patchouli Fragrance Essential Oil Skin Cream contains organic ingredients and natural plant extracts to moisturize dry areas and soothe the skin, 14g, NT $ 239.

Carefully choose a baby bottle so as not to ill the child

Carefully choose a baby bottle so as not to ill the child

Researchers in the United Kingdom and the United States say that bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical found in everyday plastic bottles, may be associated with high blood pressure and diabetes.

The researchers also pointed out that although the research questioned the safety of BPA, it has not yet led to a conclusion.

The Associated Press reported on the 16th that British and American researchers found for the first time that BPA may be associated with heart disease and diabetes.

The findings are published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

  BPA has a wide range of plastic products such as baby bottles, compact discs, food, beverage containers, and more.

Baseball. Existing animal experiments have shown that mice exposed to BPA have complications and symptoms of cancers such as prostate cancer, which has raised concerns about the safety of BPA.

  In this release, British and American researchers compared the health status of 1,455 American adults collected by the US Department of Health between 2003 and 2004.

  The study found that BPA was detected in the urine of more than 90% of the respondents.

In the group with the highest levels of BPA, more than double the number of people suffering from heart disease and diabetes than in the group with the lowest levels.

Frederick, a professor of biology at the University of Missouri?

Von Zar said that this is the largest study on the human impact of BPA today, and for the first time pointed out a possible connection between BPA and heart disease and diabetes.

  However, Von Zar also pointed out that research proves that BPA is the culprit of hypertension and diabetes.

  One of the authors of the research paper, the well-known David of the University of Exeter?

Melzer said research alternatives prove that BPA is the only possible cause of hypertension and diabetes.

Although other factors are unlikely to cause disease, except for researchers.

  At the same time, researchers were unable to explain the causal relationship between BPA and cardiovascular and diabetes.

  Lisa, a researcher at the Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice at Dartmouth College?

Schwartz said that it could not be ruled out that the respondent had already developed hypertension or diabetes, which caused the body’s resistance to BPA to decrease and the possibility of increased BPA.

Researchers hope that through further research, direct evidence for the pathogenesis of BPA will be found.

  The study was hit by US plastics producers.

They believe that the new report does not prove that BPA is harmful.

  The American Chemical Society, which represents the plastics maker, said the research was broken and the results only pointed out some kind of connection.

The American Chemical Society said in a statement: “In fact, the study authors stated that they did not have evidence that BPA caused health disorders, they just explained the statistical link.

“But Anna, a professor at Tufts University?

Soto believes that research breakthroughs have attracted attention and the government should take action to limit the use of BPA.

“We can’t wait to do more research before we act to protect people’s health.

Soto said.

  For civilians, the National Toxicology Planning Division of the National Institutes of Health has set BPA’s early warning level of potential harm to fetuses, infants, and children as “moderately concerned”, but the danger rating for adults is still “negligible.”

  Today, some U.S. state governments are considering limiting BPA.

The Associated Press says the Canadian government has previously banned baby bottle makers from selling bottles containing BPA.

To solve the problem of cold syndrome

To solve the problem of “cold syndrome”

The high temperature of more than 20 days makes people try to solve the heat.
To relieve the heat, it is not enough to cool the skin. It is necessary to lower the temperature of the stomach.
In the early days of the summer, the melons in the vegetable market were sold out in less than half a day.
Similar heat-reducing foods are favored in the constant hot weather.
From ice cream, cold drinks to fruit, sugar, plus herbal tea and bitter vegetables, the choice is not rich.
But can you eat it indiscriminately?
  Iced watermelon is easy to hurt the spleen and stomach. Chinese medicine believes that watermelon is cold and sweet, has the effect of clearing heat and relieving heat, removing trouble and quenching thirst, and benefiting urination, so it is the best fruit in summer.
“But the iced watermelon is too cold, and it is easy to hurt the spleen and stomach.
“Zhong Jiaxi said that spleen and stomach deficiency, indigestion, stool slippery and eat less is appropriate, more food will bloating, diarrhea, loss of appetite, but also cold and help the disease, leading to disease.
However, when the cold is aggravated by fever, thirst, sore throat, urinary yellowness and other fevers, you can eat some watermelons at the same time as normal medication, which helps to heal the cold.
  Herbal tea is also a medicine, and it is moderate when drinking. Some people think that the summer temperature is too high. Drinking herbal tea can protect the human body. Some parents are afraid that children’s heat stroke will also give herbal tea as a drink.
In this regard, Zhong Jiaxi reminded that herbal tea is also a medicine, but most of the sexual taste is bitter cold. If it is drunk, it will also cause the yang of the human body to wear out, leading to dysfunction of the spleen and stomach.
Therefore, herbal tea can be used to relieve heat when appropriate, but it should be moderated when drinking.
  ”People who have enough righteousness or some slight exogenous occasions are good for preventing diseases, but if they are yang, they are not wanting to eat, pale, cold limbs, loose stools, urination, or menstrual and puerperal women.For children and the elderly, it is difficult to withstand the stimulation of cold substances. It is recommended to drink herbal tea as little as possible.
“Zhong Jiaxi said that this part of the population can turn to the “clear and cool” of the qi and essence, that is, the use of yam, glutinous rice, lotus leaf, melon and water, people with poor constitution can also eat a little American ginseng, ginseng, sand ginsengWait, it can both relieve heat and qi.
  Ice cream, cold drinks can not be overeating. In summer, the human body is outside the yang, the yin gas is inward, the secretion of gastric juice is relatively reduced, and the digestive function is low, so avoid gluttony and overeating ice cream and cold drinks.
In addition, do not eat cold drinks after sweating, especially for some patients with chronic diseases, you have to choose a cold drink.
Such as coronary heart disease, asthma, chronic bronchitis, should not eat frozen food; stomach ulcers, hyperacidity, should not use more sour cold drinks; diabetes, should not use sugary drinks.
Also note that drinking a drink is not a substitute for drinking water. It is good for tea or tea. Warm tea is an ideal drink in summer.
  Bitter gourd and mung bean are not suitable for spleen and weak cold. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, there are three advantages to eating bitter cold food in summer: one can clear heat and heat, the other can ventilate and detoxify, and the third can spleen appetite.
So in the summer, bitter gourd and mung bean soup became the darling on the table.
However, all foods that are “sexually cold” are taboo for people with weak spleen and cold.
Zhong Jiaxi said that the usual digestive function is not particularly good, and people who are uncomfortable when eating cold things should not eat too much at one time, and they should not eat it every day. Those who have cold limbs, bloating, and diarrhea are more likely to pay attention.
  According to reports, the gastrointestinal digestive function of the elderly and children is poor, and the protein content of mung beans is rich. The macromolecular protein needs to be converted into small molecular peptides and amino acids under the action of enzymes to be absorbed by the body. Such people are prone to indigestion.Causes diarrhea.
The mung bean contains detoxifying ingredients, and the person taking the drug will decompose the drug and affect the treatment.

Grape blood-enhancing effect, nourishing kidney, strengthening spleen and good nutrition

Grape blood-enhancing effect, nourishing kidney, strengthening spleen and good nutrition


From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the grape is flat, sweet and sour, and Chinese medicine believes that the grape can “enrich the blood and strengthen the bones of Chile, strengthen the stomach and relieve the thirst, and benefit the qi and water, urinate, and nourish the kidney and liver.”

The efficacy and role of the grape: 1.

The large amount of glucose and fructose contained in the fatigued grape are released into the body and converted into energy, which can quickly enhance physical strength and effectively eliminate physical fatigue.

Therefore, eating some grapes during fatigue can improve quickly.


Anti-poisoning and killing grape contains natural polymerized phenol, which can combine with proteins in viruses or bacteria to make it lose the ability to infect diseases. Grapes often have a good killing effect on spinal cord white matter virus and other viruses, and make the human bodyProduce antibodies.


Improve allergy symptoms, anti-cancer and anti-cancer alcohol in the grape skin alternately can inhibit the operation of inflammatory substances, effectively alleviate allergic symptoms, can also prevent normal cell cancer, and can inhibit the spread of malignant cells, there is an alternative anti-cancer resistanceCancer function.


Anti-anemia grape also has anti-malignant anemia vitamin B12, often drinking red wine, is beneficial for the treatment of pernicious anemia.


Regulating the stomach, the gallbladder grape contains a lot of fruit acid can help digestion, remove gastrointestinal waste, fermenting bacteria, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Bacillus subtilis antibacterial effect, grape also contains vitamin P, can reduce gastric acid toxicity, treat gastritis, enteritis and vomiting, etc.


Diuretic swelling, Anshi according to Li Shizhen, grape roots, vines, leaves and other good diuretic, swelling, and fetus, can treat complications such as pregnancy, vomiting, edema and other complications.


Replenishing and exciting brain nerve grape fruit, glucose, organic acids, amino acids, vitamins are rich in content, can replenish and stimulate the brain, have a certain effect on the treatment of neurasthenia.


The beauty and grape seed contains a unique proanthocyanidin. This substance has superior anti-acidification and anti-oxidation functions. It can remove the free radicals before they damage the cells, thus achieving the effect of firming the skin and delaying aging.

Eating grapes often makes the skin rosy and black and shiny.

Grapes can be said to be very valuable regardless of consumption and medicinal use. Summer is the season when grapes are widely marketed. It is recommended that you eat them regularly, especially those with nephritis, hypertension, edema, children, pregnant women, anemia, neurasthenia, and fatigue.Those who have premature aging, lung deficiency, cough, night sweats, rheumatoid arthritis, and limbs and muscles should eat more.

However, patients with diabetes, constipation, spleen and stomach deficiency should not eat more, more food can cause diarrhea.

When taking spironolactone, triamterene and potassium supplement, it is not advisable to eat raisins and other foods with high potassium content, otherwise it may cause hyperkalemia, rupture, abdominal distension, diarrhea and arrhythmia.