Suzhou Keda (603660): Q1 performance is in line with expectations

Suzhou Keda (603660): Q1 performance is in line with expectations
This 杭州桑拿 report reads: Suzhou Kodak released the first quarter of 2019 report. In the first quarter of 2019, revenue increased 21% and net profit increased 28%. The company’s performance was in line with expectations. The prosperity of the video conferencing industry and the strong competition of the company promoted rapid growth. Investment Highlights: Maintain “Overweight” rating and target price unchanged at 32 yuan.The forecasted operating income for 2019 and 2020 will remain unchanged at 25 respectively.6.9 billion, 28.26 trillion, increase EPS to 1.09 (+1.87%), 1.29 (+0.78%). Considering the continuous increase in demand for video conferencing, it is estimated that the operating income in 2021 will be 35.330,000 yuan, EPS1.67 yuan.With reference to the estimates of comparable companies, considering that the company’s R & D expenditure level exceeds the industry average, the “AI + Big Data” strategy accelerates the company’s commercialization process, and the demand for the video conferencing industry increases. Suzhou Keda is given a 29x 2019 estimate and maintains a target price of 32Yuan, maintaining the “overweight” rating. The Q1 2019 results were in line with expectations, and the overall gross profit margin continued to rise.In Q1 2019, the company achieved operating income5.66 ppm, an annual increase of 21%, achieving a net profit of 0.50 ppm, a year-on-year increase of 28%, and performance was in line with expectations.The company’s Q1 gross profit margin reached 64 in 2019.09%, an increase of 3.63%, the software and hardware integrated video conferencing solution guarantees that the company’s profit space continues to expand and the industry’s leading position is further defined. “AI + Big Data” empowers customers in multiple industries, and industry prosperity and strong competitiveness have contributed to the continued high growth in performance.The company has proposed the “AI + Big Data” strategy to advance the actual combat of AI and big data from the two goals of depth and breadth, enabling the front-end, big data platform, big data display and other multi-scenario customers.The video conferencing industry continues to prosper under the favorable conditions of “5G + smart party building + government video conference market sinking + education + medical care”. The company maintains a high R & D advantage, a high gross profit solution advantage, a public inspection customer advantage, and high performance and sustainable growth. Catalyst: The video conferencing business has developed smoothly in other industries, and the government has stepped up investment in security. risk warning.The development of video conferencing channels fell short of expectations, and Huawei gained market share.

North China Chuang (002371) Quarterly Report Review 2019: Steady Growth in Revenue Increases R & D Investment Leaders Deposits Will Further Consolidate

North China Chuang (002371) Quarterly Report Review 2019: Steady Growth in Revenue Increases R & D Investment Leaders Deposits Will Further Consolidate

Matters: The company released the 2019 first quarter report, which reported a merger and achieved operating income7.

08 million yuan, an increase of 30 in ten years.

51%, net profit attributable to mother was 1991.

380,000 yuan, an increase of 29 in ten years.

65%, attributable to non-net profit of -2247.

610,000 yuan, a decrease of 87 per year.


Comment: The revenue has steadily increased, and the R & D expansion has significantly improved. The company has four major business groups: semiconductor equipment, vacuum equipment, new energy lithium battery equipment and precision electronic components, 12-inch etching machines, PVD, ALD, monolithic insulation systems, andIntegrated circuit equipment such as LPCVD has entered mainstream foundries, and has included technology accumulation in the field of integrated circuits. It has targeted the extension of product development in photovoltaics, LEDs, display panels and other fields. Reporting, operating income continued to grow, achieving growth of 30.

51% to 7.

08 trillion, gross margin 44.

88%, up from the previous month.

Expense rate increased by 4.

85pct to 43.

48%, a decrease, the company strengthened cost control and reduced the increase in management expense ratio4.

4pct, budget, the expansion of the company’s sales scale, driving the sales expense ratio to increase slightly.

85pct; At the same time, increase research and development efforts to increase research and development costs by an additional 204.

21% to 1.

06,000 yuan, the R & D expense ratio has increased significantly8.

54 points.

In addition, the company’s new R & D projects were supported by the government, which reported and received government subsidies of 4,936.

210,000 yuan.

Full orders in hand are expected to support future performance growth to the end of the first quarter of 2019, and the company’s inventory is 34.

850,000 yuan, an increase of 4 over the end of 2018.

70 trillion, advance payment 16.

4.4 billion, an increase of 0 from the end of 2018.

7.9 billion.

The company has full orders on hand and is expected to form better support for future performance.

Product R & D and customer expansion have been smoothly advanced, and the company’s strength has been increased. The company’s strength has been further strengthened. The company is one of the largest domestic high-end semiconductor process equipment suppliers with the largest product system and the most extensive field.Etching machine, PVD, CVD, oxidation / diffusion furnace, cleaning machine, ALD, etc.

Among them, the 12-inch 90-28 nanometer integrated circuit process equipment has been industrialized, and the 12-inch 14 nanometer integrated circuit process equipment has entered the process verification stage.

The penetration rate of the company’s products in downstream production lines has continued to increase. In addition to SMIC, the company’s equipment has also entered Huali Microelectronics, Yangtze River Storage and other leading domestic production lines.

The company plans to raise and raise US $ 2.1 billion for high-end integrated circuit equipment R & D and industrialization projects and high-precision electronic component industrialization base expansion projects, aiming to gradually improve the layout of advanced process equipment and enhance market competitiveness.

Profit forecast, estimation and investment grade: We maintain our expectation that the company will achieve net profit attributable to its mother from 2019-2021.

89, 5.

75 and 7.

230,000 yuan, EPS 0.

85, 1.

26 and 1.

58 yuan, corresponding to PE 73, 49 and 39 times.The traditional semiconductor equipment industry is still in its growth stage. Consider using the PS method to evaluate, with overseas mature companies AMAT and ASML as comparable companies. PS estimates that the hub is 2-5 times and 5-8 times respectively.High performance growth, given 5-5 in 2021.

5x PS, with a discount rate of 10%, with a target market value of 316 in 2019.


2 ppm, with a target price range of 69.


9 yuan, maintaining the “recommended” level.

Risk warning: The industry demand is lower than expected, the equipment domestication progress is lower than expected, and the equipment verification progress is lower than expected.

Two Three Four Five (002195): Copy the interesting headline growth path and reshape the mobile traffic ecology

Two Three Four Five (002195): Copy the interesting headline growth path and reshape the mobile traffic ecology

Event: The company fully upgraded Star Alliance 2 at the end of July 2018.

Version 0, launched the Star Alliance APP.

We recently experienced the gameplay of the Star Alliance APP and judged it as an important strategic upgrade of the company’s mobile terminal business.

Opinion: Origins-to cope with the dilemma of mobile-end traffic ecology.

The essence of the company’s business has always been a traffic platform, and the shift from PC-side traffic to mobile-side traffic is a trend of the times.

The company has a mature traffic system on the PC side, and can use the URL navigation / browser as a centralized entrance for traffic, but the company faces the problem of fragmented traffic entrance on the mobile side.

In order to cope with the dilemma of mobile traffic ecology, after careful consideration, the company launched the Star Alliance APP at the end of July 2018.

The goal is to create an “Internet artifact” for “town youth” and reshape the ecology of mobile traffic.

The latest Star Alliance APP, everyone can participate in it, and the 2345 platform has also been upgraded to a traffic entrance for everyone to participate.

The daily use of the Star Alliance APP (registration, check-in, watching news, searching for content, downloading third-party apps, etc.), 2345 will reward users with certain points (can be converted into cash).

Stimulate user activity and usage time through the point system in order to capture and activate a large amount of mobile terminal traffic.

The company expects to make the Star Alliance APP a “Internet artifact” for young people in towns.

Outlook—Expect a growth path to replicate interesting headlines.

Qu Toutiao is likened to the “grassroots version” of today’s headlines by the industry. Its rocket-like rise 四川耍耍网 speed is a dark horse that shifts the mobile Internet industry and is also an important beneficiary of the mobile Internet’s third and fourth tier cities.

The keywords of its operation “magic” are “grassroots” (the target user sinks) and “net earning” (activating users through the point system).

The Star Alliance APP imitates the operation strategy of Fun Toutiao and expects to replicate its growth path to capture new traffic dividends from the mobile Internet.

Investment suggestions: The company’s mobile terminal business has made an important strategic upgrade, launched the Star Alliance APP, and reshaped the mobile terminal traffic ecology by following the operation strategy of Quoting Headlines.

Specifically, when users use the Star Alliance APP daily (register, sign in, watch news, search for content, download 青岛夜网 third-party apps, etc.), 2345 will reward users with certain points (can be converted into cash).

Stimulate user activity and use time through the point system in order to get a lot of mobile traffic.

At present, the Star Alliance APP has made gradual progress. Active users, usage time, etc., users have maintained a relatively healthy state in a vertical direction.

We believe that once the promotion of the Star Alliance APP is successful, it is expected to replicate the rising paths of interesting headlines and fight a lot, and activate the company’s mobile terminal business.

At the same time, the company’s fintech business operations continued to be stable and the overall development momentum was good.

We are optimistic about the prospects of the Star Alliance APP, and the EPS is expected to be 0 in 2018 and 2019.

31, 0.

41 yuan, maintain Buy-A rating, 6-month target price of 8 yuan.

Risk warning: Star Alliance APP promotion progress exceeds expectations.

Superstar Technology (002444): Interim report performance meets expectations and gradually develops to speed up challenges

Superstar Technology (002444): Interim report performance meets expectations and gradually develops to speed up challenges

2019H1 performance increased by 38.

68%, companies that responded quickly to adverse changes in the external environment 武汉夜生活网 released 19H1 interim reports: 19H1 companies achieved total operating revenue of 30.

3.9 billion + 38 per year.

28%, net profit attributable to mother 4.

4.4 billion + 38 per year.

68%, in line with expectations.

We believe that the reasons for the rapid performance growth include: 1) the overall controllable impact of trade frictions, the optimization of the competitive landscape, the company’s leading position in the field of hand tools and smart products continued to consolidate; 2) the company completed the European Lista in JuneAcquisition, 19H1 LISTA contributed 16.

01% performance growth rate; 3) Since April 19, RMB continued to depreciate.

We believe that by accelerating the pace of branding and transformation, the company can avoid adverse external impacts such as tariff increases to a certain extent, which will help consolidate performance indicators, achieve stable growth, and maintain profit forecasts. It is expected that the company’s EPS in 19-21 will be 0.



92 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

Significant achievements in strategic layout, high-speed growth of hand tools business, and abundant cash flow. The company gradually and actively expands new sales channels and new customers at home and abroad through endogenous + epitaxial two-wheel drive. It can target single categories such as LISTA and Prime-Line.The merger and integration of foreign companies has accelerated the process of internationalization.

According to the company’s announcement, the company’s hand tool and power tool business in 2019H1 achieved revenue26.

55 ppm, an increase of 40 in ten years.

63% of which eliminated the consolidation effect of LISTA, and the endogenous growth of the hand tools and power tools business was 16.

98%, higher than 14-18 years of endogenous composite materials10.


2019H1 The company achieved net operating cash flow1.

3 ‰ / year + 45.

47%, abundant cash flow.

Strengthening the building of private brands and enhancing international competitiveness, the gross profit margin increased significantly. The overall gross profit margin of the company in 2019H1 was 35.

17%, an increase of 6 a year.

96 pp, of which the company’s smart equipment business realized revenue3.

6.6 billion +20 per year.

40%, gross profit margin 36.

49%, an increase of 9 a year.

77pp; Hand tools and power tools business achieved gross profit margins of 34.

82%, an increase of 6 a year.

53 pp.

In our opinion, the main reasons are: 1) the company’s depreciation and appreciation in the first half of 19 will settle its profits in RMB; 2) the company is committed to building its own brands, the proportion of its own brands is increasing, and its international competitiveness is increasing.

The construction of overseas bases has accelerated, and the company’s ability to withstand the changes in the international environment of the empire has continued to increase. According to research, in the case of tariff increases, the company plans to achieve overseas supply to some core customers in consideration of the maintenance of long-term cooperative relationships with overseas customers.

The company started construction of a manufacturing base in Vietnam in 2018, and the base is expected to achieve production and supply in 2019Q4.

At the same time, the company is expected to start construction of a Thai factory this year to expand overseas production capacity.

We believe that the company’s overseas base layout and the development of overseas suppliers can improve the company’s ability to resist the adverse effects of the external environment.

The overall layout has taken shape, and the industry leader level is stable. We maintain our “Buy” rating and we maintain our profit forecast. It is expected that Juxing Technology will return to its parent net profit for 2019-2021.


12/9.9.3 billion, an annual increase of 16.

2%, 9.

5%, 8.

9%, three-year compound strength 11.

48%, earnings per share are 0.

78, 0.

85, 0.

92 yuan, corresponding to 14 for PE.



85 times.

The average PE of similar companies in the industry in 2019 is 13.

42 times. Considering that the company’s industry leaders are steadily merging, the 杭州桑拿网 branding and restructuring strategy has begun to take shape, competition and profitability are gradually increasing, and the ability to withstand changes in the external environment is constantly increasing. The growth potential will make the industry level.18 times PE estimates, the corresponding target price is 12.


04 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk reminders: economic growth in major overseas markets; exchange rate risk; less-than-expected progress in Vietnam plant operations; increased trade friction; less-than-expected progress in acquisition and integration

Gemdale Group (600383): Sales continue to increase at the beginning of the year

Gemdale Group (600383): Sales continue to increase at the beginning of the year
Event: The company announced sales in January 2020, and the company achieved a contracted area of 61 in January.40,000 square meters, +32 a year.7%; Achieved signing amount 122.400 million, +15 a year.2%.In January, the company added 38 new construction surfaces.90,000 square meters, +137 per year.7%; total land price 31.1 ‰, +296 per year.6%. Sales grew steadily, and long-term sales of materials were not pessimistic.In January 2020, the company achieved a contracted sales amount of 122.400 million, +15 a year.2%; Achieved contracted sales area of 61.40,000 square meters, +32 a year.7%; average sales price 19934.9 yuan / square meter, at least -13.2%.As the traditional off-season sales in January, the new crown epidemic hit in the second half of the merger, and the company’s sales still achieved steady growth.The impact of the epidemic on industry sales and construction may continue until the end of the first quarter and the beginning of the second quarter. We believe that the demand for house purchases will only be postponed and will not disappear. It is expected that the transaction will obviously pick up after the epidemic is under control. Active land acquisition, high-quality layout, strong guarantee of future performance.The amount of land taken in January was 31.1 ‰, +296 per year.6%; add surface 38.90,000 杭州桑拿 square meters, +137 per year.7%.The amount of land acquisition / sales amount is about 25.4%, +18 from the same period last year.0pct; the newly built / sale area is about 63.3%, +27 from the same period last year.9 points.Take the average price of 7995.5 yuan / square meter, +67 per year.3%, the average land price / average sales price is about 40.1%, still has a certain profit margin.The company newly added 3 projects in Harbin and Qingdao, and the layout still focuses on first-tier and second-tier cities.The company is active in land acquisition, and continues to overweight core metropolitan areas and first- and second-tier cities. The land layout is high, the saleable resources are abundant, and future sales have alternative guarantees. Investment suggestion: Gemdale Group, as an old-fashioned leading real estate enterprise, has achieved steady growth in sales in the 杭州夜生活网 first month of the new year.Considering that the company has sufficient land reserves, continues to overweight first-tier and second-tier cities and core metropolitan areas, it has industry-leading financing advantages and high dividends and low valuations. It has been incorporated into some provinces and cities and has issued relevant policies to support the real estate industry.stay optimistic.We maintain the company’s 19/20 expected EPS to be 2 respectively.24, 2.61 yuan, maintaining a target price of 16.97 yuan (corresponding to 2020 PE = 6).5X), maintaining the “highly recommended” level. Risk warning: there is uncertainty in the equity structure; industry sales expectations are higher than expected; the impact of the new crown epidemic is beyond expectations.

Beach skin tanning safety rules

Beach skin “tanning” safety rules

Although whitening and sun protection have always been enthusiastic for oriental women, many Chinese girls are also eager to try on the beach in the face of the “browning and healthier” style of “blackening”.
However, “tanning” is principled. Listen to the advice given by COSMO: Faced with the temptation of bronze skin, people will frantically try every means to darken themselves, but often ignore the incorrect blackening.Terrible consequences.
Although everyone knows that if we bathe in the sun, a little carelessness will hurt the skin, but our restraint is so weak when faced with the temptation of beauty.
  In this issue of COSMO, we interviewed several women who had paid a terrible price for incorrect tanning, and listened to their experiences, so that those people who are eager to tan may take less detours and avoid some painful experiences.
  If you find that you have made the same mistake, then listen to the suggestions of experts, how to get the ideal tan without damaging the skin.
  1 Wang Min: “One time, my good friend and I were going to the beach to participate in a fanatical sexy party. With only 2 days left, we were anxious to tan and show our sexy skin at the party.
So we first covered the whole body with baby oil, then put the air cushion in the swimming pool, and then covered the air cushion with tin foil, and lay on it all day.
As a result, we are simply burnt!
The degree of scorch was probably a second degree burn-a lot of blisters on the skin, and finally, let alone a party.
Expert opinion: Obviously, they violate several sun protection principles.
  First, dermatologists recommend that we avoid sunlight from 10 am to 2 pm, because the sun is the strongest at this time.
  Second, skin care products with an SPF of at least 15 should be used at all times.
Also, you should be able to observe the change in the color of your skin during the whole day of sun exposure. You should not wait until the blisters finally appear before stopping the sun exposure, because it is too late at that time.
When the skin becomes a little pink, your skin has been exposed to excessive sun exposure.
  Third, the move of tin foil around the air cushion is even more wrong. You should be aware that even if you just lie on the water surface, you should be alert: the water surface can reflect sunlight 100%, and like white surfaces around air cushions and swimming poolsIn order to reflect 80% of the daylight, so laying tin foil around the air cushion is an extra act.
  2 Lin Xinxin: “When we arrived at the beach, everyone was applying sunscreen for themselves. I would save this step and expose to the sun for an hour.
Then, I applied SPF30 sunscreen to make up for the loss of skin that I did not protect before.
This method can successfully tan, and I have not been sunburned.
Expert opinion: too dangerous!
An hour of sun exposure can cause severe skin burns.
Of course, you may be lucky. The skin was not sunburned at the time, but the potential problems caused by it were very terrible: skin texture, color change and skin diseases.
So, if you don’t want your skin to be rough, spotty, or even cancerous in the future, be sure to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF at least 15 half an hour before going out (because some sunscreens take half an hour to work).
  3 Xiaosi: “As soon as I got to the beach, I immediately applied a lot of sunscreen to my body-in fact, I hope my friends can see how responsible I am.
However, when we drank beer for a while and took a swim, I stopped applying sunscreen.
I’m too lazy to do it, I prefer to take a nap in the sun.
Expert opinion: Use sunscreen well in the beginning.
However, your second habit is not to be complimented-even if you use waterproof sunscreen, you should apply sunscreen again after swimming and after a lot of water, or after sweating a lot.
If you are not swimming or sweating, you should apply sunscreen every 2 hours.
  4 Effie: “When I was on vacation in Malaysia, I really wanted to make myself black, black and black!
I decided that the stupid bird would fly first-using only 8 SPF sunscreen.
Because I was lying on my side and fell asleep again. When I woke up, I found that one side of my body was burnt, and the other side was still so white.
After that, instead of stopping the sun, I continued to lie in the sun and turned my body back and forth in order to make my skin completely tanned. I wanted to make the skin’s color more even.
Later, I was exposed to blisters.
Expert opinion: It’s a big mistake to turn your body around like a pancake on a wok.
First, and most important, whenever you are sunburned, you must stay away from the sun until the sunburned area heals, otherwise the sun-damaged skin will be damaged twice.
  5 Mei Meifen: “I have a terrible herpes mark on my back. I am most afraid of wearing bikinis in public places.
However, when I found out that the sun made these nasty things look less obvious, and even made them dry, I would no longer apply sunscreen on my back, and my herpes-covered back could enjoy the extra benefits of sunlight.”Expert opinion: Ah, this is a typical example-satisfactory results and neglecting long-term harm.

Indeed, sunlight can reduce the further development of herpes and cause the skin on the surface of the herpes to fall off.

Absorption of ultraviolet light can cause rapid transfer of cells in capillary pores, and a small amount of ultraviolet radiation can also have anti-inflammatory effects.

However, its long-term harm to the skin, such as rough, multi-spot, and cancerous problems, is far greater than its short-term complications.

  6 Lili: “Last August, I was sunburned-I peeled a big piece of skin from my belly.

First of all, when I saw the floating quick-replacing skin, I felt it was particularly serious, and I couldn’t help but want to chop it down.

“Expert opinion: No one likes to suspend the skin half replaced on the skin-even, the desire to hurry it down becomes strong, and we have to live with it, because it is very dangerous.

Exposure to uncured skin can cause infections and scarring.

If you have scooped it down (but your skin doesn’t feel strange yet), you can apply an over-the-counter antibiotic ointment to the affected area.

However, if the affected area feels tingling or pus is seeping out, you can go to the hospital immediately.

Inventory: the best food for children calcium

Inventory: the best food for children “calcium”

Calcium supplementation is very important. This is also a common concern for many parents. However, although there are many calcium supplement products on the market, calcium tablets, oral liquids, etc., doctors advocate that calcium supplementation is better.
  What is calcium?
  Calcium is the most important element in the human body, accounting for 1.
5% ~ 2%, that is, 1200 ~ 2000 grams.
  99% of calcium is found in bones and teeth, and 1% in blood and soft tissue cells.
Bone is the human body’s scaffold, and it is also a calcium storehouse. When the human body lacks calcium, bone calcium is used to supplement it, and bone calcium and blood calcium are in a dynamic balance.
  Symptoms easily caused by calcium deficiency in children: anorexia, partial eclipse; difficulty falling asleep and awakening; colds; thinning hair; retarded mental development; toddlers, late or irregular teething; paroxysmal abdominal pain and diarrhea;Legs; chicken breasts.
  Calcium supplementation is very important. This is also a common concern for many parents. However, although there are many calcium supplement products on the market, calcium tablets, oral liquids, etc., doctors advocate that calcium supplementation is better than food supplementation.
  So, which foods are rich in calcium and suitable for babies?
  1. Milk and dairy products such as cheese.
  2. Tofu, soy milk and other soy products.
  3. Shrimp skin, kelp, seaweed, sea fish, fish bone meal and other aquatic products.
  4. Other foods: egg yolk, pork rib soup, rice flour, rhizome plants, sesame, hawthorn, etc.

Wheat Yangxin teaches you to use grains to raise five internal organs

Wheat Yangxin teaches you to use grains to raise five internal organs

“The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine” puts forward “grains for support”, that is, “grains” are the basis of diet and health. Traditional Chinese medicine has a theory that grains support the five internal organs. Due to regional differences, there are many different ways of saying grains.

… The Five Emperor’s Internal Organs in the Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic proposes that “the grain is for the purpose of maintenance”, that is, “the grain” is the basis of diet and health. Chinese medicine has the saying that the grain is supported by the five organs. Due to the regional differences, there are many different expressions of the grain., Grains of wheat, rice, soybeans, sorghum are most common on the table of ordinary people.

  1. Xiaomi Yangmi is the first grain, which has a good effect on nourishing the spleen and stomach.

To support the five internal organs, we must first support the spleen and stomach. Therefore, Xiaomi is a top-quality supplement for the frail, and it can supplement the qi and prolong life.

  Nourishing eating method: boil a pot of millet porridge, take the upper layer of rice oil to eat, this is the essence of millet porridge.

  2, rice lungs rice including rice, barley, etc., has the effect of nourishing yin and lungs, but also has the effect of nourishing the stomach.

  Nourishing eating method: When you have symptoms of lung fever, cough, etc., you can drink some boiled rice soup.

  3. Wheat is cultivated in autumn. Wheat is planted in autumn, it stops growing in winter, it has long leaves in spring, and it bears fruit in summer. It has become the essence of four seasons.

Traditional Chinese medicine also believes that it can nourish and calm the mind and remove irritation.

  Nourishing method: Take whole-wheat porridge with skin to help eliminate irritability; women’s menopause syndrome, when sweating and sweating, you can go to a Chinese medicine store to buy some floating wheat to boil water.

  4, soy nourishing kidney black soybean in soybean is the valley of kidney, Chinese medicine believes that it also has kidney tonic, detoxification, emollient effect, especially suitable for those with kidney deficiency.

Nourishing: make black soybean milk, or cook black bean porridge.

  5, sorghum liver and sorghum are soybeans and soybeans are miscellaneous grains, but indispensable supporting role in the grain, sorghum has the role of nourishing the liver and stomach.

  Nourishing eating method: Frying sorghum noodles has the effect of astringent and antidiarrheal. People with chronic diarrhea can continue to eat.

Isn’t skin light enough to supplement E?

Isn’t skin light enough to supplement E?

Many people think that the bad skin is mainly due to endocrine disorders. In fact, vitamin deficiency can also cause skin problems.

In addition, poor skin is not enough to supplement vitamin E, but also pay attention to other vitamins.

  Vitamin deficiency may cause skin problems, leading to vitamin A deficiency that may lead to follicular keratosis, vitamin B deficiency may cause seborrheic dermatitis, and vitamin C deficiency may cause swelling and bleeding of the gums, bleeding, and poor wound healing.

Therefore, the skin is not good, be sure to see if you lack vitamins.

  It should be noted that when it comes to the relationship between vitamins and skin, many people only know that vitamin E is good for the skin.

In fact, in addition to vitamin E, vitamins A and C are also important to the skin.

  Rough and dry skin-Vitamin A Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that helps the skin to form new cells, makes the skin softer, and prevents dryness and cracking.

Vitamin A can effectively improve the skin’s water-holding function and enhance the skin’s antioxidant function, which can maintain skin moisture, restore skin’s hydration and elasticity, and delay skin aging.

In fact, vitamin A can regulate the metabolism of the epidermis and stratum corneum of the skin, resist bacterial and radiation damage, make the skin soft and tender, and have anti-wrinkle and wrinkle-reducing effects.

  Insufficient vitamin A intake can lead to dryness of epithelial tissues in the early stage, which can lead to dry, rough skin, reduced elasticity, loss of gloss, and severely affect the cells of the whole body.

  Foods with serum vitamin A include animal liver, whole milk, eggs, etc.

In addition, β-carotene can be converted into vitamin A in the human body. Foods of this nutrient include spinach, carrot, pumpkin and the like.

  Dull skin lacks elasticity-Vitamin C is also called L-ascorbic acid.

In the human body, vitamin C is a highly effective antioxidant used to eliminate the oxidative stress of the ascorbate peroxidase substrate.

As vitamin C is a strong reducing agent, it can increase the activity of some metalloenzymes, which can help the skin resist free radicals generated by UV rays, avoid dark spots and freckles; effectively neutralize free radicals, and enhance the skin’s own resistanceAbility ;; improve skin lines, reduce fine lines and other skin problems caused by oxidation; promote metabolism, help collagen growth in the dermis, make the skin elastic and prevent aging.

  Long-term lack of vitamin C may cause gum swelling, bleeding, etc., which may lead to purpura and bruises after skin collision or compression.

  Vitamin C foods include kiwi, kale, guava, pepper, cherry and so on.

  Although vitamins are good, don’t overdo it. To add vitamins, you must first know what vitamins you lack.

The following points can be used as a reference, but to determine if you are really lacking, it is best to go to a professional medical institution for a trace element inspection.

  Vitamin A deficiency: Deep and obvious white lines on nails, dry hair, rough skin, memory loss, irritability and insomnia.

  Plasma Vitamin C: The wound is not easy to heal, weak, bleeding teeth, thick tongue coating.

  In addition, vitamin supplementation is not as good as possible. Experts point out that using vitamins as supplements in large doses or taking them incorrectly is harmful to the body.

Overdose of vitamins can also cause harm to the body, induce or cause many diseases.

A large amount of vitamin A can damage the joints of the arms and legs, reduce blood flow in the brain of healthy people, cause headaches, brain swelling and even death.

Too much vitamin C may cause stomach pain and intestinal dysfunction, but also affect the production of red blood cells, making people weak and fatigued.

  Vitamins can be classified into fat-soluble and substituted groups according to their physicochemical properties.

Fat-soluble vitamins, such as vitamins A, D, and E, are excreted more slowly in the body and tend to accumulate in the body after taking it, so the possibility of causing poisoning after overdose is high.

A small amount of vitamins are generally excreted and not easily accumulated, so they are relatively long and safe.

  Therefore, as long as we pay attention to the nutritional balance of the daily diet, correct partial eclipse, picky eating habits, and ensure sufficient nutrients such as vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, etc., in this way, a comprehensive and balanced diet can eliminate the need for vitamin supplements.

People who really need to supplement vitamins and trace elements should be symptomatic and safe under the guidance of a doctor.

Find the trap of getting fat

Find the trap of getting fat

Eating high-fat food for dinner, breakfast and lunch are all about eating fat!

From today on, we will explain to you the fat traps that you usually don’t notice!

  First, the food of the supreme high eaters The biggest culprit of too many modern people is that they eat too much high-transfer food for dinner, and then go to bed after a short time.

I believe that most people, breakfast is a casual meal, lunch is also rushed to solve outside, until dinner, there is plenty of time to eat.

It is also a psychological factor that rewards you, so it is easy to indulge yourself to enjoy Mongolian barbecue, steak, mutton stove, spicy pot and other high-quality food.

  If the food of sorghum is eaten with starchy food such as rice, bread or noodles, the insulin in the blood will increase rapidly, accelerating the synthesis and accumulation of cockroaches.

In addition, there is usually no activity after dinner, and the time of sleep is not long, so the hoarding is even faster.

  Eat fried or high-fat foods, after digestion and absorption, the fat will soon turn into blood fat accumulation.

This blood sputum will reach its highest point within three to five hours after eating high-conversion food.

For example, if you start eating dinner at 8:00 in the evening, it will end in half an hour.

Then, the blood in the blood began to climb at ten o’clock, and by the time of eleven to midnight, it will reach a peak.

  In addition, the accumulation of feces in the body is closely related to the action of insulin. If glucose, sugar or starch is eaten together with high-fat food, it will stimulate insulin secretion.

When the aunt’s index in the blood reaches its maximum, and the concentration of the supplement is increased, the mother cell becomes very active, and it is difficult to get fat.

  All in all, as long as you eat well at dinner, and the time drags on for a long time, it will take a long time to go to sleep soon after eating. The amount of blood and the concentration will decrease during sleep time, and at the same time reach a point, so it is difficult to escape the fat.Destiny.

This is why eating high-energy food for dinner can lead to weight gain.

  Although it is the culprit of fattening, if you don’t even take in a little bit of fat, it will cause uneven nutrition and cause rough skin.

Therefore, the good eating habits, the focus is on the method and type of ingestion, it is not necessary to regard sputum, as a nail in the eye, completely declined.

  Second, breakfast and lunch to solve the modern people in addition to dinner and eat more and better, breakfast and lunch casually eat, is also one of the characteristics.

Many people usually use bread and coffee to send breakfast, and some don’t even eat breakfast.

Because of lunch, it may also be a greasy lunch, or a simple noodle, dumplings, etc.

In fact, breakfast is the beginning of the day, and the activity time is also very long. If it is not good to eat breakfast, I think that all morning, when it is class or work, there will not be enough physical strength and endurance to cope.

  Moreover, although it is the culprit of fattening, if you don’t even take in a little bit of fat, it will cause uneven nutrition and lead to rough skin.

Therefore, the good eating habits, the focus is on the method and type of ingestion, it is not necessary to regard sputum, as a nail in the eye, completely declined.

According to the lunch, there is a choice depending on the content of the breakfast.

If the breakfast has already eaten enough feces, then you can eat a little low-conversion food for lunch.

  But why don’t you know if you don’t know breakfast or lunch?

This must be discussed from a psychological point of view.

People who often solve their breakfast and lunch are easy to compensate because of the lack of satisfaction, and the feeling of fasting will continue until dinner, so they have to eat a little snack pad.

Everyone knows that snacks are nothing more than desserts, chocolate or potato chips, all of which are high in sugar, high in conversion, and not enough to eat junk food.

You may say: “Although I have snacks, but I don’t eat much every time, I will not be fat!”

“However, just counting the snacks you eat all day long may make you frighten.”

  In addition, too simple breakfast and lunch will cause too much vegetable problems.

Western-style assorted salads, mainly lettuce, cucumber or tomato, from the point of view of balanced diet, more green, and vegetables that replace carotene, such as spinach, carrots, and squash.

And the high content of oil in Western-style salad dressing often causes you to ingest too much conversion invisibly.

  In addition to the exceptions, sweets are also one of the culprit of obesity; but in modern people’s diets, the chances of ingesting sugar together with sugar are really good, so you need to pay attention to it in your normal diet.

  Third, the aunt and the sugar to eat together, not fat is difficult to besides cockroaches, sweets are also one of the culprit of obesity.

However, according to the results of the University of Michigan, the sugar intake in the United States is not comparable to that of the thinner.

Therefore, whether the sugar will cause too much is controversial.Therefore, we will further observe the eating habits of Americans.

It turns out that the sweets that Americans are craving are like cakes, ice cream, chocolate or biscuits, and they contain sugar and traces of desserts. This is the crux of obesity.

  We have already confirmed that it causes obesity, so the University of Michigan initially assumed that if you eat it with sugar, it will speed up the accumulation of your uncle.

As a result, it was found that feces were eaten together with sugar, and were eaten separately from feces and sugar, and there was a clear difference in the amount of feces accumulated.

In other words, eat high-micro food 4?
Within 5 hours, when the trace index in the blood reaches a peak, if the sugar is absorbed to stimulate the intake and secretion, the result is a rapid accumulation of traces in the blood, resulting in the production.

  One example of research through the University of Michigan is that eating sugar does not make you fat, but if you eat it with you, the result is completely different.

When you ate burgers or fried chicken, isn’t it soda, cola, or even a milkshake?

You must be familiar with the fact that this misfortune is eaten with sugar.

Moreover, as far as desserts are concerned, there are more and more choices, and each one is made exquisite and delicious. When you look at it, you will be coveted and you can’t help but want to eat more.

But unfortunately, most of them are rich in butter and sugar, which is the killer of obesity.

  In modern people’s diets, there are too many opportunities for sputum and sugar to be taken together.

Everyone who loves beauty, in order to be embarrassed, must bear this research result in mind, and ignore it.