Yutong Bus (600066): Supplementary expected performance index for downgrade 18Q4 gross margin increased month-on-month

Yutong Bus (600066): Supplementary expected performance index for downgrade 18Q4 gross margin increased month-on-month

Investment highlights: The company released its 2018 annual report: the company achieved revenue of 317 in 2018.

5 billion, New Year’s Eve 4.

4%; net profit attributable to mother 23.

0 billion, 26 from the previous decade.

5%; 18Q4 realized income of 123.

7 billion, 13 from the previous decade.

0%; net profit attributable to mother 11.

0 billion, 10% over ten years.

The company plans to generate a cash dividend of 5 yuan (including tax) for every 10 shares, with a dividend rate of 48%.

The company’s performance was in line with expectations and dividends exceeded expectations.

  The 18-year overall performance was in line with expectations, cash flow improved, and dividends exceeded expectations.

Company bus sales in 2018 6.

10,000 vehicles, down 9 every year.

5%, including new energy buses 2.

50,000, 0 in the past ten years.


The company’s revenue will temporarily decrease in 20194.

4%, attributed to mother’s net profit level 26.

5%, as expected.

The company’s operating cash flow in 2018 was 25.

800 million, commented on -17 in 2017.

5 billion markedly improved, the company’s dividend rate in 2018 was 48% (35% in 2017) exceeded expectations.

  The company’s Q4 gross profit margin, single-bike profit increased more than the same quarter-on-quarter, and the profitability of new energy vehicles was significantly 武汉夜生活网 better than the industry.

The company achieved sales of buses in 18Q4.

130,000 vehicles, 19 over the past decade.

0%, realized income of 123.

7 billion, a ten-year average of 13.

0%, net profit attributable to mother 11.

0 billion, 10% over ten years.

18Q4 company gross profit margin 28.

0%, a year to raise 0.

8pct, which is an increase of 0 from the previous month.

7 points.

The company’s average revenue of 18Q4 bicycles was 580,000, which was 4/9 higher than the previous month.

10,000, the average profit of the bicycle is 5.

20 thousand, the previous / chain up 0.


30000.The company’s gross profit margin and overall profitability continued to rebound in Q3 and Q4, and the profitability of new energy significantly exceeded the industry average.

Mainly because of the company: 1) 18Q4 new energy sales accounted for nearly 60%, a slight increase from the previous month; 2) new models launched after the 18-year transition period can meet the highest standards and get 1.

21 times the state subsidy; 3) After the 18-year transition period, the new energy vehicle terminal payment price is expected to increase by about 20,000.

  The company’s cost control ability and technical capability level are leading in the industry. It is expected that the company’s profit will gradually stabilize and pick up, maintaining the rating of “prudent increase”.

In the short term, the subsidy for new energy buses will gradually decline in 19-20 years, but the absolute amount of decline is decreasing year by year. Considering the industry’s general price increase and the company’s industry-leading cost control capabilities, we believe the company’s new energy cost reduction is-20 years can basically offset the displacement of compensation; in the long-term view, the domestic new energy bus industry will gradually clear, the company’s new energy distribution promotion is a high probability event, and the company’s new energy business is expected to make breakthroughs in European and other export markets.

According to the latest situation, we adjusted the company’s net profit attributable to mothers to be 23 in 2019-2020.


500 million, the first announced net profit attributable to mothers in 2021 25.

300 million, maintaining the rating of “prudent overweight”.

  Risk reminder: New energy bus sales are lower than expected, and new energy buses have safety incidents.

Tiantan Biological (600161): Sales expansion efforts increase performance slightly beyond expectations

Tiantan Biological (600161): Sales expansion efforts increase performance slightly beyond expectations

Event: The company released its semi-annual report for 2019 and achieved revenue of 15.

60,000 yuan, an annual increase of 27.

9%, net profit attributable to mothers was 300 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 22%, net profit attributable to mothers after deduction of non-天津夜网deductibles was 300 million yuan, an annual increase of 23%.

Expansion of the sales side accelerated significantly, driving the performance slightly beyond expectations.

In terms of quarters, the company achieved revenue in 19Q2.

500 million US dollars, an annual increase of 28%, to achieve net profit attributable to mothers1.

60,000 yuan, an annual increase of 24.

6%, performance was slightly higher than expected.

1) In terms of sales, the company currently covers major key terminals in provinces and cities other than Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. It will continue to be 19H1. The company’s tertiary hospitals and other medical institutions will cover 9938 drugstores, an increase of 46%; of which 3436 will be covered by drug stores.It has grown by 64% every year, and has entered 25 benchmark hospitals and 36 key 合肥夜网 development hospitals. The number of company terminals currently leads the country, and the development of sales terminals has accelerated significantly. We believe that the potential of the domestic blood product market is still huge, and sales terminals are being dug.It is said to drive further volume of the company’s products.

2) In terms of core products: The sales promotion of the beneficiary company has been strengthened, and the company’s human albumin (equivalent to 10g) sales have increased by 30.

7%, Jing Cing (equivalent to 2.

5g) Sales increase by 20 per year.

8%; 2) In terms of the scale of pulp extraction, the continuation of 19H1, the company’s number of plasma collection stations (including substations) in 13 provinces / autonomous regions in the country reached 57, including 51 in the camp; during the 19H1 period, the company’s pulp extraction was about 802Tons, an annual increase of 8.

7%, both in the number of pulp stations and in the scale of mining companies are in the forefront of the country.

Production capacity is expected to open soon, and product lines are diversified and operating efficiency is expected to increase.

1) In terms of production capacity, the Yong’an blood system project of Chengdu Rongsheng, a holding subsidiary, is designed to have a capacity of 1,200 tons, including albumin, gamma globules and factor products. It is expected to complete completion inspection in March 2020. The completion of the Yongan blood system projectPutting into operation will enable the company’s single plant pulping capacity to reach the 1,000-ton scale, and the increase in scale efficiency will also drive down costs and contribute more profits.

2) In terms of product lines, Chengdu Rongsheng’s rabies patients’ immunoglobulins have been approved for drug registration, and the relevant production workshops have passed GMP certification. Recombinant human coagulation factor 正式 for injection has officially launched Phase I clinical research; a layer with independent intellectual property rightsThe precipitation process Jing Cing obtained the clinical trial notification of the drug. Through the continuous introduction of new products, the company’s profit level per ton of pulp will significantly increase.

3) In terms of operating efficiency, the running-in period of the integration of the previous blood products business has basically transitioned. It is expected that the company’s operating efficiency will continue to improve in the future. The core subsidiary companies such as Guizhou Blood System, Shanghai Blood System and Lanzhou Blood System will also gradually increase their capacity utilization.
Profit forecast and estimation.

It is expected that the net profit attributable to mothers for 2019-2021 will be 6, respectively.

300 million, 7.

700 million and 9.

3 trillion, a compound growth rate of 22% in 2019-21, corresponding to an estimated 47 times, 38 times and 31 times respectively.

Considering that the company is a leader in the domestic blood product industry, but there is room for extension and increase in production capacity, the company has room for growth and maintains a “buy” rating.

Risk reminder: the risk of intensified industry competition; the company’s operating efficiency improvement is less than expected risk.

Poly Real Estate (600048): Steady growth and quality

Poly Real Estate (600048): Steady growth and quality

Key Investment Events: The company released its annual report and achieved operating income of 1945 in 2018.

60,000 yuan, an increase of 32 in ten years.

7%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 189.

0 million yuan, an increase of 20 in ten years.

9%; performance was in line with expectations, and gross profit margin rose steadily.

In 2018, the company’s financial indicators were good, and its profitability increased steadily. The settlement of projects in 2018 benefited from the significant increase in the company’s settlement unit prices in southern and eastern China, and its overall gross profit margin increased.

The 45 averages are 32.

5%, net interest rate is 13.

4%, unchanged from the previous year.

In terms of period expense ratio, sales expense ratio increased by 0.

Four is three.

0%, which is usually kept low, and the financial expense ratio drops by 0 every year.

3 is 1.

3%, the company as the leading real estate central enterprises have low capital costs and prominent financing advantages.

In addition, in 2018, the company made provision for inventory depreciation based on market conditions23.

500 million yuan, accounting for about 6 of the total profit.


Sales increased steadily, and sales in South China were bright.

In 2018, the company achieved a contracted amount of 4,048.

200 million (+30.

9%), the sales area is 2766.

1 Magnum (+23.

4%), the first-tier, second-tier cities, and the six core urban agglomerations are the major sales contributors, accounting for 77%, of which the sales in South China are outstanding.There are 12 cities with more than 10 billion yuan, of which 40 billion have been signed in Guangzhou, and more than 25 billion in Foshan and Beijing.

In terms of receivables, the company achieved better cash withdrawals totaling 3,562 trillion in 2018, with a repayment rate of about 88%. It has gradually increased two in the context of tightening funds in 2018, and has a strong ability to manage and operate the project.

The main forces of the first and second lines of Xintuo soil storage may continue to benefit the development of urban agglomerations.

In 2018, the company’s newly acquired land capacity and construction area was 31.16 million countries, the land acquisition amount was 1927 trillion, and the unit price was 6186 yuan / square meter.

In 2018, the area of the first and second lines in Xintuo land accounted for 61%. Half of the third and fourth lines are located in the two major urban agglomerations of the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta. The quality of soil reserves is excellent.

As of the end of 2018, the company’s land reserves in 100 cities were approximately 19.54 million countries, of which 53 were under construction.

2%, 46 for development.

8%, 60% of the first-tier and second-tier cities in the undeveloped soil reserves, and 30% of the third-tier and fourth-tier cities.

The financial structure is solid, and the net debt ratio is further reduced.

In the context of the tightening financing environment in 2018, the company’s credit advantage was prominent. In 2018, it added 5 billion Chinese votes, 1 billion US dollars in bonds and 1.5 billion sustainable medium-term notes.

At the end of 2018, the company’s net debt ratio decreased year by year5.

Eight are 80.

6%, with interest at the end of the year, denied a budget of 2636.

6 trillion, accounting for only 18 due within one year.

5%, the total cost 武汉夜网论坛 is 5.

0%, which previously floated 0.2 units.

Earnings forecasts and investment advice.

The EPS for 2019-2021 is expected to be 1.

92 yuan, 2.

43 yuan and 3.

00 yuan, currently corresponding to the corresponding PE is 7 times, 6 times, 5 times.

Give the company a 9x estimate for 2019, corresponding to a target price of 17.

28 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk Warning: Sales growth may be lower than expected.

Global Printing (002799): The rapid development of the new contribution of the Internet precise marketing

Global Printing (002799): The rapid development of the new contribution of the Internet precise marketing

1. The leader of domestic pharmaceutical packaging segmentation. The controlling shareholder is Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Group. The performance has continued to grow rapidly since 19 years. Global Printing was established on June 28, 2001. As a leading domestic supplier of pharmaceutical packaging solutions, it is mainly engaged in pharmaceutical packaging.Product development, production, sales, and provide customers with integrated packaging solutions such as graphic design, structural design, warehouse management, logistics and distribution.

In addition, in 2018, the company passed the acquisition of Horgos Lingkai Network Technology Co., Ltd. to provide customers with accurate Internet marketing services; in 2019, it acquired Beijing Jinyin Associates International Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. to establish a supply chain management platform to integrate and integrate the industryDownstream resources.

The company’s equity structure is stable, and the actual controller is the SASAC of Shaanxi Province.

As of September 30, 2019, the company’s largest shareholder was Shaanxi Pharmaceutical Group, which has been holding the company 46 steadily since its IPO in 2016.

25% of the shares are the company’s main promoter, controlling shareholder and actual controller. It is a wholly state-owned company funded by the SASAC of Shaanxi Province.

Hong Kong Raw Stone and Bit Investment are mainly engaged in external equity investment and currently hold company shares respectively.

75% and 7.

5%, the second and third largest shareholders of the company.

The company’s main business of pharmaceutical packaging is stable. Since 19 years, it has benefited from the rapid development of mobile Internet advertising and its performance has accelerated significantly.

2014-2018 company revenue from 3.

92 ppm increased to 5.

550,000 yuan, a compound annual growth rate of 9.

10%; net profit attributable to mother from 0.

38 percent to zero.

28 ppm was mainly related to the increase in raw material prices and the increase in the proportion of corrugated cardboard business with a relatively high gross profit margin.

In 2019Q1-3, the company’s operating income was 8.

42 ppm, an increase of 130 in ten years.

23%; net profit attributable to mother is 0.

450,000 yuan, an increase of 177 in ten years.


The company’s consolidated gross profit margins for Q1-3 from 2014 to 2019 were 23 respectively.

66%, 23.

68%, 21.

34%, 19.

65%, 20.

99%, 15.

93%, relatively stable overall. The improvement in gross profit margin in Q1 2019 was mainly due to changes in business structure.

In terms of products, 2019H1 company’s pharmaceutical carton products achieved revenue2.

40,000 yuan, fluctuating slightly 5 years ago.

04%, accounting for 45% of total income.

89%; Mobile Internet advertising has been consolidated since October 2018, and the company’s mobile Internet advertising in H1 2019 achieved revenue1.

99 ppm, an increase of 237 in ten years.

29%, accounting for 44% of total income.


With the overall packaging business steadily rising, the company’s mobile Internet advertising business has developed rapidly, bringing new growth points for the company.

2. Deeply cultivating the pharmaceutical packaging industry, with high-quality customer resources and orderly expansion of production capacity. Since its establishment, the company has been deeply cultivating in the pharmaceutical packaging field, constantly improving the pharmaceutical packaging industry chain, vigorously developing in the fields of pharmaceutical internal and external packaging, and forming an overall packaging marketing model.To enable pharmaceutical companies to enjoy one-stop services at Global Printing and help customers optimize supply chain management.

The company has a full range of products from pharmaceutical aluminum tubes, instruction manuals, packaging boxes, and outer packaging boxes. It has always integrated into the leading position in the domestic pharmaceutical packaging field, and coexists in the competitive advantages formed by pharmaceutical packaging, and has gradually expanded into the field of consumer product packaging.

The company maintains good cooperative relations with well-known pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad, and has excellent customer resources.The company has an excellent customer base composed of many well-known brand pharmaceutical companies including Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Xi’an Janssen, Changchun High-tech, Hualan Biological and many other well-known brands.

Of the 13 pharmaceutical companies in the Fortune Global 500, 9 are long-term strategic partners of the company. At the same time, pharmaceutical companies and companies among the top 500 domestic enterprises have cooperated with more than 50% of the companies.

Therefore, the company’s main pharmaceutical packaging business will still maintain stable growth.

The domestic pharmaceutical packaging market has broad space, and the company’s production capacity has been expanded in an orderly manner to quickly meet customer needs.

According to the data of the “China Pharmaceutical Packaging Industry Market Prospect and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report” data, in 2018 China’s pharmaceutical packaging industry market size exceeded 100 billion yuan, reaching 106.8 billion yuan, maintaining stable growth.

Among them, the pharmaceutical packaging market is fragmented, and there are many companies in the industry, and the market concentration has decreased.

The domestic pharmaceutical packaging industry has large-scale and specialized production capabilities. The domestic pharmaceutical packaging enterprises are mainly Global Printing, Shenzhen Jiuxing, etc., and large-scale enterprises are still replacing.

With the country’s continuous evaluation in the generic pharmaceutical industry, environmental protection policy measures and raw material prices have risen, the market share of companies in the pharmaceutical market and pharmaceutical outsourcing market has continued to rise, and market concentration has been promoted.

The company’s production capacity expanded in an orderly manner, effectively covering the national market.

At present, the company has two major production bases in Xi’an Headquarters and Tianjin Global. The total design capacity of pharmaceutical packaging folding cartons exceeds 4 billion pieces per year. At the same time, it can seamlessly cover the domestic Northeast, North China, Central Plains, Northwest and Southwest regions, and replace services.Members of Congress, increase responsiveness.

In addition, the company’s business has gradually radiated into the field of consumer goods packaging, and has covered packaging services in the fields of fast-moving consumer goods, medical devices, health foods, fine chemicals, cosmeceuticals and electronic products.

In addition to producing outer boxes for ZTE mobile phones, the company also successfully entered Yili, L’Oreal, Betheny and other well-known fast-moving consumer goods supply systems in 2019.

3. The extension and transformation of the industrial chain, the rapid development of mobile Internet advertising business, the continuous layout of 无锡夜网 multiple fields to comply with the development trend of intelligent upgrading of the industry, centralized integration, and effectively improve business synergy and increase customer stickiness. The company has acquired Huo in 2018 and 2019 respectively.Ergos Lingkai Network Technology, Beijing Jinyinlian supply chain, by helping customers carry out comprehensive and accurate digital marketing and provide better value-added services based on the supply chain platform.

According to the company’s announcement on August 3, 2018, the company took 1.

Acquired 70% of Horgos Lingkai’s equity of 3.1 billion U.S. dollars, performance commitment, Horgos Lingkai’s 2018 net profit is not less than 45 million yuan, and the net profit should gradually be no less than RMB by the end of 2018-20201.

4 trillion, and maintain growth.

Horgos Lingkai’s main business is mobile Internet precision advertising, each with its own technology-driven integrated digital advertising platform, which can help advertisers achieve cost-controllable, transparent, secure and stable precision marketing for different customer requirements., Effectively reducing promotion costs.

It mainly provides mobile-end effect marketing for today’s headlines, Netease, Sohu, Dangdang, Gaode Map, Douyin and other well-known APPs.

Horgos Lingkai started consolidation in October 2018. From October to December 2018, Horgos Lingkai achieved operating income of 5942.

430,000 yuan, net profit of 779.

08 million yuan; of which net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 545.

350,000 yuan, accounting for 19% of the company’s net profit attributable to its mother in 2018.


From January to June 2019, Horgos Lingkai achieved operating income1.

99 trillion, accounting for 44% of the total revenue of the company in 2019H1.

52%; net profit 2027.

760,000 yuan, of which the net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company was 1,419.

420,000 yuan, accounting for 49% of net profit attributable to mothers in H1 2019.


The mobile internet advertising business for Horgos Lingkai brings new growth points for the company. Through the company to carry out all-round accurate digital marketing for existing customers through Horgos Lingkai, effectively helping customers improve brand awareness,Broaden sales channels, promote customer business development, and gradually strengthen good and stable cooperative relations between the company and customers.

In addition, the company announced on May 20, 2019 that 1.

Acquired 70% of Beijing Jinyinlian International Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. for $ 2.2 billion.

Beijing Jinyinlian promised that the net profit in 2019, 2020 and 2021 will not be less than 20 million yuan, 22 million yuan and 24 million yuan, respectively, and maintain the growth trend.

Beijing Jinyinlian is a comprehensive solution provider focusing on providing printing materials and services for printing enterprises. It has established a complete sales and technical service network in developed areas of the major printing and packaging industries in the country including Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, the Pearl River Delta, and the Yangtze River Delta.The parent company and its subsidiaries have accumulated more than 1,000 high-quality customer resources in the publishing and printing, pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging, and tobacco packaging industries.

After the acquisition of Beijing Jinyinlian, the company will use the industry supply chain management as the starting point to build a supply chain management platform covering the information flow, logistics, and capital flow of the printing and packaging industry, integrate the upstream and downstream resources of the industry, and synchronize the Jinyinlian customer expansion.With more market shares in the pharmaceutical and even fast-moving consumer goods sectors, industry consolidation is further promoted.

4. Implement the first phase of employee stock ownership plan to promote long-term development of the company According to the announcement on August 3, 2018, Global Printing intends to implement the first phase of employee stock ownership plan.

As of January 31, 2019, the company’s first employee shareholding plan has completed stock purchases, and the company’s stock has been gradually purchased through the secondary market 143.

140,000 shares, accounting for 0 of the company’s total share capital.

95%, the total transaction amount is 1753.
260,000 yuan, with an average transaction price of 12.
25 yuan / share, the stock lock-up period is 12 months.

We believe that the implementation of the first phase of the company’s employee stock ownership plan further binds the interests of company executives and core employees, improves the level of corporate governance, and promotes the company’s long-term, sustainable and healthy development.

5. Investment suggestion Global Printing is a leader in the domestic pharmaceutical packaging industry. It has a state-owned background, high-quality customer resources, and rapid development of new businesses such as mobile Internet advertising.

We estimate that Global Printing’s operating revenue for 2019-2020 will be 12 respectively.

08, 17.

71 ppm, an increase of 117 per year.

61%, 46.

52%; net profit attributable to mothers is 0.

63, 1.

03 million, an increase of 125 each year.

00%, 56.

53%, corresponding to PE of 47.

6x, 29.

1x, first time coverage with “Buy” rating.

6. Risks indicate the policy environment of the pharmaceutical industry, the development situation is less than expected; changes in raw material prices; new business development is less than expected, etc.

Men’s dreams, slippery shots work _1

Male dream remnant, slippery effect

Nocturnal emission refers to the two symptoms of dream residue and synovial sperm.

Those who have dreams and remnants are called dream remnants; those who do not slip out due to dreaming or seeing sex are called slippery.

The etiology is mainly caused by various reasons.

More common in sexual neurasthenia, seminal vesiculitis, orchitis, and certain chronic diseases.

  [Etiology and pathogenesis](A) Heart and kidney discomfort: Excessive thoughts, or indulgence of indulgence, heart fire cannot be delivered to the kidney, kidney water cannot be fed to the heart, heart and kidney are not intersected, water is deficient and the heart fire is hyperactive, disturbingSemen room, many dreams left behind.

  (2) Loss of Kidney Deficiency: Atrioventricular insufficiency, or kidney damage due to chronic illness, loss of seals, imperfect seizures, and slippery semen.

  (3) Damp and heat betting: Damp and heat connotation, flowing down, disturbing the fine room, the fine level is not solid, resulting in nocturnal emission.

  [Symptoms and signs](1) The main symptoms of heart-kidney failure are: nocturnal emission in dreams, dizziness, palpitations, upset, backache, tinnitus, yellow urine, red tongue, and pulse count.

  Governing Law: Take the Shaoyin Meridian points with acupuncture and diarrhea; acupuncture points with Shaoyin Meridian and acupuncture.

To traffic the heart and kidneys, Gujing stop.

  Prescription: Shenmen Xinyu Taixi Zhifang Fangyi: Shenmen, Xinyu, lowering Xinhuo to communicate heart and kidney; Taixi Yishen Qi, with Zhishi Guan to Gujingguan.

  (2) The main evidence of kidney deficiency: frequent spermatorrhea, regardless of day and night, motion, and often see semen slipping out when seeing, tired and thin, pale, pale tongue, and weak pulse.

  Governing Law: Take the foot sun, foot Taiyin and Renmai Meridian as the main points.

Acupuncture is used for tonifying and moxibustion to nourish kidney and solid essence.

  Prescription: Shenshu Zhishi Mingmen Guanyuan Sanyinjiao Fangyi: Shenshu, Zhishi Bushen Yishen Guan Gujing; Guan Men Wenshen Shen Yigu Sealed; Guan Yuan Da Bu Qi, Pei Yuan Yi Gu Gu, Sanyin Jiao JianpiLiver and kidney.

  (3) The main evidence of hot and humid betting: frequent spermatorrhea, semen during urination, less upset, bitter and dry mouth, unpleasant urination, yellow greasy tongue coating, and pulse count.

  Governing Law: Take Renmai, mainly foot meridian points.

Acupuncture uses diarrhea to clear heat and dampness, and calm the palace.

  Prescription: Zhongji Yinlingquan Sanyinjiao Fangyi: Zhongji Yinlao’s bladder acupoints, which can release bladder air, so that damp heat can be discharged from the urine; Yinlingquan, Sanyin Jiao Jianpi dampness, clearing heat and diuretic; Zhongji, SanyinjiaoIt is also the acupoint of the Zusanyin Meridian Intersection. The middle pole is located on the lower abdomen. Therefore, the two points can be used to solidify Ninggong, and the various points can be used to clear heat and dampness, and prevent sperm leakage.

  [Other therapies]1.

Auricular acupuncture points: external genital endocrine Shenmen heart and kidney method: take 2-3 points each time, light stimulation, leave the needle for 15-30min, you can also use auricular points to press beans.


Acupoint injection for acupoint selection: Guan Yuanzhong’s Jizhi room method: use vitamin B1 or angelica injection, inject 0 at each point.


5ml, when the needle feels mixed with the anterior yin after the needle is inserted, slowly push in the medicine solution.

Demystifying: What are the psychological characteristics of women?

Demystifying: What are the psychological characteristics of women?

With the menstrual flow and feminine development of women’s body, they feel that they are no longer a naive child, and feel that they are more and more obviously different from men.

The performance of sexual psychology mainly has the following three aspects: (1) The pursuit of sexual knowledge is familiar and the interest in sexual knowledge appears, which is the inevitable consequence of adolescent sexual psychology.

Women’s pursuit of sexual knowledge is more open than men’s.

Most of their sexual knowledge comes from the classroom. They often have sexual problems with friends and mothers.

When they first entered puberty, their mothers overlapped and penetrated. As they grew older, they were more willing to read related books and magazines to learn about sexual knowledge.

  (2) Adolescents and men who are adored with the opposite sex yearning and pursuing each other are the normal stages of their sexual physiological development.

When women enter puberty, they often have a feeling of panic and panic in the beginning, and they are shy, embarrassed, and very experienced in front of others.

With the further development of sexual consciousness, from the alienation period of the opposite sex into the approaching period of the opposite sex, they began to feel attracted by the opposite sex, and created the emotional needs to approach the opposite sex.

At this time, women’s friendship circle began to expand or switch from same-sex friends.

They like the opposite sex with characteristics such as good study, chic, humorous, mental and capable.

They have some rationality in choosing friends of the opposite sex.

In the interaction with friends of the opposite sex, women’s emotional experience is quite rich and extremely delicate.

They began to pay attention to grooming their appearance and using “beauty” to shape themselves.

In the face of the opposite sex, she is quiet, dignified, and generous.

The relationship between men and women during this period is not necessarily true love.

Their interaction with the opposite sex is mostly a psychological need.

They don’t value the opposite sex as much as men.

This is a manifestation that female sexual psychology matures earlier than male.

Once a loved one is found, some girls will fall in love with him, like everything about him, and regard it as part of themselves, that is, give up all their feelings.

  (3) Sexual desire Adolescents enter sexual adolescence and have sexual desire and sexual impulses, which are normal physiological and psychological phenomena in development.

In the opposite sex, women do not begin to be associated with sexual desire.

The expression of their sexual consciousness is implicit, its development is gradual, its progress is slow, its emotional experience is deep, and its sexual desire is not urgent.

During love, women value the psychological contact and emotional exchange between the sexes.

  Generally speaking, women are more cautious about the physical relationship between the two sexes, and most of them value their virginity.

However, because women’s feelings are very deep and strong, when the other party asks for sex, they often come out of their feelings for her boyfriend, and can’t insist on their will to submit to the other party.

Is it true that a girl has a gynecological disease?

Is it true that a girl has a gynecological disease?

[Leader]Little girls also have gynecological diseases. Is this true?

It’s unbelievable, let Xiaobian introduce it in detail!

  Ms. Han: My daughter is 12 years old. In April of this year, she got bacterial pharyngitis. After treatment, it was repeated again in May.

In early June, the child developed itchy genitals, a reddish vaginal opening, pale yellow secretions on the panties, and the leucorrhea turned into a tofu-like residue, but no odor.

Go to the hospital to test the vaginal discharge routine, the doctor diagnosed vulvitis, and prescribed some medicine for internal or external use.

After taking the medicine for more than a month, all the symptoms disappeared, but repeated after stopping the medicine.

My daughter usually pays great attention to personal hygiene, washing, changing frequently, and drying.

What should she do?

Is it also infected in the vagina?

Need to do some checks?

  A: Experts believe that from the situation you described, the diagnosis of vulvitis in your daughter is obvious, and simultaneous insertion of vaginitis cannot be ruled out.

Common vulvar and vaginitis in women are trichomoniasis, candida vaginitis and bacterial vaginosis (mixed infection caused by various anaerobic bacteria, facultative anaerobic bacteria and mycoplasma).

Due to the different types of pathogens and the degree of inflammation, the amount and color of leucorrhea are also different, which can be milky white or yellow-green purulent leucorrhea.

From the perspective of leucorrhea, trichomonas vaginitis is often foam-like, and candidiasis vaginitis is often dreg-like or curd-like.

Your daughter is fatal. If you have vaginitis at the same time, you need to confirm the diagnosis based on the results of the doctor’s examination. You should take your daughter to the hospital for examination again. If necessary, you can do pathogen culture of vaginal secretions.Sexual treatment.

Using diet without clever diet

Using diet without clever diet

Extremely obese people are mainly eating disorders or hyper appetite or prefer fatty and sweet food.

Over time, it will lead to spleen loss of health, lung disorder, and obesity due to dampness and phlegm.

  Therefore, weight loss should be based on the principles of strengthening the spleen and dampness, digesting food, accumulating blood and removing blood stasis, and reducing phlegm and stagnation.

The use of medicated diet to lose weight is based on the above principles, the appropriate supplement of food and drugs to make delicious meals.

Foods commonly used for weight loss include medicines like barley, poria, melon, lotus leaf, lettuce, tofu, radish, bitter gourd, cucumber, wolfberry, hawthorn, kelp, etc.

  Medicated diet to lose weight, no dieting, no change in eating habits, no pain and discomfort.

But the effect is slow, so it is necessary to persevere in order to receive good results.

  Ingredients for braised winter melon: 500 grams of winter melon, noodle sauce, soy sauce, clear soup, wet starch, spring onion, MSG, and vegetable oil.

  Production: Peel and wash the melon, cut into 3 cm long, 2 cm wide, and 1 cm thick pieces.

Add an appropriate amount of vegetable oil to the frying spoon. When it is hot to 40%, add the onion ginger, stir-fry the noodle sauce, then add melon, soy sauce, clear soup, and burn with low heat until the melon is rotten.can.

  Raw materials of hawthorn kelp: 300 grams of seaweed kelp, 100 grams of fresh hawthorn, 30 grams of white sugar, onion, ginger and cooking wine.

  Production: Wash the kelp, put it in the pot, add onion ginger, cooking wine, water, boil over high heat, then simmer with low heat, remove and cut into thin filaments, remove the haw to core, and cut into filaments.

Then, the kelp shredded with white sugar is evenly blocked, mixed into the dish, sprinkled with hawthorn silk, and then sprinkled with a layer of white sugar.

  Ingredients of Poria tofu: 500 grams of tofu, 30 grams of coriander powder, 40 grams of pine nuts, carrots, shiitake mushrooms, egg whites, refined salt, cooking wine, clear soup, and flour.

  Production: Tofu is squeezed to remove water, carrots are cut into diamond-shaped slices, and eggs are beaten until foamy.

Cut the tofu into small cubes, sprinkle with Poria powder, refined salt, then flatten the tofu pieces, smear egg whites, place mushrooms, carrots, pine nuts, steam in a steamer for 10 minutes on high heat, and remove.

Pour the broth, refined salt, and cooking wine into the pot and boil. Add starch to the pan and cook on tofu.

Gastrointestinal disease how to self-massage gastroenterology self-massage

Gastrointestinal disease how to self-massage gastroenterology self-massage

Chronic disease self-massage gradually gradually chronic diseases, such as kidney disease, chronic gastritis, gastroptosis, habitual constipation and other symptoms, from the perspective of Chinese medicine health care, can be treated with self-massage.

The self-massage method is as follows: 1. Massage the abdomen.

Before the patient gets up in the morning and before going to sleep in the evening, use the seat or supine on the bed (in the cold when the bed is cold), use one hand to rotate around the navel to try to figure out, then use the other hand to reverse the direction50?
About 100 times, try to use force when trying to figure out.


Massage tap.

Use one hand’s thumb or forefinger, middle finger, and ring finger to push down at any point on the abdomen. Press the time to reach the depth that can no longer be pressed, then slowly raise it and count it as one.

One point can be tapped 3?
5 times, you can click at any point on the abdomen, but it is best to click down from the top of the abdomen, or you can click down on the patient’s custom route.

If you press the abdomen to maintain it, the curative effect is generally significant, not only can cure diabetes, but also help you fall asleep and exercise.

When tapping, the blood in the internal organs of the pressed part is squeezed out, and the blood that is squeezed out when it is slowly raised flows back again, so that the flow can be repeatedly in and out, and it is naturally possible to get sick and exercise.

When massage and tapping the abdomen, it often promotes gastrointestinal motility, often snoring, farting and other reactions.

However, it is not advisable to practice this work when the barrel is used.

When there are symptoms such as acute inflammation, tumor, bleeding or high fever, it is not advisable to practice this function.

The number of times of massage and abdomen can be increased or decreased depending on the condition.

Write a love letter for yourself

Write a love letter for yourself

On this spring afternoon, her husband went back to his hometown to visit her mother-in-law, and her daughter went out to play with her classmates.

When I was at home, I felt lonely, because the air was full of flowers, and the sun and the spring breeze kept predicting the news of spring on my balcony.

At this moment, I received a call from a man. He said, “When we are old, live together, upstairs and downstairs, or door to door.

“In an instant, my heart is as gentle as water.”

This man is my first love, but I never told him.

For many years, we have been confidantes who have nothing to say, and there is also an unnamed cherish and distress between them.

He didn’t drink drunk, and he didn’t know why. He suddenly called it out on the phone.

  I am stunned, but I am so happy, as if I saw the future long after a long time, we sat together to have tea, among them his wife, my husband.

  This kind of feeling, we are not willing to tell what it is, but we all know that the other party will cherish themselves for each other, but will not disturb our life because of it.

  He finished talking on the phone and hung up.

At that moment, I suddenly wanted to do something, whatever, just as if I didn’t do anything, I was disappointed with the kind of spring and his phone.

  I drank tea, listened to music, and then talked to a circle of friends, but still could not release the gentleness of my heart.

What else can I do?

Ah, if you have it, write a letter and don’t send a letter.

Perhaps to yourself, perhaps to him, or perhaps to a nonsexual homosexual confidant.

  I searched everywhere and couldn’t find the stationery I wanted.

I put on my clothes, hurried to the street, went to the stationery store to find the stationery I wanted, pink or pink or pink.

There are small flowers around, and a delicate fragrance.

  When I got home, I finally sat down in front of me, spread out the letter paper and started writing letters.

Who is it for?

Ah, no matter who doesn’t matter, use the term “the dearest friend”. This title is suitable for yourself and is also suitable for others.

  I wrote and wrote, but I still wrote to myself.

Maybe not right, when I wrote to a teenager, I was separated by myself 18 years ago.

I was so stressed in the letter: “I saw you, at the end of the desk, waiting for the tension at the new table.

You wore your sister’s old red plaid dress that day, the sleeves are a bit long, you keep trying to pull the sleeves up.” Memory is a very strange container, all the details will be stored inside, but by a specialThe opportunity can come out again.

Because this afternoon, his phone call, and my letter, the situation one morning 20 years ago, once again clearly presented to me.

20 years ago, my own, pale face, shining eyes, clearly revealing the young and sprouting heart.

  At this moment, I am full of sincere respect for myself 20 years ago, and of course I love it. The lovely girl, pure and beautiful, can accurately like a noble boy when she is ignorant.

And many years later, the boy became a man and gave an accurate response to the pink heart.

  After writing the letter, I collected it and received it in my private safe. The husband consciously refused to see or see the place.

Everyone has certain secrets, or sweet or sour or painful secrets.

Before that, my secret was just a passbook of private money, which was not even a secret.

  For a long time, as long as I remembered the letter, I felt happy in my heart.

This makes me who has to be a housewife at home because of my child and feels that life is good.

  Soon, the husband came back from his hometown.

I came back to me with a big box and a small bag of good fortune.

I looked at the man who was going to enter middle age soon. He no longer regained his handsome and handsome, but added a lot of home-style atmosphere.

In the past, he had to be simple and uncomfortable. When he went out, he refused to pull countless boxes. His former hearts were in the air, and he refused to show too much emotion for going home or traveling.  And most importantly, I thought that when he went home, he would be more free. He also stood in the kitchen with joy and joy, and even screamed and sang songs.

It turned out that I was looking forward to him back.

After a while he had finished the shower, he squeezed into the kitchen to cook.

I couldn’t help but kiss him on his face full of soap.

His eyes were shy and his face was a bit red.

  I laughed, so happy moments, it’s good.

  As I cook, I have already written the draft, the letter of the letter, and my letter.

  The letter was delayed until the next day when I was free to write.

My husband went to work, my daughter went to school, and the quiet home was just right for me to sit down and write to me with the beautiful stack of stationery.

At the same time as writing a letter, I once again clearly revisited yesterday: his hope and relaxation at the moment of opening the door, he gave me a box of things when he was petting and smiling, and he was surprised when he was a pro.
  I told myself in the letter 30 years later: “Please remember this moment, you have been so warm.

“Yes, in the lost love season, our credentials have been lost because of the turmoil of youth, and the sweet memories that have been there have also been wiped out by the dullness and dullness of marriage.”

At this moment, I must write down this moment of my heart, give me a voucher of love after 30 years, and leave me a sweet memory for me 30 years later.

  Write a letter to yourself and relive the good times that have just passed or have been a long time.

Life is so long, we don’t need the applause of others, we need to affirm and encourage ourselves.

Be sure of yourself before, encourage yourself later.

So give yourself a handwritten letter before or after, than to write any love letter to come with passion, to be smart and wise.