Wuliangye (000858): Shake off opponents to catch up with Maotai

Wuliangye (000858): Shake off opponents to catch up with Maotai

Investment recommendations suggest the future 3?
Five years of heavy storage in Wuliangye, grasping the pricing power and market influence brought by the improvement of Wuliangye’s quality and capacity, boots have brought high sales growth and continued price increases.
5 year golden cycle.

Reasons First of all, the three major improvement strategies of quality, efficiency and production capacity are expected.

The new leader of the company can deeply understand the gap between Wuliangye and Moutai, adjust the Wuliangye-based wine to 3 years, set the Wuliangye-based ratio to 20%, and implement 10 new capacity constructions. We believe thatWuliangye’s product 北京夜网 pricing power will be significantly improved, and Moutai’s supply will continue to grow slowly in the next three years, which will indirectly help Wuliangye’s volume and price rise.

Overall, the demand for high-end mass consumption is strong, and the sales volume of Wuliangye 2 in 2018 cannot match the high-end wave of mass liquor.

The sinking of Wuliangye’s channel will bring continuous heavy demand, and the existing channel dealers have a strong demand for Wuliangye’s brand agency.

We estimate 300?
The 800 yuan market size has reached nearly 10 inches, of which about 87.

5% is Luzhou-flavor liquor, and maintains a continuous growth of about 20%, which is conducive to the volume of Luliang Wulongye, while other flavors lack the support of the second-end consumer group.

Finally, by transforming Wuliangye’s premium wine ratio from 10% to 20% in the next few years, the profitability will be significantly improved, so that the proportion of series wine will be more conducive to the high-end of Wuliangye’s brand image.

Earnings Forecast and Estimates As we are optimistic about the improvement of profitability brought about by the future heavy volume of Wuliangye, we raise the net profit attributable to the parent company in 2019/201.

7% / 4.

3% to 164.


93 ppm, and due to the upward movement of the estimated centrality caused by excessive market sentiment, we raised our target price by 22% to 127 yuan, corresponding to 30 / 23X P / E in 2019/20 and currently corresponding to 18/2019/20.


The price-earnings ratio is 2 times, and the target price has 61% growth space. Maintain the recommended 北京桑拿洗浴保健 level.

Risks If the quality of Wuliangye can’t be kept stable, the volume will be vulnerable.

Hefei Department Store (000417): 1H19 net profit for two years -16.

6% of major retail businesses are under pressure

Hefei Department Store (000417): 1H19 net profit for two years -16.

6% of major retail businesses are under pressure

1H19 results are lower than our expected 1H19 results: revenue 59.

63 ppm, a six-year increase of 6.

9%; net profit attributable to mother 1.

370,000 yuan, corresponding to a profit of 0.

175 yuan, 16-year average of 16.

6%, deducting non-net profit twice extended 32.

7%, which was lower than our expectation, mainly due to the decline of the macro economy and increased competition, which brought down the profit of the main retail business and the impact of equity investment in Huarong Consumer Finance.

By quarter, Q1 / Q2 revenue is +9 each year.

6% / + 3.

3%, net profit is +5 each year.

7% /-66.


Development trend 1. Revenue growth has improved.

Revenue in the first half of the decade increased by 6 years.

9%, second-quarter revenue growth potential to increase.

By segment: 1) Department stores (including home appliances): Revenue for two years -1.

35%, mainly due to the intensification of industry competition and the market downturn. In terms of store efficiency, department store / appliance same-store revenue increased by +6 respectively.

4% /-11.

5%; 2) Supermarket: Ten years of revenue +5.

32%, same store revenue / net profit +1.

2% /-3.

3%, 2/5 new stores will be opened / closed in the first half of the year, and franchise development will be launched; 3) Agricultural products trading: revenue +3 for one year

47%, business expansion drives the annual circulation of agricultural products.

2%; 4) Real estate: Report consolidated revenue 3.

$ 4.6 billion, mainly due to the substantial increase in real estate sales of Zhougudui Real Estate Company.

2. Expense control needs to be strengthened.

In the first half of the year, the gross profit margin increased by 1.

7ppt to 20.

3%, we think it is mainly driven by high gross profit real estate and agricultural products trading business.

In terms of expenses, the sales expense ratio and the management expense ratio have been increased by 0.

1ppt / 0.

1ppt, maximize the financial expense ratio to 0.

2ppt, mainly due to the increase in loan interest expenses.

In addition, equity participation in Huarong’s consumer finance investment may also weigh on profits, with net profit margins falling by zero.

6ppt to 2.

3%, deducting non-net profit margin fell by 1 year-on-year.0ppt to 1.


3. Pay attention to the progress of SOE reform and the improvement of operating efficiency.

The main companies in the report focused on the core business, the department store business model focused on promoting digital transformation, 19 stores launched small programs, and the number of electronic members in the report increased by 78%; agricultural product circulation expanded new business space, and the scope of radiation continued to expand. Chizhou Top 100 Agricultural Product Logistics ParkThe project 深圳桑拿网 construction is advancing steadily; the supermarket format continues to expand outlet coverage and accelerates the takeover operation of standardized vegetable markets.

In addition, as the regional retail leader controlled by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Hefei Province, the company will follow up on the reform of state-owned enterprises and the improvement of operating efficiency.

Earnings forecasts and estimates are based on increased competition in the industry. We cut our earnings forecasts by 6% / 6% to 0.


32 yuan.

The current routine corresponds to 2019 / 2020e15 / 14xP / E, maintaining the outperform industry rating, and lowering the target price by 9% to 6 based on earnings forecast adjustment.

4 yuan, corresponding to 2019 / 2020e22 / 21xP / E, 41% upside compared 杭州桑拿 with the current consensus.

Risk consumption continued to weaken; industry competition intensified.

Yonghui Supermarket (601933): Entering into a new stage of in-depth cooperation with Zhongbai, new opportunities for platform development of the company

Yonghui Supermarket (601933): Entering into a new stage of in-depth cooperation with Zhongbai, new opportunities for platform development of the company

Event: The company signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with Zhongbai Group and cancelled part of the tender offer to acquire Zhongbai Group.

Opinion: The cooperation between Yonghui and Zhongbai has entered a new stage, optimizing the management of Zhongbai and increasing the investment income of Yonghui.

The company cancelled the invitation to acquire Zhongbai. At the same time, Yonghui helped Zhongbai to optimize business processes, improve procurement, logistics, human resources, financial management, appointment of general manager, etc. Yonghui formed a deeper management scale for Zhongbai.Cooperation and win-win situation.

We believe that this cooperation will push the cooperation between Yonghui and Zhongbai into a new stage.

Profit gap, the two parties strengthened strategic cooperation and coordinated development, and proposed that the net interest rate of Zhongbai Group be increased to 2 after 3 years.

5% target.

The net interest rate of Zhongbai in 2019Q1-Q3 is 0.

36%, calculated according to the goals of 重庆耍耍网 both parties.

By 2023, Yonghui will get 1 under the current sales scale (about 15 billion US dollars).

120,000 yuan investment income.

The company’s nationwide layout of important areas, the platformization process is moving forward.

From a geographical point of view, Wuhan Zhongbai has established the central region to connect Yonghui’s eastern and western markets. Therefore, after opening cooperation with Zhongbai, it will connect the supply chain system in various regions, and leverage Yonghui’s supply chain across the country.National development map.

At the same time, Yonghui is committed to evolving the company from a retail enterprise to a platform-oriented development of a technology retail service enterprise. The introduction of business management output instead of holding has become an important practical approach for the company’s platform development.

Profit forecast: As a national supermarket leader, the company has unique advantages in operation and management. This deepening of cooperation with Zhongbai will continue to improve the supply chain collaboration and operating efficiency of the company’s various regions.

We expect the company to have a company income of 842 in 19/20/21.



7.9 billion yuan, a growth rate of 19.

42% / 22.

03% / 21.

52%, net profit attributable to mothers22.



8.8 billion yuan, an annual growth rate of 54.

53% / 25.

22% / 38.

55%, EPS is 0.



41 yuan, corresponding to 38 for PE.



43, maintain the “strongly recommended” level.

Risk warning: Store expansion is not up to the expected risk, and industry competition is intensifying.

EU announces digital transformation plan to focus on three goals in next 5 years

EU announces digital transformation plan to focus on three goals in next 5 years

Xinhua News Agency, Brussels, February 19th (Reporter Li Zhizhi) The European Commission released a series of plans for digital transformation on the 19th, including two plans for how to adapt Europe to the digital age and the European Data Strategy and Artificial Intelligence Paper.

  The European Commission issued a communiqué saying that the appropriate use of digital technology will benefit businesses and citizens in many ways. In the next five years, the European Commission will focus on the following goals: make technology work for people, a fair and competitive economic environment, andAn open, democratic, and sustainable society.

  European Commission Commissioner Thierry Breton said in the communiqué that today’s society is generating a large amount of industrial and public sector data, which will change people’s production,杭州桑拿网 consumption and lifestyle.

It is hoped that European companies, especially SMEs, will have access to this data and create value for Europe.

Europe’s top leader in big data competitions and safeguards all conditions for technological sovereignty, industrial leadership and economic competition.

  The communiqué states that the goal of the European Data Strategy is to ensure that the EU is a role model and leader in a data-enabled society.

To achieve this goal, the EU plans to establish a unified data market, unlock unused data, enable data to flow within the EU, and enable industry, academic, and government departments to share it.

  The Artificial Intelligence White Paper conceives an excellent and reliable artificial intelligence system framework. Its goal is to mobilize the entire industry chain resources through public-private sector cooperation and establish the correct incentive mechanism to accelerate artificial intelligence deployment.

Because artificial intelligence systems are very complex and there may be significant risks in some cases, trust building is serious and clear rules are required in some high-risk areas.

The European Union will continue to enforce strict consumer protection regulations to address unfair business practices and protect personal data and privacy.

  Next, the European Commission will collect public comments on the European Data Strategy and the Artificial Intelligence White Paper.

Later this year, the Commission promulgated the Digital Services Law and revised other relevant regulations to further regulate data regulation.

Original Title: EU Announces Digital Transformation Plan

The so-called romances of men

The so-called romances of men

Lead: Love is lost, and most people will definitely feel uncomfortable. They either smoke, drink, or live a wasteful life, or lose their heart all day, giving people a sense of doomsday.

However, for men, love is more beneficial to their mental health.

  According to Queen Mary University of London’s “The Impact of Mental Health on Men and Women”, researchers in the group found in surveys that women are more likely than men to be in a cohabitation relationship when only considering the effects of gender relations on mental healthPsychological problems such as fear may arise because the woman is more likely to feel lack of money and property security, while men are more concerned about whether they will be tied up for life.

  After the two parties broke up, it was normal for the mood to decrease and decrease, but it took women longer to recover from emotional damage than men, and women’s mental health would worsen with the number of breakups.

The opposite is true of men. Men who have experienced two or more breakups have an excellent mental state and are even healthier than other men.

  Men’s emotions are more likely to be depressed when they just broke up. However, men’s emotions are different when they just broke up.

There is such a question, when the ark of love meets the iceberg, who will handle it better?

The answer is: women.

The results of several studies indicate that men are more depressed, sorrowful and worried than women after breaking up.

Men should feel very strong, but they are actually very fragile.

Many men can’t handle the cause of breakup well.

For example, the following: 1. Men cover their pain. When the boy is dumped, his first reaction is: I will not let her know how much I am suffering.

How he did it: Hang out with a few friends.

According to a survey by Men’s Health Online, 26% of men will be drunk by the dumping party after breaking up, but only a minority.

36% of men feel that they should see their new rights and thank the person who dumped him.

In fact, both reactions are masks that mask their true feelings.

It didn’t help the sadness, the anger at all.

Men have been sad for their lost feelings, even after their dumping party.

And women will cry immediately after breaking up and tell the truth.

Studies have found that women start to feel depressed when they face their failed feelings, but quickly get out of the shadows.

Many men want to suppress their emotions, but they cannot release their feelings.

  2. One of the reasons why male-owned friends and girls recover faster than males after breaking up is that women have an amazing circle of friends.

Studies show that: men resist love to achieve emotional intimacy and social support, and women like to use family and female friends as the safest sustenance.

Including mother, sister, friend beautician and driver, no matter who the other party is, the more she talks, the faster she will recover.

At the same time, men will act indifferently to breakups and not be trapped by feelings.

Six months later, when the man Ken faced his feelings frankly, all he wanted was to return to the girl.

  3. It is difficult for men to re-establish another relationship. After breaking up, the boys are very excited at first, and they can date other women.

But after three, four, or tens of days, they will have to spend a long time to feel as natural as the ex-girlfriend.

A survey by Carnegie Mellon University in the United States shows that girls are better adapted to the end of relationships because they have considered the possibility of breaking up.

However, the boys were not prepared.

Emotional safety cannot be the only reason for being together, which made him acknowledge how lucky he was to have her, and at the same time she had left him.

When he called her when he was drunk and admitted his feelings, it was too late.

  4. Men break the relationship of emotional crisis. Many relationships break down is a subconscious reaction, while men believe that stagnation.

They find repeating sexual behavior to the same restaurant and to the same person boring.

After breaking up, they will immediately find that being single does not mean champagne and half-naked beauties. Even in exciting bars, they feel that the past intimacy is easier to nostalgia.

Research shows that women are always better at social, sexual, and rational intimacy.

They often re-emphasize lasting relationships based on affection over men.

Simply create black abdominal muscles

Simply create black abdominal muscles

Along with that, a bikini is a test of your figure, it is better to say that it directly challenges your waist shape.

I believe that no one will expose their “mid section” of their body full of excess meat.

Well, we need to work out black-haired abs.

For dry abs exercises, it is not necessary to practice as many as possible, the better the effect is, the key is proper method.

  Training strategy In order to build a strong and beautiful abdomen, using “super slow” for systematic abdominal muscle training is a shortcut to progress.

And when necessary, disrupting the sequence of practice moves is also an effective way.

  The training principle changes the rhythm and frequency of training sessions from time to time, so that you can avoid encountering the platform period and make continuous progress.

This training plan uses a slow training method, which takes 10?
20 seconds 15?
Get up in 10 seconds, 5?
10 seconds to restore).

Can avoid using inertia to complete the action.

At the same time, more tension is applied to the abdominal muscles, so that more muscle fibers can be exercised at the same time.

In addition, each training session must be arranged with some fresh content or disrupted the initial training sequence.

In order to achieve continuous training results, it is necessary to let the muscles get continuous fresh stimulation.

  The exercises in this article can be exercised to the following muscle groups; rectus abdominis, obliques, obliques, obliques, and abdomen. The main muscle groups involved in the exercises are the rectus abdominis and oblique abdominis.

The intraabdominal oblique muscle and transverse abdominis muscle group.

These 4 groups of muscle groups work together and have the function of fixing the main spindle and assisting the main spindle to perform multiple actions-making the spine forward or lateral flexion, or turning to the left and right.

The rectus abdominis starts from the sternum and the fifth to seventh ribs and ends at the pubic bone, and has the function of pulling the chest cavity closer to the pelvis.

The external oblique muscle starts from the ribs at the lower end of the thorax, extends diagonally downwards, and stops at the pelvis and pubic bone.

The internal oblique muscle is deep in the external oblique muscle, starting from the replacement of the sacrum, extending diagonally upwards and ending at the third rib at the lower end of the thorax.

The muscle fibers of the external oblique and internal obliques are perpendicular to each other.

The functions of the external oblique and internal obliques are rotation and scoliosis.

The transverse abdominis muscles cover the range from the lower ribs to the pubic bone in the deep layer of the oblique muscle. Its main function is to adduct the abdominal wall to protect the internal organs and assist expiration.

  Specific details You can use this abdominal training program as part of your whole body fitness plan. You need to prepare a fitness ball and a solid ball for this exercise.

Use 5 minutes of brisk walking or jogging as a warm-up. After the abdominal muscle training is completed, pull the abdominal muscles and the back immediately. Hold each pull for 20-30 seconds.

  Related instructions Each of the following actions is a simulation of people’s daily behavior.

Note that there must be at least a 48-hour interval between two abdominal training sessions.

  The supine ball is turned and turned (with emphasis on the exercise of the external abdominal obliques) supine on the mat.

Hold a solid ball in front of your chest with your hands and your elbows open to the ends of your body.

  Bend your knees, your calves parallel to the ground, and lift your head and shoulders off the ground.

  Take a breath, then start exhaling and meditating 5 times, turn to the right, let the left elbow try to approach the right leg, the fitness ball is still held in front of the chest, and the left leg is straight and at a 45-degree angle with the ground.

  Keep your head and retina away from the cushion.

Inhale and return to the original position.

  Change to another sixteen and repeat.

  Take turns to practice on both sides to get enough goals.

  Coach’s tip: When turning, you should fully expand the range, and pay attention to maintaining balance.

  The supine group lifts its legs (focusing on the rectus abdominis muscles) to lie on its back and bend its knees with its feet flat on the ground.
Place your body side above, palm down.

  Statically contract the abdominal muscles, bringing the ribs slightly closer to the bone salt, keeping the spine in the center.

  Take a breath.
Then start to exhale and meditate for 10 times, while raising your legs and knees close to your chest.

Head and shoulders are lifted near the residential floor, with the calf approximately parallel to the floor.

  Inhale and meditate 5 times at the highest point, then exhale and meditate 10 times, returning to the starting position.

  Repeat this to complete the target number of times.

Coach’s tip: For each movement, try to contract the abdominal muscles and use the hole to imagine the belly button close to the spine.

  Get up and touch the ball (focus on the exercise of the abdominal obliques and abdominal transverse). Lie on your back, stretch your head, lay your head flat, put your legs straight, use your feet to insert a fitness ball on the ground.

  While inhaling, contract the abdominal muscles, use the foot length clamp to clamp the fitness ball to replace the fitness ball, lift your legs and the ground at 45 degrees.

  When you start exhaling, lift your head and shoulders off the ground.

At the same time, reach up and touch the exercise ball with your hands.

  When the vertical and main shaft return to the initial position, the main shaft and the movement repeats this action again and again. The legs always remain elevated.

  Coach digging: In order to protect the lower tail, the back and the lower end are always close to the cushion, do not leave the cushion.

Too much vaginal discharge for women


Too much vaginal discharge for women

Leucorrhea is a woman’s vaginal discharge.

The leucorrhea of normal women is an odorless, slightly acidic viscous substance, which has the effect of moistening the vagina, excreting waste, and inhibiting the growth of pathogenic bacteria, which is a normal physiological phenomenon.

However, excessive leucorrhea is a pathological phenomenon. The following are several Chinese medicine prescriptions for treating excessive leucorrhea.

  Prescription of Chinese Medicine (1)[Symptoms]Deficiency of the spleen and kidney, dampness and inferiority.

  [Therapy]Strengthen the spleen and kidney, and converge the stop band.

  [Party name]Gangyu stop with soup.

  [Composition]25 grams of Cuscuta, 20 grams of Polygonum multiflorum, 15 grams of Atractylodes macrocephala, 15 grams of sea bream, 10 grams of Licorice, 10 grams of Bai Zhi, 10 grams of Bai Zhi, 30 grams of Ganglia root

  [Usage]Shuijianbi, one dose daily, 3 times daily.

  [Source]Luo Yuankai.

  Chinese medicine prescription (two)[differentiation]Damp heat builds up coke.

  [Governing Law]Qingrejiedu Lishi.

  [Party name]Yin Jia Tang.

  [Composition]24 grams of honeysuckle, 15 grams of forsythia, 15 grams of cimicifuga, 24 grams of red rattan, 24 grams of dandelion, 24 grams of raw scallions, 30 grams of safflower purine, 12 grams of raw pueraria yellow, 12 grams of twig roots,12 grams of big green leaves, 12 grams of ground amber, 12 grams of bellflower, 13 grams of Yinchen.

  [Usage]Shuijianbi, 1 dose daily, 3 times daily.

  [Source]Wang Weichuan Fang.

  Traditional Chinese Medicine Prescription (3)[Symptoms and Signs]Damp heat, block air, and damp heat bet.

  [Governing Law]Clear heat, dampness, and insecticide.

  [Party name]stop with soup.

  [Composition]10 grams of cork, 10 grams of atractylodes root, 10 grams of scallion root bark, 15 grams of Poria, 12 grams of yam, 12 grams of Alisma purpurea, 12 grams of gentleman, 6 grams of ume, 6 grams of peony, 6 grams of jujube skin,5 grams of Sichuan pepper.

  [Usage]Decoction, 1 dose daily, 2 times daily.

  [Source]Dong Jianhua Fang.

  Prescription of Traditional Chinese Medicine (IV)[Symptoms]The kidney qi is weak, and there is no right to take pictures.

  [Therapeutic method]Bushen Guqi Yangxue.

  [Party name]Baiguo soup.

  [Composition]5 grams of Amomum villosum, 5 grams of Schisandra chinensis, 5 grams of Galla chinensis, 5 grams of nocturne kernels, 10 grams of Eucommia ulmoides, 10 grams of cooked land, 10 grams of continuous discontinuity, 10 grams of raspberries, 10 grams of codonopsis, 10 grams of mulberryLoquat 10 grams, gelatin 10 grams, mangosteen meat 12 grams, ginkgo 12, licorice 3 grams.

  [Usage]Shuijianbi, 1 dose daily, 3 times daily.
  [Source]Shi Jinmo.

  Prescription of Traditional Chinese Medicine (5)[Symptoms]Bet on Phlegm.

  [Governing Law]Shufeng dampness.

  [Party name]Shengyang Sheng Wet Soup.

  [Composition]3 grams of Bupleurum, 6 grams of crickets, 6 grams of Atractylodes spp., 6 grams of Astragalus, and windproof 4.

5 grams, Cimicifuga 4.

5 grams, living alone 4.

5 grams, 9 grams of angelica, 3 grams of transcript, 3 grams of licorice.

  [Usage]Decoction, 1 dose daily, 2 times daily.
  [Source]”Fetal Birth Summary” volume.

  Prescription of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Six)[Symptoms]The kidney qi is weak.

  [Governance]nourish liver and kidney, dampness and astringent.  [Party name]Shouwu wolfberry soup.

  [Composition]12 grams of Shouwu, 12 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 12 grams of dodder, 12 grams of mulberry, 12 grams of erythrolipid, 12 grams of dog ridge, 24 grams of cooked land, 6 grams of citron, 6 grams of amomum


Experts interpret popular whitening questions


Experts interpret popular whitening questions

The supermodel dress is always so fashionable, do you want to create the unique style of the supermodel?

So let’s start looking at the appearance of supermodels now!

  Another year of whitening season, this is also M.


The fifth whitening questionnaire for readers. After reading all the whitening topics for so many years, I have tried so many whitening products. Do you feel a little tired in your heart, or your expectations are ignited?


Taking readers’ whitening questions as an opportunity, it will bring you a different whitening experience.

  When reading a book, the teacher always points us to the point, so that you can get more done with less effort. The same reasoning for whitening is not a long-form dictionary-style knowledge, nor is it a mere taste of water. Even the whitening points are broken and then connected.Has our own whitening planet.

  How exactly do you want to be “white”?

  Just like we often stop and ask ourselves, what do I want, am I satisfied now?

Whitening, in fact, also needs to listen to the voice of the skin: what kind of whitening “problems” exist on the skin, and what kind of whitening “relief”.

Only in this way can you find a gentleman that suits you.


  For different skin problems, MC offers you different formulas for whitening: Q1 I want my skin to be white without blemishes?

  A: To deal with spots, it is by no means a normal whitening cleanser, toner, etc.

Only those with high concentration of whitening essence can effectively combat it.

And the spot light essence pen with ball design, the spot light spot mask, spot concealer and other spot light spot products that are easy to spot, like the emergency army, can better control the spot.

Comprehensive sun protection prevents external causes of spots.

Appropriate medical methods, such as pulsed light, pigmented spot laser, etc. can also quickly resolve your spot spatter.

  Q2 I want to restore the 18-year-old fair and tender skin?

  A: Many times, the skin is not as bad as it looks, or because of aging cutin accumulation and lack of moisture, it masks the beautiful nature of the skin.

Therefore, instead of whitening toner, keratin purifying mask, and even whitening essence (which will also contain keratin conditioning ingredients to condition the keratin; whitening moisturizing lotion, moisturizing mask, etc., make the skin moist and smooth, all of which are helpful for the skin’s tenderness and fairness).
Of course, sun protection is definitely a part that can’t be missed. I believe there is no unnecessary description of the harm of photoaging.

  Q3 I want to look fair and have good looks?

  A: We need whitening massage products with anti-oxidation, anti-pollution products and internal conditioning. Massage is indispensable for whitening: promoting blood circulation, promoting nutrient absorption, conditioning keratin . and these are essential to restore good looks.

At the same time, skin oxidation progresses and external pollution makes the skin completely dull, so external protection products are also indispensable.

It looks so good, and finally comes out from the inside out. Of course, the internal conditioning cannot be ignored.

  Q4 I want skin health and whitening to reduce allergies?

  Answer: We recommend: soothing products + whitening moisturizing products + protective products.

For those sensitive skin, whitening was once a forbidden area.

However, the latest products allow sensitive skin to join the whitening ranks, adding anti-inflammatory soothing essence, stress relief ingredients, external pollution and sun protection, moisturizing care, these measures make whitening more safe and healthy.

  Q5 I want to whiten instantly and cope with awkward situations?

  A: Whitening itself is a slow project of the system, but it also has its quick way.

Dense essences are like cardiac needles. They have high precision, high concentration, and high activity, which makes whitening more effective. You can have a good sex in a short time. Of course, you need to be careful not to use these products for a long time to avoid skin.Inert.

The whitening makeup has a more immediate effect.

  Q6 I want to reverse the fate of the black race from an early age?

  A: To be honest, whitening has its limits. Women with dark skin from an early age cannot of course have the same skin as Snow White.However, you can still make your face’s skin whiter when you are born through system engineering from head to toe, sun protection + keratin metabolism products + whitening essence + circulation promoting massage products + proper medical methods + diet life conditioningstatus.

What you have to do is definitely not one-sided, short-term homework, or a long, leak-free whitening system project. Every whitening can involve is essential.

  Q7 Makes the skin look fair and fresh. The previous shine is completely changed?

  A: Actually, from the beginning, whitening products have always made dry skin discouraged. In recent years, whitening has comprehensively improved the moisturization of the product, but it is more effective in cleansing products, toning products, and lotions.Differentiate skin types.

For oily skin, there is no problem in choosing the whitening products that make your skin comfortable.

If the situation cannot be improved, adding a certain control oil product is absolutely enough.

  Q8 I want my skin to be as white and tight as eggs, with enlarged pores and sagging phenomena.

  A: The latest whitening has doubled the demand for single whitening function, and it has different improvements on the skin’s moisturization, elasticity and firmness, because wrinkles and aging keratin also have different degrees of skin whitening.

Therefore, many whitening essences are added to promote collagen production, prevent oxidation and other effects, and have certain effects on anti-aging.

  Are whitening products really effective?

  Frequent complaints about the uselessness of whitening products are often heard.

Are the manufacturers of whitening products really cheating us?

Or is it something else that has caused the whitening product to fail?

  Q9 How much should I expect from whitening?

  A: The melanin ratio in the skin is set innately, and it can’t be changed like DNA.

However, the increase in age, through our contact with the environment, and poor living habits, stress, etc., have caused changes in melanin secretion. On the basis of the original pigment, a lot of acquired melanin has been added.

Therefore, whitening products can also restore the ideal pigment state when we were born, instead of whitening indefinitely.

For the maximum degree of whitening you can achieve, please refer to the skin on the thigh and upper arm that has never been exposed to sunlight.

  Q10 How much is the real effect of whitening?

  A: Many people who refuse whitening products will think that since melanin has the effect of protecting the skin, why should we use whitening products?

A clear look at the true efficacy of whitening will help you lift the psychological barrier in this area.

Whitening products are actually helping us create healthy skin.

Disorders of pigment secretion, overgrowth of spots, excessive exposure to the sun, and accumulation of keratin. These dual whitening enemies can also cause accelerated skin deterioration, inflammation, and even skin cancer.

Therefore, proper whitening makes the skin healthier.

  Q11How to choose the best whitening method for me?

  A: Picking the wrong whitening product is like picking the wrong lover.

The key is to find your skin problem and then symptomatic whitening products.

If it is keratin that affects whitening, use a horny product; if it is internal emotions that cause whitening to fail, start by adjusting your emotions.

If the skin is allergic, try to avoid acid whitening . Q12 Why does whitening after sun protection fail?

  A: Look at how fair the newborn baby’s skin is, and we can understand how directly UV rays affect whites and stains.

Of course, although many people use sunscreen products, they still have whitening failure because: first, the sunscreen products used do not have UVA and UVB resistance indicators at the same time; the second is to ensure the frequency and thickness of absorption.

Absolutely most sunscreen products can only guarantee 2 hours of sun protection, and must be applied repeatedly.

  Q13Do whitening products need to be used together?

  A: It’s not advertising for brands, but if you want to achieve the best effect of whitening products, it is best to use the same brands.

At present, whitening products on the market, in order to highlight the differences between brands, are completely different in terms of product ingredients, concentrations, principles and systems that play a role.

Mixing whitening products does not cause the lack of the best combination of the original brand design, but also increases the chance of triggering sensitivity between them.

  Q14 How often is the whitening product used?

  Answer: It’s like eating Chinese medicine. The use of whitening products must be strictly in accordance with the product instructions.

Some products such as intensive essence must be used continuously and every time; exfoliating products and whitening masks cannot be used more than twice a week (except for specially designed products for daily use); sunscreen products are dailyNeither can be missed.

If you only use it casually based on your preferences, you may damage the skin by improper whitening, or you may make the whitening benefits zero at any time.   Q15 How to keep whitening ingredients fresh?

  Whitening products, due to their heterogeneity, always try their best to maintain the activity and stability of their products, such as improving unstable vitamin C into stable vitamin C derivatives.

The whitening products are more sensitive to temperature and light. Therefore, after opening the whitening products, it is best to use them within 6 months, otherwise the efficacy will be greatly reduced.

  5 new doubts about whitening Q16 Can skin cancer be prevented by suppressing skin cancer?

  A: Shiseido’s latest research proves that the number of complication cells in the spot is far more than that in the place without the spot. The spot is affected by chronic weak inflammation and constantly produces excessive melanin.

Therefore, only by inhibiting the weak and chronic inflammation of the pigmentation site can we prevent melanin hyperplasia.

  Q17 Poor mood will cause whitening failure?

  A: Lancome research shows that stress plays an important role in the process leading to excessive pigmentation and melanin.

The internal emotional stress will stimulate nerve endings to release the stress messenger CGRP, which stimulates melanocyte synthesis and production.

  Q18 Temperature is related to whitening?

  A: According to the latest research by Guerlain, changes in the external climate and environment will also indirectly affect the melanin secretion of the skin, especially instantaneous changes, such as hot, cold, dry, and away. The surrounding invasion will cause the reduction of thermal immune proteins, thereby stimulating skin production.A large amount of melanin protects itself and indirectly generates melanin production, making the skin appear dull spots, uneven skin tone and tarnishing.

  Q19 If you want to whiten, you need to be vegetarian?

  A: Many people mistakenly believe that vegetarian food can help detoxify the skin and achieve fair complexion.

But the fact is that it is difficult for vegetarians to absorb vitamin B12 and iron, which is likely to cause anemia, leading to obesity and yellowing.

  Q20 How much does whitening cost?

  A: Really effective whitening requires not only the latest technology, the most advanced raw materials, the best nutrition delivery system, and the lowest sensitivity. All of this must be based on a large amount of research. The global raw material collection, the highestTechnology such as fresh-keeping technology, so you can never expect a certain cheap and cheap product to bring excellent benefits.

Older friends have 10 actions to pay special attention to

Older friends have 10 actions to pay special attention to

What should older friends pay attention to in their daily lives?

What is the matter?

Here’s a detailed look at the 10 actions that older friends should pay attention to every day.

  1, forced defecation to avoid.

“I have seen too many cerebral hemorrhage, acute myocardial infarction patients, are in the toilet, the predisposing factor is forced bowel movements.

Liu Dequan, director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Beijing Geriatric Hospital, said that when the elderly use force defecation, it will cause intra-abdominal pressure, increase blood pressure, and increase the risk of cerebral hemorrhage. At this time, the burden on the heart will increase, which may easily lead to myocardial infarction.

If you have constipation symptoms, you should eat more fruits and vegetables into the fiber, develop the habit of defecation on time, or use drugs to defecate, avoid excessive exertion.

Vigilant crowd: coronary heart disease, high blood pressure patients.

  2, reading newspapers should not be sedentary.

Sedentary movement will affect the digestive function, making the gastrointestinal motility slow, and it is easy to induce indigestion, constipation and even hemorrhoids.

Some old people are used to playing cards in middle school and playing chess. If the temperature is low and the sedentary is not enough, it will lead to poor blood circulation in the lower limbs, which may induce or aggravate the degenerative lesions of the knee joint.

Therefore, the elderly should play cards, read books, watch TV, and should stand up and walk for a while every four or fifty minutes to move the knees and waist and abdomen.

Be alert to the crowd: indigestion, arthritis patients.

  3, get up too much to hurt the blood vessels.

Excessive waking up of the elderly may cause high blood pressure, temporary syncope and even cerebral hemorrhage.

Bai Yulong, deputy director of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, pointed out that the elderly must get up to the principle of “slowing three points, not taking one second”. After waking up, they can stay for 3 minutes and slowly get up and sit in bed for 3 minutes.Put your feet down for 3 minutes at the bed, then get out of bed and move slowly.

Be alert to the crowd: high blood pressure, a history of cerebral hemorrhage.

  4, devour the heart and stomach.

“A lot of old people have developed a habit of eating fast when they are young. Three bowls of rice and two bowls of rice are finished.”

But when you are older, the speed of eating can be reduced.

Liu Dequan said that the digestive function and swallowing function of the elderly are not as good as those of young people. Eating too fast is not good for digestion, and it is easy to squat and cause damage to the esophagus.

Second, it is easy to put an excessive burden on the heart.

Be alert to the crowd: the digestive system, patients with high blood pressure.

  5, blood pressure followed by a trick.

“Every time the old man speaks, the sound is a stimulation to the body, and then the heart beats faster and the blood pressure rises.

If there is a dispute with another person, the blood pressure will fluctuate even more.

Liu Dequan suggested that the elderly should talk as softly as possible and seldom argue with others.

If you read a poem and sing, it doesn’t matter if you sound louder.

Be alert to people: people with high blood pressure.

  6, standing wearing pants is the most easy to fall.

The elderly have poor balance, and standing in pants is prone to accidents and fractures.

Therefore, it is best for the elderly to sit on the bed or lean against the fixed place when wearing pants.

In addition, the elderly get up, go to the toilet, take a bath, are the “high risk” that is prone to fall, be sure to hold the fixture and move slowly.

Be alert to the crowd: all the elderly.

  7, go up the stairs rather than fast.

When people are old, musculoskeletal aging is always aging and the nervous system is degraded.

Lu Yifan, a professor of sports medicine research at the Sports and Human Body Science Institute of Beijing Sport University, said that in the case of a 20-cm step, the old man’s foot may not rise as high, but the nervous system responsible for directing the movement will appear “lag”.It is easy to fall.

Lu Yifan suggested that the old man walk the stairs, it is best to lean sideways, hold the handrails, rather than slow, wait for one foot to fully land and then take another foot.Be alert to people: osteoporosis, patients with neurological diseases.

  8, bending over can not be able to.

The Mayo Clinic in the United States reminds that all excessive flexion is not suitable for the elderly.

“The elderly have poor balance ability, the joints are hard, and the muscle atrophy has less protection on the joints. A large bending is easy to cause traction and joint dislocation.

Lu Yifan said that if you bend too fast and too fast, it will lead to changes in blood pressure levels in the brain, causing cerebral hemorrhage.

“When you bend over and pick up something, you should also take preventive action, hold the chair or other fixed objects, and kneel down and kneel down.

“Warning crowd: high blood pressure, low blood pressure, cerebrovascular disease, arthritis patients.”

  9, lift the weight and do it.

The muscles and skeletal functions of the elderly are weakened, so it is easy to hurt muscles or cause fractures under weight bearing conditions.

Therefore, not only to reduce the load in life, some lifting weights, moving furniture, but also to exercise when exercising, use dumbbells, pullers, etc. to choose the right intensity.

Especially in patients with osteoporosis, carrying heavy objects or lifting heavy dumbbells can easily lead to fractures.

Vigilant crowd: patients with osteoporosis.

  10, suddenly turned back to vigilance.

The carotid artery will be narrowed and the wall will become brittle. Suddenly turning the neck will force the carotid artery, affecting the blood supply to the brain and causing fainting.

If you don’t grasp the balance when you turn your neck, it is very easy to fall.

Lu Yifan reminded that the elderly can exercise, can swing the head forward and backward in four directions, but the amplitude should not be too large.

“The old man usually avoids violently turning back. Some people are walking on the road. When someone hears someone behind them, they must slowly turn back.

Bai Yulong said.

Vigilant crowd: patients with cerebrovascular disease, poor balance ability.

Always eat hot, people who are not spicy and not happy take care of esophageal cancer to find you!

Always eat hot, people who are not spicy and not happy take care of esophageal cancer to find you!

Esophageal cancer is a common malignant tumor that is closely related to diet. About 300,000 people die of esophageal cancer every year in the world.

Currently, it is a country with high incidence of esophageal cancer, and there are about 250,000 newly diagnosed cases every year.

Esophageal cancer is a common disease among middle-aged and elderly people. The proportion of people aged 55 to 74 is the highest, and the incidence is gradually decreasing after 70 years old.

In other countries and regions of the world, such as Uruguay, France, the United States, Puerto Rico and Chile, the incidence of esophageal cancer is also higher.

Currently, it is the country with the highest incidence of esophageal cancer and the highest mortality rate. About 150,000 people die from esophageal cancer each year, accounting for nearly 1/4 of all malignant tumor deaths.

Five kinds of eating methods to eat esophageal cancer 1, hot and drink experts said that among the patients he received, Chaoshan people mostly, because some of them are used to eating very hot porridge and drink very hot kung fu tea.

Is the normal tolerance temperature of the esophageal mucosa at 40 °C?
50 ° C, beyond this range, it is easy to cause damage, resulting in mechanical damage such as breakage and ulceration.

Although the mucosal epithelium has proliferative and repair functions, it will recover spontaneously after injury, but repeated stimulation for a long time may cause chronic mucosal damage and may induce cancer.

But don’t worry too much, as long as the method of drinking is correct, there is no problem.

2, eating too fast to eat too fast, deadly food can not be fully chewed, coarse grained food is easy to damage the esophageal mucosa epithelium, causing acute disease.

Over time, acute inflammation is likely to form chronic inflammation, increasing the risk of esophageal cancer.

3, no spicy no cheers Although there is no evidence that eating pepper can induce esophageal cancer, but studies have shown that excessive consumption of pepper is associated with an increased risk of cancer.

Indian studies have found that paprika increases the risk of esophageal cancer by one?
2 times.

Too spicy food can easily damage the esophageal epithelium, causing epithelial cell variability, causing mucosal penetration, affecting nuclear metabolism, increasing the sensitivity of carcinogens, and possibly causing cancer of the esophagus.

Sichuan, which loves to eat pepper, is also one of the areas with high incidence of upstream esophageal cancer.

4, excessive drinking research shows that although there is no carcinogen in alcohol, it will stimulate the esophageal mucosa, resulting in damage, especially high-concentration white wine above 60 degrees, the damage to the esophageal mucosa is more obvious.

Foreign studies have shown that about 60% of patients with esophageal cancer are alcoholics. The Swedish University of Deron found that men over the age of 45 who drink less alcohol or even do not drink alcohol, the risk of esophageal cancer will drop by 50%.

5, like pickled, smoked, grilled food marinated in the expected food nitrite increased significantly, especially when the amount of salt added or temperature exceeds 20 ° C, resulting in increased nitrite content in vegetables, nitrite contentIncreased, carcinogenicity increased.

High-incidence areas of esophageal cancer, such as Yuedong, residents in southern Fujian love to pickle, pickled food such as fish and shrimp paste.

In addition, barbecues, smoked foods, fried foods, etc. also contain a lot of nitrite.

How to make esophageal cancer?

In summary, to prevent esophageal cancer, you must pay attention not to eat too hot, and drink too hot things, and pay attention to chewing slowly.

In addition to this, regular inspections are required.

At present, gastroscopy is the only effective measure for early detection of esophageal cancer.

Doctors recommend that in order to be able to detect esophageal cancer early in the high-risk group over 40 years old, it is best to have a gastroscopy every 2 years. If you find a precancerous lesion or early symptoms, you can gradually kill the lesion at the beginning.

Related recommendations: Eat these four types of food is easy to induce esophageal cancer rate in summer drinking water temperature should choose more than 65 ° C or increase the risk of esophageal cancer 7 early warning of esophageal cancer