Bailu has reached the summer heat and eats health tips

Bailu has reached the summer heat and eats health tips

Today, we ushered in the fifteenth solar terms in the 24 solar terms – “Bailu”. The exact time of Bailu this year is 1:45 on September 8.

Bailu is a typical autumn solar terms, and it is also a solar term with the biggest temperature difference between day and night.

At this time, the summer heat gradually disappeared, the temperature began to fall, the weather slowly turned cold, and in most of the areas, the autumn was high and the wind was light and the weather was light.

  During the day of the dew, the nighttime temperature has reached the condition that the water vapor condenses into dew, and the vegetation begins to condense into dew drops in the early morning. The dew is crystal clear in the morning field, and the dew is crystal white and named white dew.

  In ancient China, Bailu was divided into three categories: “Awaiting the geese, the two waiting birds return, and the three waiting birds are shy.”

When it comes to this solar terms, Hongyan and the swallows wait for the birds to fly south to avoid the cold, and the birds begin to store dried fruit for the winter.

In The Book of Songs, “The sky is pale and the white dew is frost.”

The so-called Iraqi people are on the water side.

“It is also the white dew’s solar terms.”

It can be seen that Bailu is actually a symbol that the weather has turned cold.

  After the white dew is used as a cream to keep warm and cool, the temperature drops faster. The public should pay attention to keep warm and add clothes in time to prevent colds from happening.

“Health Theory” said: “At the end of the autumn and late summer, you can’t strip your naked body and greet the wind and cool.

Health experts reminded that during the autumn season, many people still wear very little because of the high autumn, especially the young women who pursue fashion, ignoring the changes of the weather, often fluttering, even wearing a sling, and wearing a navel on the street.It is occasionally out of date and will hurt the body.

  Although the saying goes, “Spring is frozen,” but it is also important to show your strength.

There is a saying that “after the White Dew Festival, the night is hot in the cold”, meaning that during the day of the day, although the temperature is good during the day, the coolness is getting stronger in the morning and evening.

If you wear too much exposed dew at this time, cold air will irritate the skin, the body will be weakened by the cold, and the immunity will be weak, and it will be easy to resist the cold and attract diseases such as fever, cough, bronchitis and pneumonia.

If the wind and evil invade the meridians and bones, severe limb paralysis may occur.

  Health experts said that at this time, the public should be moderately moderate in the choice of autumn clothes, and the length is appropriate.

The autumn outerwear is made of pure silk or pure cotton fabric or blended fabric, which can prevent autumn and cool, and prevent dry heat.

In addition, the cold from the foot, for people with poor cold tolerance, after the white dew, it is necessary to pay attention to the foot to keep warm, to prevent cold and evil invasion.

  As the saying goes: “The white body is not exposed, it is easy to diarrhea.”

“The coolness of the night is obvious day by day. It is necessary to remove the mat, close the window and the air conditioner, put on the long-sleeved clothes and fall asleep, and put the thin cotton on the bed. It is very necessary, otherwise it is easy to get cold and cause diarrhea.”

Especially for patients, the elderly, the infirm, it is necessary to pay attention to short-term changes in addition and subtraction of clothing.

However, it is not appropriate to add too much too fast at the same time. At the same time, it is necessary to increase the moderate and moderate cold-resistant exercise in the fall, which will help to improve the winter cold resistance.

  Adjust the diet, beware of autumn dryness, bid farewell to the hot summer, usher in the cool autumn.

However, while the autumn wind cools down, the water in the air is also blown dry. Traditional Chinese medicine refers to this climate characteristic as “autumn dryness”.

Nutrition experts said that in the early autumn season, the high temperature in summer has not yet retreated, coupled with fine weather and dry weather, dry climate, this time is prone to dry mouth, dry lips, dry nose, dry throat and dry stool, dry skin and other symptoms, severe cases will appearNasal bleeding due to dryness.

Therefore, the value of this season, we must be careful to hurt people.

  Bailu is a typical autumn festival, the beginning of the real cool season, the main air is dry in autumn, when the autumn dryness can not be prevented and controlled in time, it will develop into a disease state.

After the white dew, the dryness is getting stronger, and the dryness is easy to hurt the lungs. Therefore, nutrition experts reminded to avoid the occurrence of respiratory diseases such as nasal diseases, acute diseases and bronchial diseases which are easy to occur in autumn.

Especially for those who are allergic, it is more prudent in diet.

  Many people use the nutritional supplements such as seafood and meat to replenish their body while ignoring the susceptibility of alternatives.

In order to prevent respiratory diseases, nutrition experts said that patients with bronchial breathing caused by allergies should usually eat less or not eat fish and shrimp seafood, cold mustard pickled vegetables, spicy, sour and salty food, the most common with fish,Crabs, shrimps, leeks, yellow flowers, peppers, etc., should eat light, digestible and vitamin-rich foods.

  Nutrition experts suggest that the public can choose some Chinese medicines that promote lung and phlegm, nourishing yin and qi, such as ginseng, sand ginseng, American ginseng, lily, almond, Chuanbei, etc., which have a good effect on relieving autumn dryness.

In addition to the above drugs, you should eat more pears, mangosteens and other cool fruits, while increasing the intake of soft foods such as sesame, honey, alfalfa, tomatoes, lilies, and ebony, to benefit the stomach, raise the lungs, and produce fluid.

In addition, you should drink plenty of water to maintain the normal humidity of the lungs and respiratory tract.

  In addition, to maintain indoor air circulation indoors, it is necessary to keep the indoor air clean and fresh; however, the respiratory diseases of the seasons are often caused by the cold, so keep warm while opening the window.

In addition, do not go to places with serious air pollution, the weather with morning fog should not go out, and you should not exercise in the morning fog.Put a basin of water in the house at night, which is good for relieving autumn dryness.

  Going out to play and beware that the pollen has passed away, the summer heat is gradually disappearing, the white dew season, the autumn is high, it is a good time for someone to travel.

However, health care and health care experts remind people to beware of “autumn hay fever” when going out to play.

There are often a large number of tourists who have nasal itching during the tour, sneezing continuously, clearing the nose, tearing eyes, itchy throat, itchy ears and the like.

These performances are easily mistaken for cold and cold treatment.

In fact, this is not necessarily a cold, but may be “autumn hay fever.”

  There are two basic factors in the onset of hay fever: one is an allergy to the individual’s constitution, and the other is the exposure and absorption of external allergens more than once.

Because of the obvious substitution of flowering time in various plants, there is a clear substitution for the onset of people who are allergic to one or more antigens.

In autumn, when plants such as cockroaches, intestines, ramie and sunflowers bloom, it is also the “autumn hay fever” of those pollen-sensing allergies.

  Health care experts remind that allergies, 15 days before the fall travel, take measures to take oral anti-allergic drugs, and start from the following aspects: keep the nose clean at any time; try to reduce outdoor activities, especially 5 to 10It is the peak time of pollen diffusion. It is not suitable for staying outdoors for a long time. It is necessary to spray it in time after going home. It will help to remove allergens from the body. Pay attention to strengthen physical exercise, not to be greedy in the morning and evening, prevent allergic diseases and adjust the diet reasonably.

  The wonderful white dews around Bailu are both the harvest season and the season of sowing.

Compared with the “two to” and “two points”, the white dew’s solar terms are not high in the folk, but their folk activities are unusually rich and colorful.

Folk experts said that all kinds of interesting white dew customs reflect people’s beautiful feelings of pursuing physical health, and also add a unique unique color to the diverse folk customs, and at the same time let people better understand this solar terms.

  The same as Bailu, the scenery in different parts of the developing world is also different, the north is already condensation of water vapor, and some areas in the south are still “white dew when the fragrance of cinnamon.”

The white dew’s solar terms also have the argument of avoiding wind and rain, such as “Blood Day northeast wind, ten bells and nine pus; Bailu Day northwest wind, ten bells and nine empty”, etc., in the proverb, the farmers are not serious about the solar terms.Outstanding.

Folklore also said “Bai Luqing, Hanluyin, Bailuyin, Hanluqing”, this symmetry of the solar terms shows the ancestors’ summary of the law of weather changes.

  Fuzhou, Fujian has a traditional custom called “Bai Lu must eat longan”.

The folks mean that eating longan has the effect of a big complement on Bailu’s day. Eating a longan is equivalent to eating a chicken.

Because the longan itself is good for qi and spleen, nourishing blood and soothe the nerves, moisturizing beauty and other effects, it can also treat anemia, insomnia, neurasthenia and other diseases, and the longan before the white dew is a big one, the nuclear small sweetThe taste is good, so it is better to eat longan with white dew.

  Zhejiang Wenzhou and other places have also had the custom of Bailu Festival.

In Cangnan, Pingyang and other places, people collected “ten whites” (also “three whites”) on this day. They used black-bone white-haired chickens (or ducks), which are said to nourish the body and go to the atmosphere after eating.civilization).

This “ten white” is the ten kinds of herbs with the word “white”, such as white hibiscus, white hair and so on, in order to correspond to the word “white dew”.

Wencheng folks believe that Bailu can eat sweet potato and eat sweet potato silk and sweet potato silk rice, it will not cause stomach acid, so the old farmer used to eat sweet potato in Bailu Festival.

  Old Nanjing people are very fond of “Bailu tea”. At this time, the tea tree has passed the summer heat, and it is an excellent period for its growth.

Bailu tea is neither as tender and tender as spring tea, nor is it so dry and bitter as summer tea. It has a unique sweet and fragrant aroma that is especially popular among old tea drinkers.

In the old Nanjing of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, there is also the custom of self-brewed white rice wine. In the old days, the country people in the area of Jiangsu and Zhejiang came to the country every year. They can make wines at home, and people often bring white rice wine to the city.

The white wine is made with glutinous rice, sorghum and other grains, which is slightly sweet, so it is called “white rice wine”.

  The day of Bai Lu is also the day of the Taihu people in Anhui Province.

Yu Wang is the legendary hero of water control. The fishermen on the shores of Taihu Lake call him “Waterway Bodhisattva”.

Every year, the eighth day of the first month of the first month, the Ching Ming Festival, the seventh day of July and the Bailu season, there will be antiques to worship the king’s incense, and the two festivals of Qingming and Bailu Chunqiu are the largest, lasting one week.

While worshipping the king, he also sacrificed the land god, the flower god, the silk flower girl, the door god, the house god, Jiang Taigong and so on.

During the event, “Fishing and Killing the Family” is a must-have drama, which pinned people’s hopes and aspirations for a better life.