UFIDA (600588): Digitalization of large and medium-sized enterprises at the launch of new products

UFIDA (600588): Digitalization of large and medium-sized enterprises at the launch of new products

Report Highlights Event Description On April 19th, the 2019 UFIDA Cloud Service Spring New Product Launch Conference with the theme of “Digital Enterprise, Intelligent Service” launched a series of innovative enterprise cloud service products in ancient Beijing, including large-scale enterprise hybrid cloud solutions., Data in Taiwan, small and micro enterprise cloud products, corporate financial cloud products and insurance services.

Initially we will analyze UFIDA’s new products and strategic progress.

Event review The new product release is expected to have a long-term strategic focus, and cloud services for large and medium-sized enterprises and China-Taiwanization strategy are highly enhanced.

The annual 419 new product launch conference is a “festival” for UFIDA developers, and it is a grand event for the company to 南宁桑拿 gradually lead the product strategy and strategy.

The most important thing of this conference was the release of NCCloud large-scale enterprise digital platform, data-stage platform and other architecture-level products, which improved the company’s integrated service capabilities, and helped large and medium-sized enterprises go to the cloud to solve actual business pain points and reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Hybrid cloud solutions are a real digital option for large enterprises.

At present, large enterprises are seeking digital transformation to solve the pain points of various needs such as research and development, production, procurement, marketing, finance, and management.

The NCCloud large-scale enterprise digital platform released this time has fully 成都桑拿网 inherited UFIDA NC’s 20 years of experience in serving large-scale Chinese enterprises, realizing ERP management capabilities for assets, human resources, supply chain, manufacturing, marketing, etc., and integrating some kind of procurement cloud.Multi-functional public cloud services and embedded financial cloud services such as collaborative cloud, tax cloud, smart industrial internet, Xiaoyou robot, data analysis cloud, etc., help companies to create “people, property, property,”Customer” integrated digital business innovation platform to achieve comprehensive digital upgrade of large enterprises.

China-Taiwan is the trend choice for enterprises’ digital transformation.

Since Ali proposed the China-Taiwan strategy in 2015, the concept of “big, medium and small, small front desk” has become the goal of IT enterprise architecture upgrade.

The middle platform can solve the pain points such as system accumulation and bloat, high update cost, long development cycle, and data isolation.

The data center released this time is one of the three major platforms of UF iUAP. Its data lake is a data center for enterprises to establish various services. It combines technology center and business center to achieve agile development, rapid repetition, and respond to user innovation.Demand, expert business operations, is the trend of the next-generation technology architecture upgrade.

“Millions of companies on the cloud” helped the Internet upgrade of the real economy, and UFIDA replaced natural advantages.

The UFIDA brand was newly upgraded to UFIDA Enterprise Cloud Services at this conference. In response to the trend of the industrial Internet, UFIDA has transformed and grown into a Chinese enterprise based on the customer volume, data, and product advantage cards accumulated in the enterprise-level market for 30 years.The leader of the cloud service market is expected to achieve net profit attributable to mothers in 2019-2021.



700 million, maintain BUY rating.

Risk Warning: 1.

Macroeconomic impact on corporate IT needs; 2.

Competition in the enterprise cloud service industry has intensified.