Simply create black abdominal muscles

Simply create black abdominal muscles

Along with that, a bikini is a test of your figure, it is better to say that it directly challenges your waist shape.

I believe that no one will expose their “mid section” of their body full of excess meat.

Well, we need to work out black-haired abs.

For dry abs exercises, it is not necessary to practice as many as possible, the better the effect is, the key is proper method.

  Training strategy In order to build a strong and beautiful abdomen, using “super slow” for systematic abdominal muscle training is a shortcut to progress.

And when necessary, disrupting the sequence of practice moves is also an effective way.

  The training principle changes the rhythm and frequency of training sessions from time to time, so that you can avoid encountering the platform period and make continuous progress.

This training plan uses a slow training method, which takes 10?
20 seconds 15?
Get up in 10 seconds, 5?
10 seconds to restore).

Can avoid using inertia to complete the action.

At the same time, more tension is applied to the abdominal muscles, so that more muscle fibers can be exercised at the same time.

In addition, each training session must be arranged with some fresh content or disrupted the initial training sequence.

In order to achieve continuous training results, it is necessary to let the muscles get continuous fresh stimulation.

  The exercises in this article can be exercised to the following muscle groups; rectus abdominis, obliques, obliques, obliques, and abdomen. The main muscle groups involved in the exercises are the rectus abdominis and oblique abdominis.

The intraabdominal oblique muscle and transverse abdominis muscle group.

These 4 groups of muscle groups work together and have the function of fixing the main spindle and assisting the main spindle to perform multiple actions-making the spine forward or lateral flexion, or turning to the left and right.

The rectus abdominis starts from the sternum and the fifth to seventh ribs and ends at the pubic bone, and has the function of pulling the chest cavity closer to the pelvis.

The external oblique muscle starts from the ribs at the lower end of the thorax, extends diagonally downwards, and stops at the pelvis and pubic bone.

The internal oblique muscle is deep in the external oblique muscle, starting from the replacement of the sacrum, extending diagonally upwards and ending at the third rib at the lower end of the thorax.

The muscle fibers of the external oblique and internal obliques are perpendicular to each other.

The functions of the external oblique and internal obliques are rotation and scoliosis.

The transverse abdominis muscles cover the range from the lower ribs to the pubic bone in the deep layer of the oblique muscle. Its main function is to adduct the abdominal wall to protect the internal organs and assist expiration.

  Specific details You can use this abdominal training program as part of your whole body fitness plan. You need to prepare a fitness ball and a solid ball for this exercise.

Use 5 minutes of brisk walking or jogging as a warm-up. After the abdominal muscle training is completed, pull the abdominal muscles and the back immediately. Hold each pull for 20-30 seconds.

  Related instructions Each of the following actions is a simulation of people’s daily behavior.

Note that there must be at least a 48-hour interval between two abdominal training sessions.

  The supine ball is turned and turned (with emphasis on the exercise of the external abdominal obliques) supine on the mat.

Hold a solid ball in front of your chest with your hands and your elbows open to the ends of your body.

  Bend your knees, your calves parallel to the ground, and lift your head and shoulders off the ground.

  Take a breath, then start exhaling and meditating 5 times, turn to the right, let the left elbow try to approach the right leg, the fitness ball is still held in front of the chest, and the left leg is straight and at a 45-degree angle with the ground.

  Keep your head and retina away from the cushion.

Inhale and return to the original position.

  Change to another sixteen and repeat.

  Take turns to practice on both sides to get enough goals.

  Coach’s tip: When turning, you should fully expand the range, and pay attention to maintaining balance.

  The supine group lifts its legs (focusing on the rectus abdominis muscles) to lie on its back and bend its knees with its feet flat on the ground.
Place your body side above, palm down.

  Statically contract the abdominal muscles, bringing the ribs slightly closer to the bone salt, keeping the spine in the center.

  Take a breath.
Then start to exhale and meditate for 10 times, while raising your legs and knees close to your chest.

Head and shoulders are lifted near the residential floor, with the calf approximately parallel to the floor.

  Inhale and meditate 5 times at the highest point, then exhale and meditate 10 times, returning to the starting position.

  Repeat this to complete the target number of times.

Coach’s tip: For each movement, try to contract the abdominal muscles and use the hole to imagine the belly button close to the spine.

  Get up and touch the ball (focus on the exercise of the abdominal obliques and abdominal transverse). Lie on your back, stretch your head, lay your head flat, put your legs straight, use your feet to insert a fitness ball on the ground.

  While inhaling, contract the abdominal muscles, use the foot length clamp to clamp the fitness ball to replace the fitness ball, lift your legs and the ground at 45 degrees.

  When you start exhaling, lift your head and shoulders off the ground.

At the same time, reach up and touch the exercise ball with your hands.

  When the vertical and main shaft return to the initial position, the main shaft and the movement repeats this action again and again. The legs always remain elevated.

  Coach digging: In order to protect the lower tail, the back and the lower end are always close to the cushion, do not leave the cushion.

Beauty yoga shapes your beauty into

Beauty yoga shapes your beauty into

The knee joint is the key to our actions, but it is very easy to be injured in daily and exercise.

Yoga posture is very safe and effective for strengthening the flexibility of the knee joint and protecting the health of the knee joint.

  Knee joint function: flexible knee joint, strengthen the leg strength.

Heat the surrounding muscles before and after to maintain the strength and flexibility of the ligaments.

Action: Sitting, straight hips.

Stretch your legs forward.

Raise your right leg to a 45-degree angle, hold your hands behind the upper right, inhale, and stretch; exhale, bend your knees and pull to the sides.

Cooperate with breathing extension and flexion 8 times.

Relax and repeat your legs.

  Knee-holding effect: Balance the strength of the knee and thigh muscles, reducing contraction injuries.

Action: Standing position.

Center of gravity moves to the left leg.

Inhale, raise your right knee with both hands; exhale, pull your right knee toward the abdomen and squeeze.

Inspiratory pressurization, exhalation squeezing is repeated 6 times, and the seventh time stays 3 when pulled toward the abdomen?
6 breaths.


Repeat with your left leg.

  Phantom chair effect: Promote blood circulation around the knee joint, and help stretch the muscles of the thighs and calves.

Action: Standing position.
Legs close together.

Inhale your hands together on the top of your head, keep the top of your head, exhale, bend your knees and squat, feel like sitting on a chair, keep your balance, and breathe evenly 3?
6 times.

Inhale, lift your body up, exhale and lower your hands.

Repeat 3 times

Ten Anti-Aging Healthy Fruits

Ten Anti-Aging Healthy Fruits

Skin Wrinkle Prevention-Mangoes are prone to wrinkles if the skin has insufficient protein in the skin.

Mango is the best fruit for preventing wrinkles, because it is rich in β-carotene and unique enzymes, which can stimulate skin cell vitality, promote metabolic transfer, maintain collagen elasticity, and effectively delay the appearance of wrinkles.

  Hair Dye Perm-Avocado Dye Perm will take away moisture and oil from your hair and make your hair dry.

Mature avocado contains 30% of precious vegetable oil-oleic acid, which has special effects on dry hair.

  Brain Excessive Use of Brain-Banana excessive use of the brain results in a lack of vitamins, minerals, and metastasis in the body. In addition to tiredness in the brain, it often feels depressed.

Supplementing bananas at this time can provide the necessary nutrients and relieve negative emotions.

As multiple brains consume multiple vitamins, nutritionists recommend supplementing multivitamin tablets such as Zancun at the same time.

  Excessive use of eyes-Papaya should pay attention to the computer screen or TV screen for a long time. Excessive use of the eyes will consume a large amount of vitamin A, which is a key substance required for retinal photosensitivity. The eyes feel dry, painful, afraid of light, and even vision loss.

At this point, you need to eat papaya that can provide a lot of vitamin A.

  Foot and athlete’s foot damage-People who lack vitamin B1 in oranges are prone to beriberi invasion.

In this case, the best choice is orange, which adds vitamin B1 and helps glucose metabolism, which can effectively prevent and treat beriberi.

  Gum bleeding gums-Kiwi gum health is closely related to vitamin C.

People who lack vitamin C become fragile gums, often bleed, swell, and even cause their teeth to loosen.

Kiwifruit has the most vitamin C content in fruits and is therefore the most beneficial fruit for gum health.

  Cardiac heart disease history-Grapefruit diabetes is too high to seriously affect cardiovascular health, especially those with cardiovascular history, we must pay attention to controlling cardiovascular indicators in the body.

Grapefruit is recognized by the medical profession as the fruit with the best therapeutic effect. The natural pectin contained in its valve can reduce cholesterol in the body and prevent various cardiovascular diseases.

  Long-term lung smoking-Long-term smoking in the lungs accumulates large amounts of toxins and impairs function.

The active ingredients contained in grapes can increase cell metabolism and help detoxify lung cells.

In addition, grapes also have expectorant effects, and can alleviate the symptoms of respiratory tract inflammation, itching and other discomfort caused by smoking.

  Muscle muscle strain-After the pineapple muscle strain, the tissue becomes inflamed, the blood circulation is not smooth, and the injured area is red and hot.

The pineapple protease contained in pineapple has anti-inflammatory effect, can promote tissue repair, can speed up metabolism, improve blood circulation, and quickly swell, which is the most needed fruit of the body at this time.

  Insufficient blood oxygenation-Cherries are prone to fatigue in most cases related to reduced iron content in the blood, insufficient oxygen supply and poor blood circulation.

Eating cherries can supplement iron, which is rich in vitamin C. It can also promote iron absorption by the body, prevent iron loss, improve blood circulation, and help fight fatigue.

How to get comfortable sleep?

How to get comfortable sleep?

There is plenty of time in a person’s life to spend in sleep.

Sleep, as a necessary process of life, is an important transformation of the body’s recovery, integration and consolidation of memory, and is an indispensable part of health.

  Sleep completely requires good bedding.

Good bedding can help you fall asleep, sleep well, and prevent damage to your neck and back during sleep.

Good mattresses must be breathable and moderately soft and hard. The air permeability, heat retention, elasticity, height, length, and even orientation of the bedding will affect your ability to get a comfortable sleep to a certain extent.

But sleep is very personal, and bedding that enables you to get comfortable sleep is good bedding.

There are scientific factors inside the choice of bedding, that is, bedding should conform to our physiological structure and characteristics.

If it wasn’t because of physical discomfort, you may feel pain and discomfort somewhere in your muscles and joints when you wake up in the morning, which means that the bedding is not suitable.

But we must also see that our sleep is more potential personal.

The so-called “comfortable sleep” is very subjective.

As long as I feel comfortable, it is “comfortable sleep”.

In this sense, picking your favorite bedding according to your personal preference is the most effective way to get “comfort”.

  What kind of bed is good for sleep?

  First, the hardness of the bed should be moderate, and the pad should not be too soft or too hard.

A soft and hard bed can keep the spine to maintain normal physiological flexion and make muscles less prone to fatigue.

A firm bed increases muscle pressure, causing back pain and back pain, and has to turn over often, making it difficult to sleep peacefully, and increased light sleep time; a too soft bed causes an increase in the burden on the ligaments and joints around the spine, and the muscles become passively strained over time.Causes backache and backache.

Basically, the bed area is large, and you can freely turn over while sleeping, which is beneficial to the circulation of qi and blood, and stretches the bones and muscles.

Generally, the width is 90 cm, the double bed is 150 cm wide, and the length is 180-190 cm.

However, it is not enough for a few people with a height of more than 185 cm. The appropriate length should be about 20 cm tall.

Again, the height of the bed is preferably slightly higher than the coordinates of the sleeping person, which is generally 0.


5 meters, this height is suitable for getting out of bed.

If the bed is too high, it is easy to cause tension and affect sleep. If the bed is too low, it is easy to get wet, cold and wet, invade and invade the human body, and it is easy to suffer from arthritis and other diseases.

There are reports that there is a movable bed that can oscillate like a cradle. When people sleep on the bed, the bed can be gently oscillated, just like a baby or toddler sleeping in a cradle and swinging gently.

The water bed currently on the market stimulates the body with the turbulence of water; there is also a bed that can play lullaby at regular intervals to promote sleep. Although the therapeutic effect has yet to be verified, it is a useful exploration.

  What kind of pillow is good for sleep?

  First of all, the height of the pillow should be appropriate.

Pillows that are too high or too low are harmful.

The blood circulation of the head and wrist of the high pillow is easy to cause cerebral palsy, snoring and falling pillow.

“Sit back and relax” is not scientifically valid.

A low pillow makes the head congested, which can easily cause eyelids and facial swelling, especially when high blood pressure and hypertension are needed.

The height of the pillow should be slightly lower than the distance from the shoulder to the ipsilateral destination, usually 5-8 cm.

  The nature of sleep for patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases is self-explanatory, but many elderly people are stubbornly insisting on their daily habits, leading to too short sleep times or poor sleep quality, coupled with high-intensity morning exercises for a long time in the morning, often cannot reachThe effect of fitness, instead, induces a sudden illness.

Therefore, it is very important to take medicines scientifically for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health before and after bedtime.

The fast-acting Jiuxin Pills produced by Tianjin Zhongxin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. are mainly composed of Chuanxiong and Borneol, which have the effects of qi, blood circulation and analgesia.

The drug can improve the blood circulation of hypertensive myocardium, slow down the heart rate, reduce vasoconstriction, thereby reducing the heart load, reduce myocardial oxygen consumption, and have been tested in practice to achieve good results in alleviating coronary heart disease and angina pectoris.Blood pressure, lowering blood lipids, stabilizing the heart, reducing arrhythmia, etc., may be a good medicine for cardiovascular disease.

“Eating again and eating is not as good as eating” is not an old saying, but a formula that really improves the quality of life of patients.

Especially old friends, who have long believed in the first-aid effect of Jiuxiao Jiuxin Pill and take it in violation of daily rules, this practice will often reduce the efficacy of good medicine.Therefore, elderly friends should understand the nature of taking medicine scientifically and protect their health scientifically.

First, the softness of the pillow should be moderate and slightly elastic.

The pillow is too stiff, and the relative pressure between the head and neck in contact with the pillow increases, causing the title to be corrected; the pillow is too soft, it is difficult to maintain a normal height, so that the head cannot get a certain amount of support and fatigue; the pillow is too elastic, and the head is constantly subject toThe effect of external elasticity is prone to muscle fatigue and injury.

Too strong elasticity will generate vibration, irritate the ear, and it will easily produce undesired consequences for a long time, and it will also cause discomfort and affect sleep.

Proper pillows should be slightly stiff and breathable.

  What kind of quilt is good for sleep?

  The quilt should try to be lighter and have good thermal insulation performance. Don’t increase the burden on the body. Covering a few beds with heavy quilts because of the fear of cold will cause poor blood circulation and may cause cerebrovascular disorders and cardiovascular risk.

In cold areas, indoor heating equipment should be used instead of heavy quilts.

Tips for Preschool Children

Tips for Preschool Children

People with different habits, different environments, and different personalities have suggested a variety of sports choices, and have the characteristics of self-selection.

  First, choose the right sport.

Toddler sports use physical exercises (active and passive exercises) as the basic means. There are many sports options to choose from, including running, jumping, throwing, pressing and other exercises; hide and seek; dancing, slides, swinging and other games; outings, shootingBall, skipping, riding a stroller, swimming, gymnastics and other sports.

All of these sports are aimed at strengthening the body and entertaining the body.

  First, how to choose sports.

There are many sports exercises, and different sports can produce different exercise effects.

  Such as: improving speed ability instead of running, riding a bicycle, etc .; enhancing endurance ability, alternately running games, swimming, picnics, skipping and other exercises; increasing strength, alternately jumping, throwing and other exercises; improving the ability of sensitive coordination, can dance,Play swing, ball and other games; improve flexibility to replace gymnastics, stepping and other exercises.

  When choosing an exercise program, it should be based on the anatomical and physiological characteristics of young children.

It is necessary to make a choice based on the child’s quality needs. Whatever is lacking in the body, you should practice more. For children of different natures, different exercise methods are shown.

  In addition, in order to get a full body exercise, a variety of items should be used for exercise.

At the beginning, you can start with one or two items (to be consistent). When you have a fairly basic foundation, you can gradually increase the number of exercise programs from simple to complex, from easy to difficult.Pay attention to the principle of gradual progress and adapting to personal conditions.

People with different habits, different environments, and different personalities have suggested a variety of sports choices, and have the characteristics of self-selection.

  Finally, children’s sports should be scientifically instructive and the amount of exercise should be reasonable.

To formulate and replace basic sports, you must scientifically grasp the amount of exercise. If the amount of exercise is too small, it will have little effect on physical exercise. If the amount of exercise is too large and there is no rhythm, physical health will also be adversely affected.

6 traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions for treating insomnia

6 traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions for treating insomnia

In the evening, everyone was snoring and fell asleep, and they couldn’t sleep over and over again, so insomnia is a very painful thing.

The stress of life and work makes modern young people more prone to insomnia and sleep well all night.

For insomnia, try the following 6 traditional Chinese medicine recipes: Method 1: 9 grams each of Chaihu, Muxiang, 12 grams each of Paeonia lactiflora and Salvia miltiorrhiza, 6 grams each of Sandalwood, Schisandra chinensis, 20 grams of jade bamboo, and cooked date kernels, Yejiao rattan, raw keel, oysters 30 grams each.

Distressed mouth, add gardenia, 8 grams each; sputum-heavy tightness, add Chen Pei, 9 grams each of bile Nanxing, to Yuzhu, Schisandra chinensis; dry mouth constipation plus Rehmannia glutinosa, 12 grams each of black ginseng; easy to wake up with amber powder 4Grams washed.

Decoction, one dose daily, 7 days as a course of treatment.

Indications for liver qi discomfort, insomnia caused by insomnia.

  Method two: 12 grams of radix rehmanniae, 30 grams of lily, 20 grams of jujube, 10 grams of Polygala, 10 grams of Schisandra chinensis, 10 grams of Ligustrum lucidum, 20 grams of Eclipta prostrata, 10 grams of dragon teeth, and 30 grams of mother-of-pearl.

Decoction, one dose daily, twice daily.

Indications: Insomnia due to yin deficiency and insomnia.

  Method 3: 10 grams of bamboo, 10 grams of cilantro, 10 grams of tangerine peel, 15 grams of Pinellia ternata, 15 grams of saccharine, 6 grams of Coptis chinensis, 10 grams of peony peel, 10 grams of gardenia, 30 grams of mother-of-pearl, called licorice 6G.
Decoction, one dose daily, twice daily.
Indications of insomnia due to deficiency and internal disturbance.

  Method 4: 12 grams of Angelica sinensis, 10 grams of Bupleurum, 10 grams of Rhizoma Rehmanniae, 10 grams of Chuanxiong, 10 grams of Radix Scutellariae, 10 grams of Coriander Shells, 10 grams of Lisianthus, 10 grams of Sichuan Achyranthes bidentata, 10 grams of peach kernel, 10 grams of safflowerCoptis chinensis is 5 grams, French pinellia is 30 grams, and licorice is 6 grams.

Decoction, one dose daily, twice daily.
Intractable insomnia due to inadequate Yinxue and poor blood flow.

  Method 5: 15 grams of licorice, 8 jujubes, 30 grams of wheat, 30 grams of lilies, 10 grams of Zhuru, 10 grams of raw radix rehmanniae, 12 grams of Ophiopogon, 20 grams of mulberry, 20 grams of black sesame, and 30 grams of night vine.

Decoction, one dose twice daily.

Indications: lack of yin deficiency and blood, and insomnia.

  Method 6: 10 grams of Radix Ginseng, 10 grams of Polygala, 20 grams of Astragalus, 12 grams of Angelica sinensis, 10 grams of stir-fried Atractylodes macrocephala, 15 grams of Shenshen, 30 grams of jujube kernels, 12 grams of longan meat, 30 grams of night vine,6 grams, 5 jujubes, one ginger.

Decoction, one dose daily, twice daily.

Indications for heart and spleen cancer, insomnia due to insufficiency of blood and blood.

  Recommended by old Chinese medicine: Therapy regulates sleep quality. Drinking old Chinese medicine always cannot sleep with tea.

Wheat Yangxin teaches you to use grains to raise five internal organs

Wheat Yangxin teaches you to use grains to raise five internal organs

“The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine” puts forward “grains for support”, that is, “grains” are the basis of diet and health. Traditional Chinese medicine has a theory that grains support the five internal organs. Due to regional differences, there are many different ways of saying grains.

… The Five Emperor’s Internal Organs in the Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic proposes that “the grain is for the purpose of maintenance”, that is, “the grain” is the basis of diet and health. Chinese medicine has the saying that the grain is supported by the five organs. Due to the regional differences, there are many different expressions of the grain., Grains of wheat, rice, soybeans, sorghum are most common on the table of ordinary people.

  1. Xiaomi Yangmi is the first grain, which has a good effect on nourishing the spleen and stomach.

To support the five internal organs, we must first support the spleen and stomach. Therefore, Xiaomi is a top-quality supplement for the frail, and it can supplement the qi and prolong life.

  Nourishing eating method: boil a pot of millet porridge, take the upper layer of rice oil to eat, this is the essence of millet porridge.

  2, rice lungs rice including rice, barley, etc., has the effect of nourishing yin and lungs, but also has the effect of nourishing the stomach.

  Nourishing eating method: When you have symptoms of lung fever, cough, etc., you can drink some boiled rice soup.

  3. Wheat is cultivated in autumn. Wheat is planted in autumn, it stops growing in winter, it has long leaves in spring, and it bears fruit in summer. It has become the essence of four seasons.

Traditional Chinese medicine also believes that it can nourish and calm the mind and remove irritation.

  Nourishing method: Take whole-wheat porridge with skin to help eliminate irritability; women’s menopause syndrome, when sweating and sweating, you can go to a Chinese medicine store to buy some floating wheat to boil water.

  4, soy nourishing kidney black soybean in soybean is the valley of kidney, Chinese medicine believes that it also has kidney tonic, detoxification, emollient effect, especially suitable for those with kidney deficiency.

Nourishing: make black soybean milk, or cook black bean porridge.

  5, sorghum liver and sorghum are soybeans and soybeans are miscellaneous grains, but indispensable supporting role in the grain, sorghum has the role of nourishing the liver and stomach.

  Nourishing eating method: Frying sorghum noodles has the effect of astringent and antidiarrheal. People with chronic diarrhea can continue to eat.

Masters teach you 8 ways to keep your eyes from growing old_1

Experts teach you 8 ways to keep your eyes from growing old

Do you feel that the eyes around the summer look rougher and drier, and look older?

Because the weak eye area bans the test of the hot sun, let the stars, beauty experts, authoritative stylist give you the most effective summer eye protection program.

  Li Dongtian’s authoritative stylist must use the eye mask after sun exposure. Before using the eye mask, make sure that the skin around the eyes is completely clean, so that the maintenance ingredients are more easily absorbed.

After applying eye mask, be sure to apply eye cream, so that the eye skin can be fully moisturized.

In addition, if there is any remaining essence in the bag after taking out the sheet eye mask, it can be soaked with a small cut cotton pad and applied to the lines between the eyebrows, head lines or law lines. The effect is extraordinary.

  ”Pick” the small fine lines around the small fine lines around the eyes like thin strings. The most effective way to remove them is to use fine eye cream to “slowly move” and “touch” like plucking a lute.


Use your forefinger and middle finger to support the outer edge of the eye socket, and press the eye cream on the fine lines with the other hand, so that it can penetrate more fully.


Carefully flick back and forth with the ring finger in the direction of vertical wrinkles, as if to remove the fine lines.


When flicking to the end of the eye, end with a gentle push and lift.

  Zhao Ziqi’s popular female star eye sunscreen is more important than the face. I never use sunscreen on the body or face. The skin around the eye should choose an eye cream with sunscreen effect. Easy absorption will not cause a burden and reduce the burden.Sensitive possible.

In addition, black sunglasses covering half of the face are necessary for going out in the sun. It is best to add a sun hat and sun umbrella.

  Eat “ice cream” to dry your eyes. Drying your eyes for a day can cause terrible dry lines!

If I shoot a day in the sun, I will put the soothing eye mask into the refrigerator in advance to make it cold, and the cold feeling is especially comfortable to apply!

It will also soothe tired eyes and let dry lines spread out.

  25-year-old eye serum must be used for 25-year-old skin that has severely aged, it is best to use eye serum before eye cream, many brands now launch similar serums, and then use eye cream, it is considered to be the eyeThe best skin care.

  Zang Fenyuan International Licensed Aromatherapy Beauty Therapist Ring Finger Massage Makes Eye Cream More Effective When using eye cream, only the proper massage can achieve the effect of caring for the eye area.

The easiest way is to fully massage with the ring of your ring finger and pull up slightly.

The ring finger is the lightest of all the fingers. Applying eye cream with the index or middle finger is too heavy, and it is easy to cause wrinkles around the eyes.

  Eye muscles also need to “exercise” skin care products that cannot improve muscles. It is also important to exercise eye muscles to keep them from getting old.

Place your index fingers under your eyebrows and support your face with your thumbs.

→ Raise your eyebrows with your index finger resting on your brow bone.

→ Keep this position and close your eyes gently, feeling the tension between the upper eyelid and eyelashes.

→ Keep this position and tighten your upper eyelids and count to 5.

→ Open your eyes.

Relax and take a deep breath.

→ Repeat 3 times.

  Keep your head down when you smile. Gravity when you head down will make your muscles go down and your smile will lift up.

In addition, often opening your big eyes and looking at these small movements in the distance can keep bright eyes young.

  ”GOOD” recommended 1.

Han Shuqing Youth Restore Happy Eye Cream 198 yuan happy catalytic molecules make eyes younger2.

Fuxiu elastic gel eye cream 835 yuan instant effect is comparable to filling injection3.

SUPREME AUPRES Eye Concentrate Revitalizer 420 yuan worth eye cream 4

Qing Fei Bing Hai Jing Live Time Eye Cream 180 yuan lifts the eye skin and reduces fine lines 5.

Benefit Bright Eye Tightening Eye Honey 210 Yuan Instant Eye Lift Surgery

Yoga practice tips, be careful with your intervention

Yoga practice tips, be careful with your intervention

Ms. Wang is a loyal yoga lover. She goes to the gym to practice yoga every other day.

Recently, I always feel hidden pain. After going to the hospital for examination, I found that it was a sports injury of the collateral ligament of the knee joint.

Originally, I wanted to strengthen my body, but unexpectedly caused damage to my body, and my fitness changed to “injury”.

  Like the “Lotus Sitting”, almost everyone who has taken a yoga class has been exposed to this pose.

  But do you know?

Even this very common yoga pose is not for everyone.

If you practice this position often and cause frequent discomfort to overcome, then you must be careful, it may cause soft tissue movement damage to your knee joint.

The knee joint connects the thigh and calf.

It is not like other joints, it is protected by rich muscles and slight tissues, but a “skinny” tissue with poor blood circulation. The knee joint is composed of three bones, the femur, bone and sacrum, and is tightly surrounded by ligaments.

There is a smooth protective structure between the femur and the fractured bone, the meniscus, which allows the two bones to slide smoothly.

There are four main ligaments inside the knee joint: the anterior cruciate ligament, the posterior cruciate ligament, the collateral ligament, and the lateral collateral ligament.

The main function of the knee joint is responsible for the flexion and extension of the human leg. The physiological angle that allows left and right twisting is very limited, usually not more than about 5 degrees.

In the lotus position, it is easy to exceed this range of distortion. If your physical condition is poor, osteophyte muscles and ligaments are also stiff, and excessive continuous twisting of the knee joint, often without complete recovery,Starting the second exercise, it is very easy to cause knee joint soft tissue damage.

  Many people mistakenly believe that every movement that a coach can do is the standard movement of yoga, and therefore work hard for the goal.

I do n’t know, everyone ‘s physical condition is different. In the process of fitness, there is no guidance from professional coaches, and some professional coaches sometimes ask their professors to complete some small movements on their own conditions. During this short transition,Once the deviation of the grasp is caused, it is easy to cause sports injuries, and the first is the joints that penetrate through the range of motion and have less stability, such as knee joints, shoulder joints, and so on.

  Everything has two sides, and any kind of exercise method will have both positive and negative effects.

All in all, in the course of yoga practice, we must listen to the body’s response. If continuous pain persists, especially in the joint area, we should consult a professional coach or go to the hospital for examination in time, and follow the guidance of the doctor.Procrastination will solve the problem blindly, so as not to cause a small injury to become a serious illness, causing irreparable injury.

How to effectively eliminate the cause of acne on the forehead

How to effectively eliminate the cause of acne on the forehead

Nowadays, many girls like to keep their bangs, but dare to show their forehead is the true goddess.

In other words, some girls really dare not show their foreheads because of the overbearing nature of acne. No matter what hairstyle is popular, the thick bangs are always the same.

Because the acne on the forehead is not one by one, but by piles of length, this is the most annoying.

Actually there is not much oil on the forehead, why do acne still like to run on the forehead?

Is it because of endocrine disorders?

Or is it because you did n’t wash your face?

  First, we must figure out the cause of acne on the forehead. Let us talk about the internal causes of acne on the forehead: 1. The daily work pressure is too high. One of the most important factors is that the acne on the forehead is stressful. This kind of pressureGeneral budget work.

Once the work pressure increases, the mood will be inexplicably irritable, the body’s secretion will become too strong, and the skin’s oil secretions will not be transferred normally for a long time, and the forehead will first reflect this condition.

  2. Daily irregularities lead to strong liver fire and forehead acne also implies that the liver has accumulated too many toxins, which often causes the liver to be overloaded and cannot work properly, and then causes problems such as heart fire or poor blood circulation.

  3. Imbalanced diet leads to endocrine disorders. The endocrine system is an important part of regulating human functions and maintaining a relatively stable internal environment. Imbalanced diets can cause endocrine disorders, which can cause abnormal keratinization of the sebaceous ducts of the hair follicles and hyperfunction of the sebaceous glands.
  4. Often stay up late For many people, staying up late is continuous, or because of entertainment or work, causing irregular schedules, often staying up late, this can easily lead to endocrine disorders, endocrine disorders also cause skin spots, acneOne of the important reasons.

  Second, look at the external factors that cause acne on the forehead: 1. For a long time facing computers due to work, the widespread use of acne computers caused by computer radiation is good or bad for us.

Some people who have faced a computer for a long time have difficulty in breathing fresh air into their skin. In addition to the radiation from the electronic screen, it absorbs a lot of dust through transmission. It is easy to add pores with the secreted oil, and some people like to keep each other.This kind of bangs, the skin on the forehead is stuffed inside, the metabolism function will weaken, so the acne will grow on the forehead for the first time.

  2. For acne caused by untimely cleaning, you must pay attention to facial care, whether it is cleaning or nursing. For the forehead in particular, don’t just use cleanser to clean it, and pay attention to toner and acne mask.

  3, acne hereditary oily skin caused by too oily skin, people with strong oil secretion, forehead, nose wings are prone to shine, and pores are enlarged.

And because of the strong secretion of oil, it is easy to cause pores to be blocked, resulting in blackheads, acne, and affecting the permeability of the skin. Therefore, girls with too oily skin are also prone to acne.

  4. The stratum corneum is too thick. The stratum corneum is the product of continuous death and regeneration of epidermal cells.

If the necrotic epidermal cells are not cleaned in time and accumulated over time, the keratin will be inserted into the hair follicles, causing the hair follicles to become inflamed and form acne.

  Third, how to adjust the body on the forehead, how to effectively eliminate 1, pay attention to clean the skin in care, pay attention to clean the skin to reduce the greasy skin, reduce the greasy skin, dust and other dirty things fall on the skin.The chance of adhesion is reduced, which can effectively prevent the secretion of sebaceous glands and secondary infection of bacteria.

Also don’t squeeze acne.

  2. Cultivate good eating habits. In fact, all the conditions should be slowly adjusted from the diet, as well as acne. Do not eat too greasy foods, or eat spicy foods. Drink plenty of water and let the bodyKeep enough water in here, and try to avoid sunlight when going out. Ultraviolet rays will also affect the skin, causing acne due to slenderness.

  3. Don’t leave bangs anymore. Give the forehead extra breathing space as much as possible to fold up the hair and give the forehead sufficient breathing space, because if the hair comes in contact with acne, it will cause inflammation of the forehead.

  4, to ensure a consensus sleep, a beauty sleep no matter if you have some skin problems, a beauty sleep can help you eliminate all your troubles.

Forehead acne is no exception. Usually, you should choose to have the strongest ability to absorb nutrients in the skin and start to sleep at 10 o’clock at night. This will allow the body toxins to be eliminated at night, and it is not easy for acne on the forehead to occur.
  5. Adjusting emotions and alleviating stress The acne on the forehead indicates a strong heart, so it is necessary to have a peaceful mentality, adjust the mood, relieve the pressure of life, and alleviate the condition of acne.

  6. Pay attention to personal hygiene. Hold a pillow towel and wash your hands before cleaning your face.

Please wash and change the sleeping towels frequently. The frequency is once every 5 days, and the towels for washing your face should be disinfected frequently.

Pillow covers, sheets are the place where the dead cells, worms, dust, dandruff and other dirty things are most likely to accumulate, and continuous contact with the skin during sleep makes it easier for bacteria to breed and multiply, so it is necessary to change and wash frequently to reduce effectivelyAcne breeds.

  After sharing the internal and external causes of acne on the forehead and conditioning the body, the girls who want to show their foreheads can take the initiative to fight the acne on their foreheads and show their foreheads with confidence.